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  1. I think the Nikola far exceeds the stringent speed and weight limits of allowable PEVs Singapore??
  2. I had the exact same experience. Almost a Zen thing, just imagine where you want the wheel to bring you, and let it take you there like a magic carpet.
  3. I force stopped it a while ago and hadn't used it since. Somehow it got retriggered and further started making connection sounds (think it was the chat feature). I noticed this the same day I saw a pop-up on my phone about power sharing and needing a special cable which I dismissed (I've never activated any power sharing apps or features). Further, I looked at the connection log and saw it had been transferring data when I was linked to wifi. Since this app is A) Chinese B ) Poorly written and C) not downloaded from the Google store, I no longer trust it. I've removed it completely. I suggest you monitor it's behavior if you have it installed. I have Wheellog installed as well.
  4. My KS app (and KS chat?) activated themselves today, even though I'm nowhere near my wheel and did not select the app from my screen, and I always stop the execution after I'm finished using it. I suspect the notoriously poor quality coding of KS has finally become a security liability. I have deleted the app from my Samsung mobile.
  5. Ready or not, the EV revolution is upon us. Sometimes in some unexpected forms https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/smart-cities-delivery-robots/
  6. Remember when $2K would actually buy you something?
  7. There are two kinds of crashes. Those where you have some indication things are going south before they go critical, and those that are totally unexpected and give no advance warning. With the later, your impact with the ground will be the first indication that you have a problem. No chance to react. No amount of preparation/training will help you with that initial impact.
  8. Some people haven't quite figured out this helmet thing yet.
  9. Having recently kissed the pavement at 30+ kph when a car pulled out in front of me at an intersection that was also embellished with a curved stripe of spilled oil, I can tell you I was on the pavement before I knew I was going down. I was wearing only a helmet and leather shoes. The worst damage was to my knee. It took 2 weeks for the majority of cuts and bruises to heal, but over 6 weeks for the road rash scar on my knee to heal. I did a rag doll roll so my shoulders didn't suffer any damage. But 4 of those weeks I was badly limping. The accident happened 100 meters from my home. Fortunately, I was on my motor scooter which took the brunt of the impact. I wear full gear on my EUC always. YMMV.
  10. yes, cells heat up when charging, and swelling due to gas generation increases when cells are at 80% charge or more.
  11. looks like a great choice. flipping up the chin bar will also make it easier to take a drink of water while riding..
  12. Air brushing may weaken the structure of the plastic. For good faceplant protection, a crash proof chin bar is a must. White is a good color for hot weather.
  13. No, the firmware fix was just a band-aid to keep it from draining your batteries from what I've read. There's a whole thread dedicated to the topic so no need to repeat the info here. But the basic switch vs clever tension measuring system may or may not be at the root of the problem... So I'll wait for the early adopters to beta test the new wheels and report back here...
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