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  1. On 10/24/2018 at 9:21 PM, MRN76 said:

    Sorry, sealed. This battery is 13Ah. I'm not doing it. my friend did.

    Is there any update about this 13AH battery?

    After the speed limiter was removed, the energy consumption is higher than before, which made the battery really appealing. I really want to purchase one if it’s on market or even a prototype one is okay to me!

  2. On 10/24/2018 at 10:36 AM, Alex_from_NZ said:

    $50USD sounds more within my budget than $200 for a motherboard replacement.  I would still prefer software modification but cant have everything i guess.

    Can you post a link where i can order please?


    I'd asked the seller, however he isn't that good in English, so you may have to have someone understands Chinese to help you communicate with him.

  3. The 2 pictures is the record of my short trip within Taipei city.

    I didn't put my mini to the speed limit, just rode it with a comfortable speed (max 18-22km/h I think), stopped at all red lights and followed every traffic rule. We can see my trip was 5.4km, however the expected remain mileage had lowered 8.6km.

    My enlarged hybrid tyres also has something to do with this. However in my own experience, it doesn't make such huge difference.

    Everyone with modified firmware really should put battery issue as their next step.

    I also asked the guy in China who had modified the firmware for me. He said with my firmware, batteries without BMS would still be speed limited, however it's limited on 18km/h, not the poor 10km/h. Besides, if we simply modify a genuine battery with larger cells, since the battery has BMS information, there won't be a speed limit problem.




  4. 7 hours ago, FreeRide said:

    This is great news, very interested in longer term report, and how it behaves when battery get low.  Does it keep the same top speed when you are down at 20% remaining battery?  This sounds about perfect, I also don't need to go more than 25km/h on the MiniPro. With the Swallowbot firmware it is only 23.5km, Max without the large tires, so your mod is technically faster.  As the batteries age then we might start running into issues, but maybe after I mod mine (presuming I can get it to work), I may look at building a heavy-duty battery-pack.


    In fact, with the speed limit issue solved, I think battery would be the last issue we need to deal with.

    Previous more4mini had made enlarged batteries, which was unsuccessful due to speed locked at 10km/h.

    Now we have the speed limit removed, I'm wondering if the speed lock with non-genuine battery still presents. So far as I know, 蕭瀚 is also trying to install enlarged battery on his mini, which also had the speed limit removed. Hope to hear some good news from him in the near future.

  5. 4 hours ago, trevmar said:

    AndyYellow, thanks for the great news! Can you describe how the "pushback" works now when you go too fast, or up too steep a slope? Does it still beep? Does the machine still repeatedly "pushback" to forcibly slow you down?

    Hello trevmar,

    In fact, the speed 25km/h combined with hybrid tyres currently are enough to me, so I rarely reached that speed limit.

    I'd only used the modified mini for 3 days, maybe when I used it for longer time I can describe it with more details.

    The "pushback" still presents, but since I rarely reached speed limit, so it's really not obvious to me.

  6. On 10/5/2018 at 3:07 AM, 蕭瀚 said:

    On Taobao, the motherboard sold by someone is 25KMH. 

    Can I extract it and write it to another motherboard?


    (Sorry, my English is very poor. I use translation.)

    I had completed my firmware upgrade, and it just worked smoothly!

    The 25km/h speed limit combined with hybrid tyres, made the mini run with actual speed 27-28km/h

    I'm very satisfied with the result.


    I found the service on Taobao.com and had shipped my motherboard from Taiwan to China,

    which had costed me 5 days and about 50USD including express shipping fee.


  7. On 10/5/2018 at 3:07 AM, 蕭瀚 said:

    On Taobao, the motherboard sold by someone is 25KMH. 

    Can I extract it and write it to another motherboard?


    (Sorry, my English is very poor. I use translation.)

    I searched Taobao and found someone who provides service of modifying the firmware to reach 25km/h.

    I'll send my motherboard to him on mid-October, and hope I can provide some good news to the forum!

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