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  1. Glad to hear that there are at least a few. The kiddos and I still anticipate getting weird looks for quite a while as we ride around Lawrence, but we probably won't join any group rides as a family until they get something a little bigger and faster than their S1s. Give me a shout if you're ever looking to go for a ride in LFK... Apart from paved paths all over the place, there are some offroad adventures available near the river and the lake.
  2. I'm noting that a lot of the discrepancies in these calculations pertain to cost of fuel vs cost of electricity, but I have to say that my understanding of MPGe as a rating doesn't pertain to cost at all, but only to energy efficiency, as described by the OP. I drive a LEAF, so I don't ride an EUC to save money on fuel... it's all about the fun. But it's still worthwhile to understand the energy consumption part of our hobby, such that it can be properly presented when regulations are being discussed.
  3. ...but I'm hoping there are more than I think. My significant other saw a fellow wheeler today while driving up at the University of Kansas. Is that anyone here? If not, is there anyone around from the Northeast Kansas area?
  4. I think you've captured my interest on the pair of S1s. I can be ready to pay by Tuesday. Let me know how you want to proceed.
  5. I don't think I have enough karma to PM people yet. Do the S1s match? How much would it be for both of them if they do, all in with shipping to the Midwest US?
  6. I'm also only a couple of months in, but I carry my charger, extra LED lighting and associated batteries for night riding, a portable compressor, valve extender, and digital tire gauge all in a laptop bag/messenger bag.
  7. Morning, all. So I'm relatively new to these forums and to the world of EUC, but I'm far enough in to have determined that I'm done being limited by my S1, and have already pursued a KS-18l. You'll note that the subject of this post is "Want To Buy", which seems odd for someone who is about to be done with their own S1. I have 2 stepsons that have expressed a deep interest in wheel mastery. I've already begun teaching them on my own S1, which will likely be handed down to one of them, and I'm looking for a second one for the other. Alternatively, if you guys have recommendations for super cheap beginner wheels I can get 2 of without breaking the bank, I'd welcome any suggestions. The latter option would also allow me to keep my S1 for short jaunts to and from the local EV charging station. In any case, I'd welcome any help you guys can offer toward starting my local unicycle gang. Cheers! -Z
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