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  1. John Genx Corless

    what app for new solowheel glide 3

    I use the inmotion app for adjustment of maximum speed, tilt, lights and recently uploading the wheels diagnostics data log to inmotion (mine has a fault atm), I also noticed it drains phone battery even when closed so I go into Android settings & force close after use.
  2. John Genx Corless

    Custom V10/V10F Stand Design

    Very nice - I'm using the bottom foam packing that comes in the box as a stand atm.
  3. John Genx Corless

    Overload. Please Get Off. Glide 3 / V8

    This is the exact same issue I'm having with my V8, only mine hasn't been opened up so can't be a pinched wire, the only thing I can think of is the charger overcharged it, mine says "Please Repair" & that grinding/vibration noise then shuts off - It was fine before being fully charged from about 30% (I unplug when charger shows green & don't leave it on for any long time like overnight).
  4. John Genx Corless

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    Hello all, ok so I bought an inmotion v8 in May from electricunicycles.eu (Poland), I'm from UK but live in Spain, just over a week ago I turned on the V8 to go out on it and it powered up made a grinding noise then said "Please Repair" with lights flashing red, then shut itself off - I've emailed them to all 3 of their email addresses & messaged on messenger - nothing for over a week? Are they so busy not to reply, even just to say they are really busy or having problems. I really should have bought it from speedyfeetuk. So I contacted inmotion, who replied within an hour, sent pictures & video, just waiting now to see what happens - this thing has another 1.5 year's warranty left but getting it fixed is proving very frustrating when the distributor ignores your emails.
  5. John Genx Corless

    Anybody seen this from Inmotion?

    I bought my iNMOTION V8 from electricunicycles.eu which is based in Poland - Official distributor for most wheels :-) I can see why they'd do this, as with lot's of Chinese manufacturers some of the product's go out the side door and end up on AliExpress or other sites for cheaper.
  6. John Genx Corless

    Interest in 60 cell/720Wh Battery Pack for V8?

    Yes I would be interested in a larger capacity pack for my V8 - depending on the price of course ? I've already been in contact with inmotion regarding complete outer shell packs (contain all 4 pieces front/rear that cover the handle & left/right domes) in different colours as V8 was only available in black and I really wanted a white one like the ninebot E+, and maybe some metallic colours - They said they'd look into that idea & thanks.
  7. John Genx Corless

    Inmotion App for Android

    Thanks for your reply - now I know its not my phone/Internet playing up ? tried to just click "Like" as your comment was helpful, but won't let me - too many reactions? (although I only posted one post)
  8. John Genx Corless

    Inmotion App for Android

    Does the download take a long time (when it finally decides that it wants to download) or is it just my phone?
  9. John Genx Corless

    Where is ride data stored?

    I only look at the app when I'm stopped - I don't look at it while I'm riding (too dangerous for me while still a learner lol) maybe that's why it's always sort of not displaying anything because the wheel is still. I wondered why the app wants access to the camera (now I know - thanks), I think it's just a case of figuring out the app (I don't think it's user friendly enough for newbies), also downloading a new version takes forever (slow server or Chinese government blocking lol) and the social aspects of the app are also painfully slow - other than that its OK for setting up the wheel ?
  10. John Genx Corless

    Where is ride data stored?

    Thank's, the only thing that the V8 seems to store is the total kilometre's the wheel has travel'd (like an odometer), It's at 49.7km (yes i'm new). I will open the inmotion app & keep it running when out on my next ride - I'm on Android too with a DooGee S60 (Good thing I got this because if i wipe-out, the phone can take care of itself lol)
  11. John Genx Corless

    Where is ride data stored?

    Hi, this may have been asked before, but not seen anything. Where is the ride data stored, is it stored in the V8 or do I have to use the inmotion app while I'm riding to be able to analyse it later? Thanks.
  12. John Genx Corless

    Inmotion V8 mods - foot pads and stand bumper

    Cool - I'm definitely stealing your bumper/stand mod ? I'm thinking of giving my V8 a wrap (vinyl) in white, to reflect sunlight heat better - so hot here in South East Spain i'm surprised it's not melted already.