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  1. Kollin

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Where did you order it?
  2. Kollin

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Maybe this has been discussed but a Europe release looks far away, don´t know if this is about the problem regarding CE marking that has been discussed?
  3. Kollin

    Ninebot One Z10 eWheels.com Demo: NYC-Style

    Big thank you for a really good and instructive answer! I´ve been trying to figure out as much as possible regarding the similarities to skiing (beacause I can definitely see the similarities) the last month to get a suitable wheel I understand this isn´t super easy but it sounds fantastic and really cool. I have been Telemarking for +20 years so I can to some point understand the feeling of not beeing totally set for the foot position, and here you are eaven more free... I just have to try (I can hear my body cry now ) Ok, so it would be more towards long carving turns in higher speed with the Z? In what speed do you feel you get the best and nicest turns? With the KS18L, could you use the same "ski like" technique twisting your hips (or "touch your butt to the ground") but do it more gentle? If you can push it and kind of "hang" on the wheel with the Z to prolonge the turn (because it want´s to straighten up) like when you doing a long nice carving turn in soft or powder snow I need this wheel For me, narrow and quick carving turns doesn´t necessarily mean better but I understand it´s easier and maybe easier for me to learn
  4. Kollin

    Ninebot One Z10 eWheels.com Demo: NYC-Style

    I find this very interesting when I haven´t seen this way of riding when looking at videos of other EUC´s. I´m skiing a lot and now I´m looking at buying a EUC and this makes me really inspired! I was looking at the KS18L which have the 2.5 inch tier, will that behave similar when carving you think?
  5. I would like to be able to do both narrower turns (not super narrow) and longer carving turns (if possible)... ...and I don´t need to mimic the skiing technics, I´m more after the feeling of it I really appreciate that you guys try to describe how I can use different EUC models/sizes to get the skii feeling I´m looking for. But I realize that just saying that I want the skii feeling ends up in very different answers because everyone relates to skiing in very different ways. So I have tried to find some video that represents the way I would like to ride and how I see the skii feeling in riding a EUC. It wasn´t easy but in Tishawn Fahie´s video of the Z10 there is a part that have that I think, it´s between 15:30 and 16:30 where he have a nice flow, is very active in hes riding and that really gets me inspired I realize that he is really good of course but you need to set up some goals for your self But I don´t know if the wheel it self have some part in how he rides or if it can be done with more or less any wheel and size? Will be interesting to here your thoughts regarding this! Thanks!
  6. What do you mean with leaning over? Yes I looked at it and it looks promising, will be interesting to hear about the new firmware if it fixes the acceleration and the issues Marty experienced.. The 1700 Eur deal is off as I understand... but there will be a new pre-order but it´s not specified when. So it´s hard to find the KS18L in EU/England at the moment... I like the size, pedal height and that 16 inch is more snappy and so on with the V10(F) but the issueses they have right now and the ugly handle holds me back if it also have a narrower stance it doesn´t feel ideal... but hey, that´s only how I image riding it
  7. Kollin

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Jag tänkte köpa inom EU och där ingår ju Polen men om service vid problem inte är den bästa betalar jag gärna lite mer för att slippa strul. Men jag har inte hittat några kommentarer om www.eunicycles.eu därav min fråga. Jag mailade med dom och då var de ärliga och sa att deras leverans var försenad iaf. Jag har väldigt svårt att bestämma mig vilken modell jag ska gå för och att det är så svårt att hitta KS18L gör kanske att jag måste välja en annan modell bara pga det... och det är synd.
  8. Kollin

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Tack Carl, Tyvärr finns det ingen återförsäljare av KingSong vad jag vet i Sverige. Det är bra att veta att det kan bli strul men det kan det säkert bli från andra leverantörer också men det är bra att höra från någon som har varit med om det.
  9. Kollin

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Kollade hos dem med och de tar 15770 kr för KS16S medans det går att få den för 14140kr hos eunicycles.eu men då är det pre-order och leverans i mitten på Juli... och är Speedyfeet mer kompetenta och pålitliga så är ju det värt några extra slantar...
  10. Kollin

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Hej! Jag är också ny här och bor utanför Sundsvall, jag funderar också på KS16S, KS18L eller V10F men verkar svårt att hitta någon som har dem hemma till bra pris som sagt... Någon som handlat från eunicycles.eu? De har hyffsade priser på KS16S om man förbokar och förskottsbetala halva priset.
  11. Thank you guys for your input! Sorry for late replay, have been busy with holiday here in Sweden Most of the models you mentioning, I have looked at but they haven´t convinced me by the reviews so it´s good to get direct input from you who have experience of the wheels and can give feedback regarding my concerns Gotway: The reliability part, in general they got quite bad reputation regarding build quality but maybe it´s changing with the newer models? V10/V10F: Definitely a contender but I had some question regarding the weight, it´s quite heavy but maybe it doesn´t effect when riding, maybe it´s good? V10F – Had some problems in the beginning and a higher price tag (the price is not the most critical part though). With the firmware update it sounds very interesting. V10 – Battery.. The more battery you have, the better it is as I understand but maybe the difference between 650 Wh and 840 Wh (KS16S) don´t effects me so much? KS18L: Also the weight and it felt maybe as a model above my level as a newbe, but probably I wouldn´t think like that… It was also the thing that 18” have the high top speed but miss a little bit of snappiness? KS16S: The concerns that I had was actually the pedal height, it would be very irritating if they scratch the ground when carving and that it limits the feeling… Also that it is an older model (compared to the others) but that also means that it´s more reliable maybe? When I do a quick check on the prices it looks like this, if I use the "local" Web-shops. Most of them are pre-orders. V10 – 1400 Eur V10F – 1690 Eur KS18L – 1850 Eur KS16S (840Wh) – 1375 Eur KS16S (680Wh) – 1210 Eur It´s hard... they all have their pros and cons I understand hmmm.
  12. Hello, I will buy my first EUC and need some input like many others here but I haven´t found anyone looking for the same parameters yet. So I would be very thankful if I could get some advice and thoughts in this matter. About me: Age 43 and in quite good condition haha 182 cm and 86 kg What I´m looking for: I ski a lot during winter (preferably powder and soft snow) and my idea is that this will be a substitute for that during summer so I´m looking for a model that can give me as much of that skiing feeling as possible So the EUC is for fun and experience something new and that I can develop with. I live in a small village with not that much traffic so it is possible to cruise around in the center on paved roads and outside on gravel roads. It´s not that much hills and I don´t see myself go long distances in very high speed at the moment. I also don´t think I will do tricks and so on either. What I would like is to have good acceleration and torque, nice feeling in carving turns (if I get that good) when there is open spaces and empty roads, but also snappy acceleration and quick turns when on narrower and curvier lanes or bicycle roads... One more thing that is quite important is realiability, in terms of that it should not be that much time in the workshop if possible. I will mostly go direct from my house to the street and if I bring the EUC with me It will be in the car most of the times. What I have looked at: When there is no shops close to where I live, I have tried to read reviews from different people and watch movies but It´s hard to know if I analyze all info correct when I don´t have any experience on my own before. I know what experience I want (I think ) as I have tried to describe and my own research have pointed out the King Song KS16-S but there is a few new models coming out now and maybe there is better options for what I´m looking for? Or would it be better to look at 14 or 18 in wheels? Fat tiers seems popular on newer models, will that benefit my needs? What do you think? Ok, that´s all for me for now. I hope you can help me out a bit Thank you!