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  1. Thai-lad

    MPGe of EUCs

    You're comparing apples to oranges here. It only takes the energy contained in 3 gallons of gas to cross the country on an EUC. But if you are overcharged for electricity, as you obviously are, then it will of course cost more. Here gas costs about the same as it does for you, I expect in Europe it might well be higher. But our electric rates are half yours, as I suspect they are in much of the continental US, outside of California. So comparisons based on the relative cost for 33 kw-hours of electricity vs a gallon of petrol will obviously vary for everyone based on their location. Still, 1000 MPGe is a useful starting estimate, and can be compared to something like a Tesla model 3 automobile, which Google says is about 130 MPGe. Being that 1000 mpg is so far out of everyone's daily experience, I included the 3 gallons of gas to cross the country as a visual aid. Like you pointed out, the chargers are at best 90% efficient and will waste some energy. The bigger issue is the limited range wheels can run and the long amount of time it takes to recharge them. Not an issue for local daily commutes, but makes a cross country camping tour a bit impractical. Besides just being a fun calculation, I think it's also useful knowledge for those working on legislation issues. Hard to justify resticting the usefulness of a transportation device that gets 1000 mpg(e).
  2. Thai-lad

    MPGe of EUCs

    To put it anothet way, New York to San Francisco on 3 gallons of gas.
  3. Thai-lad

    MPGe of EUCs

    The EPA formula for calculating the equivalent of MPG for electric vehicles is where Em is the amount of electricity in watt-hours consumed per mile. Using a conservative figure of 33 watt hours per mile gives EUCs an MPGe of 1000 (about 425 km/liter) Just sayin...
  4. Thai-lad

    How fast is too fast?

    The chart from https://www.citylab.com/design/2018/10/5-rules-designing-better-more-walkable-cities/569914/ outlines the risk of a fatal outcome in auto vs pedestrian accidents. But similar results are likely from EUC vs pavement crashes as travel speeds exceed 20-30 mph. Something to consider as manufacturers continue to increase the size of wheels, motors and batteries with each generation of product.
  5. I'm no expert, but I'd suggest a minimum 800 watt motor to reduce the chance of an overlean cutout when hitting small obstacles. I'd look for a battery capacity of about 30 wh per mile of intended range, and no bigger than 14" wheel to maximize torque for off road riding. A used wheel might be a better option than new. This was my own criteria for getting my first wheel.
  6. Thai-lad

    Monster V2?

    Available in red, blue or purple. 45 mph top speed and 100 mile range? 20 hrs to charge it up, 3 or 4 hrs to drain it 2500 watts for hill climbing. Guess we know what wheel Marty will be getting for Christmas...
  7. Thai-lad

    Monster V2?

    2500 watt motor, 2400 wh batteries, 75 kph top speed... coming soon? (Divide price by 33 to get approximate USD)
  8. Thai-lad

    Elektrisk enhjulingar Sverige lagar

    Detta är ett engelskspråkigt forum. Vänligen använd engelska inte svenska. Tack.
  9. Thai-lad

    My Wife Wants To Learn!

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
  10. Thai-lad

    In the news...

    From the Washington Post article: In the District, Friday’s scooter fatality came as traffic deaths are on an upward trend. As of Friday, the city had recorded 26 fatalities, two more than the same time last year, according to police. Three were bicyclists and ten were pedestrians. Five were motorcyclists, seven were in cars and was riding an ATV. The numbers include the scooter fatality; it is classified as a pedestrian crash. Time for medical statisticians everywhere to update their accident classifications to separate out personal electric vehicles, or we'll never know how relatively dangerous (or safe) PEDs are compared to other forms of transportation. Pedestrian is certainly NOT the appropriate category.
  11. Thai-lad

    2007 E350 Ford van vs. MSuper cost per mile

    In comparison, bicycle running costs are about 1 full meal per 50 miles. Back when I was riding bikes long distance, (many many years ago) I could do 100 miles in a day if I really pushed it, but it would take most of the day and require a stop to refuel even after a full high carb breakfast. So assuming a meal is $5.00, 100 miles would be $10.00. That puts my previous cycling running costs at 10 cents per mile... ymmv
  12. Thai-lad

    2007 E350 Ford van vs. MSuper cost per mile

    If you get 40 miles per charge on a 1000 Wh wheel, and 500 re-charges per battery, you should be able to get 20,000 miles from a new EUC before junking it. That's assuming the rest of the unit holds up. My own cost for electricity is only about 10 cents per kwh, which would be the approximate amount of electricity needed to fully charge a 1000 Wh wheel. That means the running cost for electricity drops to 0.25 cents per mile. Less if you charge it at work . Whereas my cost for gas is about $3.50 per gallon. So adjusting for these three factors strongly tilts things in favor of the EUC. But the total cost of an EUC also should include the cost of protective gear, to be fair and realistic. Good helmets, wrist guards, etc don't come cheap. On the other hand, MPG for motor vehicles should be based on city mileage numbers, as that's where the majority of EUC usage will compare to, not too many EUCs on the freeway. At least, not yet
  13. Thai-lad

    In the news...

    https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/09/07/as-electric-scooter-use-increases-so-do-trips-to-the-er/ Don't know if I should post here or in a wearing protection thread...
  14. Thai-lad

    Decisions, decisions

    All the app would have had to do is check the name of the BlueTooth connection since it announces itself as a KS14C-xxx. But they obviously didn't. Also it wasn't the fuse, I opened up the wheel to check. Nor are there any blown caps or transistors. This is purely a software issue, one that is completely Kingsong's fault. I will send in the wheel to the local rep, but I'm not hopeful. The momentary contact switch is not triggering the wheel controller board into an "on" state. While there is probably a way to bypass the software and force the board to stay powered on, I'm not sure a local distributor will have the equipment or knowledge to do that. I hope I'm wrong. If the board can be forced to power up, then it can probably be reflashed. It appears to be an older board with high current leads soldered to the board. If I remember what I read here correctly, the newer boards had no such leads, they were plugged into a connector?
  15. Thai-lad

    Decisions, decisions

    Well as I mentioned I ended up getting a KS14C instead. And before I had a chance to ride it, I used the orange/white KS app to set the speed alarms and tilt back. And while doing that the app apparently bricked the unit. I've been told I should have used the older green app, the orange app is not compatible with such an "old" wheel. Old being a relative term. The serial number dates it to manufacture 2 years ago, the original buyer said he bought it a bit over a year ago. KS Thailand warns me that a late change in boards/motors during production means that if a new board is needed, a new wheel motor to match might also be required. I will open up the unit tomorrow to see which version of the board I have. And see if there is any sign that this is all due to a blown fuse or something simple. The unit's Bluetooth comes on momentarily when I press the power button, but doesn't stay on long enough for any app to connect. So now all apps, including WheelLog or any KS debug/engineering app, are unable to talk to the unit. If I don't find anything obvious, I'll pack it up and ship it to Bangkok for possible repair.