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  1. Hi, I'm in Spain - I'm going to keep hold of the spare motor (just in case), I do need to figure out how to get into it to rewire the sheared wires & also get those large nuts off :-) Is your V8 still under warranty?
  2. My V8 was fixed with a replacement motor - I contacted inmotion, uploaded my logs & they confirmed it was a faulty motor - they sent out a replacement which I fitted in January & it's been flawless since :-)
  3. Wouldn't it then be a hover board :-)
  4. What is the weight? If its heavier than a V8 then I'm out :-)
  5. My V8 came with a stand included in the bottom of the box :-)
  6. I think it needs access to the camera because when your using the inmotion app and turn your phone sideways - it uses the front facing camera, hold it out to use it like a rear-view mirror to see if any vehicles are approaching behind you :-)
  7. Whenever I'm out on my V8 - people look, sometimes stop me to ask questions - I think the main thing putting the majority people off buying an EUC is the price, they say "how much" lol, but I tell them that there are other versions which are less expensive. I think the hover boards sold well because of the price & more of a toy, whereas the EUC seems more specialised for commuting and aimed more at adults (I've never seen anyone under 25 on an EUC apart from YouTube where it belongs to the parents), all the kids want one when they see the electric unicycle but parents won't pay the price for what they see as an expensive toy. The product is fantastic and there is a market for it, I just think its a niche market at the moment & won't really take off unless it becomes more affordable. Its really a rich kid toy at the moment - when you see reviews of EUC where they taking it out of the boot of a Tesla or riding it round their ranch - you know it's expensive.
  8. If you pick up the V8 while it's powered on, holding the motor cut off switch of course - then press the power button long press (as for the light) it will switch on the side LEDs, repeat for turning off side LEDs :-) quick & easy way to activate them instead of going into the app on your phone.
  9. A small & light travel charger? So I don't have to carry the power brick with me :-)
  10. I have had a V8 since May and it's brilliant, I rarely ride fast and usually just plod along at about 15kph (I'm never in a rush) but the extra speed & power is nice to have, I would go with the V8 because of that. I bought mine from electricunicycles.eu based in Poland, wheel came pretty quick - you get 2 years warranty (but they're a little slow to respond sometimes), I think my next purchase will be from speedyfeet.co.uk (they have a phone number too - which they promptly answer when you ring it - staff are really helpful even though my wheel was not from them) hope this helps.
  11. It's always been a pleasant experience for me here in South East Spain (from UK originally), people are really friendly & want to know what it is, I always smile and don't avoid anyone, I've had people hanging out of car windows cheering at me (yep that was strange) and I rode through the local shopping mall (at walking speed) on new years day (because I knew it would be quiet) and got quite a bit of attention - also the security guards all ride Segways in the mall and I knew I could easily outrun them on my V8 :-) people all look, get a dirty look from the security guards (in the back of my mind I'm saying - oh, did I just steal your thunder lol), seems the attention seekers don't like me either though, guy with huge muscles n tattoos, boy racers in their clapped out bangers with loud stereos etc - once they see the wheel, nobody is paying them attention anymore - it's all on me lol. I'm not one for attention and it took a while to get used to some of the responses. If you're thinking of getting an EUC - you will attract attention weather you want it or not :-)
  12. I had the same issue with my V8, the videos made it look easy , on one side the plastic stayed in so I whack the other side hard with old screwdriver & hammer & it came out - my advice, don't tap it - Whack it :-)
  13. New motor arrived, fitting was pretty straight forward, the only part that I had a little difficulty with was removing the pedals, after removing the 2 end screws & the smaller one underneath I used an old screwdriver and hammer to whack the rod out - I was worried I'd missed something because on the disassembly videos it came out easy, but all was fine. Took my V8 for a 10 kilometre test ride - perfect :-)
  14. Happy New year all, Fitted the new motor sent out by inmotion and my V8 is fine again - took it out today for about 10 kilometres, all running great :-) Thanks.
  15. Hi, the side panels are made to be flexible/soft so if you come off the wheel or crash it they will flex/bounce the impact rather than crack to pieces - very strong & durable to protect the inner shell. As for scratching, this is the nature with shiny plastics, I use only a microfiber cloth damp to clean it but again, an euc is meant to take some bangs & scrapes - I don't worry about it, I have a few scratches from learning (I was treating it like it was made of glass) and you can't keep it in pristine condition unless you buy one & put it in a glass cabinet for viewing purposes only :-) The cover does hide the red illuminated logo - maybe a cutout should be made there? Anyway - enjoy the wheel and don't worry about scrapes n scratches too much :-)
  16. Got a reply back from INMOTION, there was a bit of a mix up at the factory & they sent the wrong motor unit, shipping another one out complete with pedal brackets attached :-) Problem solved.
