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  1. Listen Jack... You really need to chill out. (And with a name like "jack frost" that really shouldn't be to hard) 😤😬😇
  2. Great to hear NY finally got around to shipping it to you...🙈🕣🙊🕣🙉
  3. I so hope Gotway reads your post. I've filed down nikola pedals for my msx in the past and it's a real pain to get them flush. It would be REALLY nice to be able to buy them machined that way.
  4. Oh, he's got a few "special" functions alright... 🙈🙉
  5. Kind of difficult to do when he manages to insert himself into every other thread but I understand what you're saying. Let the Chris "me me me" Lee show roll on. If you can't beat em... join 'em. Time to go take my segwheel for a ride out in the snow. ✔😬
  6. So very true. It's painful to see him luring new people into this lunacy who dont realize what they are dealing with. Mods... please help the community out by giving us a proper ignore feature.
  7. He seems to mind his mannors much better when he identifies as the Swedish farmers daughter. I vote we just let the spectacle continue. I really doubt that Lada would mind too terribly much. ☺
  8. Overheat Hill. On my visit there, 2 Nikola's made it to the top and 2 MSX's burned up trying to get to the top. That being said, I love the MSX and will be purchasing another soon. It's a great all around wheel.
  9. I was the unlucky recipient of a random electronics failure cutout last July and had been riding without a helmet up until that point. If I had my hands placed in my pockets my face would look very different today. For the love of God people... go buy some yourself some gloves and get your hands out of your pockets. 99% percent of the time when we go down it's faceplant style so why would you give up your only line of defense? PS... I witnessed Dave U's crash first hand and it was brutal. Gearing up literally saved his ass!!! ------------ Wow... that came across way,
  10. I second this nomination but really doubt we'll ever see it.
  11. Count me in. I've extended my stay until the end of the week. Having just too much fun. You guys really have it going on here.😁
  12. Says the guy who gets busted creating puppet accounts in order to make friends and influence people. You just can't make this stuff up! (Well I guess some can) 💩
  13. That's quite an impressive stash of amazing prizes...very generous sponsers indeed! Fingers crossed you remembered to order a few 2xl shirts.
  14. I also use neoprene but instead of a C shape ankle lock I chose to go with a shoe heel lock method. It works better with my "double wide" foot placement. I can quickly rotate my heels in anytime I might need it.
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