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  1. My wheel motor died, Inmotion sent me a replacement (which didn't have pedal brackets on it), they sent out a second motor as there was a mix up on their end and had sent out wrong package to me 1st time, second one arrived with the brackets - so I have a spare (if it's working - not tested).
  2. Hi, I'm in Spain - I'm going to keep hold of the spare motor (just in case), I do need to figure out how to get into it to rewire the sheared wires & also get those large nuts off :-) Is your V8 still under warranty?
  3. My V8 was fixed with a replacement motor - I contacted inmotion, uploaded my logs & they confirmed it was a faulty motor - they sent out a replacement which I fitted in January & it's been flawless since :-)
  4. Wouldn't it then be a hover board :-)
  5. What is the weight? If its heavier than a V8 then I'm out :-)
  6. My V8 came with a stand included in the bottom of the box :-)
  7. I think it needs access to the camera because when your using the inmotion app and turn your phone sideways - it uses the front facing camera, hold it out to use it like a rear-view mirror to see if any vehicles are approaching behind you :-)
  8. Whenever I'm out on my V8 - people look, sometimes stop me to ask questions - I think the main thing putting the majority people off buying an EUC is the price, they say "how much" lol, but I tell them that there are other versions which are less expensive. I think the hover boards sold well because of the price & more of a toy, whereas the EUC seems more specialised for commuting and aimed more at adults (I've never seen anyone under 25 on an EUC apart from YouTube where it belongs to the parents), all the kids want one when they see the electric unicycle but parents won't pay the price f
  9. If you pick up the V8 while it's powered on, holding the motor cut off switch of course - then press the power button long press (as for the light) it will switch on the side LEDs, repeat for turning off side LEDs :-) quick & easy way to activate them instead of going into the app on your phone.
  10. A small & light travel charger? So I don't have to carry the power brick with me :-)
  11. I have had a V8 since May and it's brilliant, I rarely ride fast and usually just plod along at about 15kph (I'm never in a rush) but the extra speed & power is nice to have, I would go with the V8 because of that. I bought mine from electricunicycles.eu based in Poland, wheel came pretty quick - you get 2 years warranty (but they're a little slow to respond sometimes), I think my next purchase will be from speedyfeet.co.uk (they have a phone number too - which they promptly answer when you ring it - staff are really helpful even though my wheel was not from them) hope this helps.
  12. It's always been a pleasant experience for me here in South East Spain (from UK originally), people are really friendly & want to know what it is, I always smile and don't avoid anyone, I've had people hanging out of car windows cheering at me (yep that was strange) and I rode through the local shopping mall (at walking speed) on new years day (because I knew it would be quiet) and got quite a bit of attention - also the security guards all ride Segways in the mall and I knew I could easily outrun them on my V8 :-) people all look, get a dirty look from the security guards (in the back of
  13. I had the same issue with my V8, the videos made it look easy , on one side the plastic stayed in so I whack the other side hard with old screwdriver & hammer & it came out - my advice, don't tap it - Whack it :-)
  14. New motor arrived, fitting was pretty straight forward, the only part that I had a little difficulty with was removing the pedals, after removing the 2 end screws & the smaller one underneath I used an old screwdriver and hammer to whack the rod out - I was worried I'd missed something because on the disassembly videos it came out easy, but all was fine. Took my V8 for a 10 kilometre test ride - perfect :-)
  15. Happy New year all, Fitted the new motor sent out by inmotion and my V8 is fine again - took it out today for about 10 kilometres, all running great :-) Thanks.
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