  17. Yes I'll use a proper ring spanner so the wires can go through, the threads are normal anti clockwise to remove (I checked) but I need to clamp the other side in a vice as the whole thing spins otherwise - may have to call into my local vehicle repair centre and see if they can help as I don't have a workbench. I was thinking of opening up both motors and taking the old ones wiring for the new one that's sheared off (like you said) but going to wait in case inmotion send another & want the other motor back, should get a reply tomorrow sometime - would have been easier to send a new V8 & take the other back.
  18. Not taking the chance with those nuts, I don't want to round them - anyway there must have been something heavy on the new motor box during transit (or banged about), because upon closer inspection the wires are sheared - so I can't use it even if I do get the pedal brackets off :-( emailed Lincy about it & just waiting to hear back - this repair is not going well at all.
  19. Hello - has anyone changed a motor on the inmotion V8? My V8 experienced a problem & kept saying "Please Repair" when I turned it on, inmotion examined my logs & said the motor is damaged - received the new motor today and took the V8 apart (quite easy to work on) but the 2 large nuts that mount the pedal brackets won't budge - is there any specific way to undo them? Thanks for the help.
  20. I don't think a recessed power button (It will hold water should it rain), but maybe some raised moulding along 2 sides? Larger capacity batteries is good but keep a lighter option model, I can't imagine lugging around a 25+ kilo model. Device mounting brackets could get broken if the wheel falls on that point - I think better to just sticky pad my action cam mount onto the shell, cheap to replace if broken. Not sure about contoured foot pedals, would that contribute to foot ache?
  21. I bought an inmotion V8 from electricunicycles.eu in May 2018, the sale & shipping was quite smooth, no problem at all (I live in Spain), I had done lots of research on which distributor to use & they looked like the best from their website & the 2 year real warranty gave peace of mind should anything go wrong (also chose V8 new version as its a tried n tested older wheel with hopefully any bugs ironed out). After 5 months my V8 had a problem, I sent email - no reply after 3 days so email other 2 address's - still nothing after a week - I start to worry as this thing was expensive, I even contacted another well known distributor (phone call) and asked if they could take a look at my V8 as its under warranty - but they said they only deal with wheels they have sold & advised me to contact inmotion directly, which I did. I eventually got a reply from electricunicycles.eu after 3 weeks, apologies for the delay because of expansion & V10 issues (I feel better already). Anyway inmotion has been dealing with the issue (motor fault according to logs - even though my diagnostic says all OK) and sending new motor assembly. This is my experience, when I come to buy/upgrade to another wheel I don't know if to use this company again - maybe the EUC market is expanding rapidly and distributors can't keep up/ plus recalls I can understand a delay in service - but just an email to let the customer know would have stopped any worries! Better Communication is needed.
  22. Great, my logs have been checked and it appears my V8 has motor damage - Im not sure how though as I weigh 67 kilos, don't do stunts, can't ride backwards yet & no crashes - also it rode fine one day, put on stand & left till next day then charged and power on = problem, so from what I gather it's had some sort of failure switched off while sitting on the stand? Inmotion want to send me a new motor to fit myself (which I have no problem with) but I'm not sure if another component has caused motor failure & will it repeat with the new motor? Confused.
  23. Gets to grocery store, locks EUC up to something sturdy, return after 1 hour - EUC gone! I would never leave my V8 unattended anywhere, even with a lock - I've had bikes before and they just get stolen/damaged no matter what you lock them with - which is why I chose an EUC because it goes in the shop with me - I'd get a shopping trolley & put the EUC in there, and then do my shopping. It's not convenient for say a bike or a segway round a supermarket but EUC is no problem - I think leaving it locked up outside is an invitation (please steal me)!
  24. Isn't there a transport mode in the app - I'm sure I saw something like that in there somewhere - so you can prevent it from accidental power on while in the car boot?
  25. I am still a new user and have had no problems at all with the way the V8 power button operates - and if I have pressed it by accident while riding its power off is disabled when moving - can't see why anyone would have a problem with it - I was worried about accidently pressing it while at 20kph plus, but once I found out it automatically locks out the on/off function over 5kph I didn't worry about it - it's safe enough and works fine :-)
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