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  1. If his trolley handle wasn't extended and his lift sensor either disabled (or not engaged when he moved the wheel from it's resting position) then what Circuitmage experienced could just as easily have happened with him standing on it.
  2. So was your trolley handle extended? Have you had the anti-static tape installed? What firmware version are you running? Is your lift sensor disabled?
  3. The fact that Kingsong still haven't a clue as to what's actually causing the problem rules out purchasing this wheel for me. Unfortunate, as it seems a well designed product in all other respects.
  4. Haven't seen any posts on this topic in a while. Did the anti-static solution finally solve the problem? Has the latest software finally fixed the reliability issues with the trolley handle/motor shutoff function?
  5. Thai-lad

    10" Travel Wheel, King Song version of the MTen3?

    One major issue with all battery operated PEVs has been they can be accidentally turned on by being jostled by other baggage. Any PEV that an airline would approve that did not have removable batteries would need an on/off key lock. Not saying that would be enough to convince them, but saying the lack of such a feature makes PEVs dangerous in their view. While removable batteries would be a great feature, it would work against the need for rainproofing if not properly implemented.
  6. There was a long post or maybe a linked video, I can't recall exactly, about how cheap shipments from China work. Long story short version, it's most likely sealed in a container on a train somewhere in China or Russia and will get there eventually.
  7. Thai-lad

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    It will be interesting to hear how people respond to that super wide suitcase handle. It looks to me like picking it up is going to really tire out your fingers and wrist, unless there is a really deep well inside the handle that will let you fully curve your fingers?
  8. Thai-lad

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Could follow most of it using autotranslation of auto closed captioning.... but also loved the ending song, so appropriate!!
  9. How long have you been practicing in total? It takes time. But each time I get on, I find I do better than I did the day before, which is as much as I can hope for... As for steering, I'm just a newbie too. But I'm finding it's easier to steer with my toes than squeezing with my ankles/calves, just as I can write more legibly using my fingers instead of my wrists and elbows.
  10. Thai-lad

    In the news...

    In April we had: https://www.willitsnews.com/2016/04/29/hack-and-squirt-foes-challenge-industry-technique/ (timber industry kills unwanted trees but leaves them standing in place, I never heard if the ballot measure passed) Then a few months later we had https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mendocino_Complex_Fire according to wiki, the largest recorded fire complex in California history... But nowhere was there any mention if the areas burned had been previously been subjected to hack and squirt deforestation....
  11. Thai-lad

    In the news...

    Speaking of electric rates, hope you're not with PG&E... Earlier this year, a federal judge asked the company to detail any role it may have played in causing the Camp Fire, which killed more than 80 people. Company employees reported power outages and flaming poles near the starting location of the fire. Thursday, the utility company submitted a revenue increase proposal to the CPUC which would, among other things, fund wildfire precaution measures. And you thought the utility company was going to be out of pocket for any liabilities relating to fires from power lines??
  12. Thai-lad

    In the news...

    How much is the annual insurance premium? Add that to the cost and you're close to the price of a new EUC each year... As to keeping cars 11 years... yes thats the average age of an auto in the US. As it gets older not only does it need more and more of the rubber based materials replaced, but for some models those parts begin to get difficult to find.
  13. Thai-lad

    In the news...

    Mileage is not the point. Cars are routinely used to travel longer distances than their daily commute which skews that number. Only daily commuter miles and local errands are going to be substituted by a PEV. More to the point is how often new car buyers replace their vehicles, every 6 years is what I've read. Average private PEV owners? No hard data, but a reasonable guess would be at most once a year? How long do cars typically last? 11 - 12 years? A PEV? 2 or 3 years? Add to the typical car the cost of the recommended maintenance schedule as per the owners manual, vs PEV only new tires and/or inner tubes. I would say that 3 to 6 PEVs to replace one car is a more appropriate number.
  14. Thai-lad

    In the news...

    A detailed look at the benefits of adapting cities to e-scooters... https://www.wired.com/story/e-scooter-micromobility-infographics-cost-emissions/amp
  15. 5 hours of practice over more than a week's time, and I finally am starting to feel a little bit in control of this beast, and using some of the balancing skills I previously developed with this home-made balancing board while waiting for my wheel to be repaired. Till now I was too concerned I would fall over at speed and twist my ankle to properly correct the cycle when it would tilt left or right, so any extreme lean or wobble and I would prepare to bail if in the open, or reach for a wall/fence/pole/rail (whatever was handy). Too freaked out over the forward motion, or lack thereof (my feet were too far back). Today I lined up the back of my heel with the back of the pedal, outside of my foot with the outside of the pedal, and just kept my upper torso aimed at the target and used the same balancing motions I learned on the balance board to auto-correct. Can now do 4 or 5 meters in a fairly straight line (my limited space today precluded going further) then brake and stop next to the wall for a quick turn around, rinse and repeat. Tomorrow will try in a more open space. Can skip along on one foot but still not touch and glide. Leaning slightly against a wall to steady myself before hopping on. Finally had some fun today! Love reading all the history of others who have gone through this process previously. Has encouraged me to keep practicing even when it was more frustration than pleasure. Update: Got in 2 more hours of practice this week in a slightly larger space, and now I can travel about 10 meters (30 feet) before running out of room, with about a 70% rate of success (still losing steering control/balance some times), so next session will head out to the empty parking lots and try riding in the wide open spaces ... Definitely seeing and feeling the improvement with each session, today was more fun than frustration, sometimes it was kind of a zen thing... just think "go there" and the wheel and I did. Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks