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  1. I also use neoprene but instead of a C shape ankle lock I chose to go with a shoe heel lock method. It works better with my "double wide" foot placement. I can quickly rotate my heels in anytime I might need it.
  2. Thanks much for the offer. If you'd put me down for one I'd sure appreciate it. Searching for something to lean it up against gets old fast. Just today I came by a recent email from ewheels about sending out 3d printed mudguard/stand combos for everyone who has purchased an MSX from him... That Jason is good people I tell ya. 😁✔
  3. Wheel Status Update: @Jason McNeil has recently informed me that he will be flying it back to King Song HQ to do forensics. I'll be sure everyone is updated through this thread as more info becomes available.
  4. Thanks much Chris. I actually just got back on the horse a couple days ago. (the horse being a new MSX modded with Nikola superstretch pedals) It's something I think that will take a bit of time but inevitably I should be able to regain my original confidence. You've gotta think ...what are the odds my number will come up again? Especially if I use common sense by not ignoring ANY odd behavior or strange sounds coming from my wheel in the future. This rule will be much easier to follow now that I own 2 top end wheels to be able to trade out and keep my wheel addiction fed. It really is considered a freakish occurrence for cutouts to ever happen to a modern wheel.
  5. Thanks for the reassurance Marty. Time for me to go out and bond with my freshly charged, brand new MSX.
  6. Now I'm starting to second guess myself about the location I already booked but am still within 48hr cancellation window. If we knew where the most Southern ride will be it would help greatly.
  7. I decided to rent a out a 1958 Cadillac Camper for my temporary residency in LA. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6837083?source_impression_id=p3_1563304826_KwbsdlEa7htpGUYh#neighborhood It might not quite qualify for a 5 star rating but it's location can't be beat and should add an additional element of weirdness to the trip. I'm planning on arriving a few days early and doing my own Hollyweird / Beverly HIlls solo tours. Tell me about it! I had to throw down for a new MSX for the trip because I found out the hard way that I'm not able to count on my 18XL. (Should be receiving delivery within a few hours) I never would have thought I'd be buying my first Gotway for safety reasons but the year old MSX has an impeccable record.
  8. Very nice. I've been looking to pick up one of these. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Thanks much. It's been a couple weeks now. Stitches are removed, swelling and bruising is gone, and my wrist and shoulder are improving every day. I've never been one for tattoos but I'll consider these scars on my head to be my EUC equivalent. Jason has the wheel now and I will update everyone here when I find out more about how and why it failed.
  10. Thanks Rama. It'll be a blast getting to meet up and hang out with so many fellow EUC fanatics. Really hoping this will become an annual event and will draw people from all across the country and even a few international men of mystery...cough...ian! Is there any chance of offering size XXL shirts for us "big boned" folk? I haven't fit into a XL after it's been through the wash since about 1986.
  11. Much thanks to everyone involved in making this event happen. I've registered, booked accommodations in northeast LA, and scheduled vacation from work. I knew sooner or later I'd end up making my way to SoCal to experience some epic EUC scenic adventures but didn't think it would come together this soon. Special thanks to @Marty Backe for offering up his tour guide services during the week leading up to the event. I'll be counting the days...
  12. I'm all over West Seattle and Alki Beach daily but enjoy tearing up downtown at least a few times a week. Hopefully I'll be back on the road next week. I finally gave in and opened a facebook account a few weeks ago just to connect with local riders to do more long distance group rides.
  13. Much love from Seattle. Please tell NonStopNeil I said hello next time you run into him down-under. ...just ordered up 2 XXL's of your awesome shirt design!
  14. Sure would have been fitting if I was wearing this shirt when my wheel cutout on me last week.
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