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  1. Proflee

    KS16B cut off

    Hi Nils, I'm joining this forum as this just happened to me. And gosh, the details you described are eerily similar. I have a second-hand KS16B too. Bought from an owner who only used it for 700km. Apparently it worked perfectly fine with him. So, here is what happened to me today: I was trolleying my KS16B (turned on) on perfectly flat and smooth terrain (but not like airport floor smooth which is and for traction). And my battery was roughly at 50% (maybe 56%) too! Then, I saw that my destination was a mere 10 metres away -- far enough for a short burst/sprint to reduce a 20 second walk to a 5 second wheeling (or so I thought) -- and so I hopped on very gently and went into mini taxi mode for 0.5 seconds before immediately leaning forward relatively hard (but I don't recall it being a ridiculously hard lean. I've certainly leaned at that acceleration and angle plenty of times before). Then what happened next was a blur. I felt my wheel become unstable and my mind immediately registered that I was being thrown off, and I braced for a fall. This disastrous event occurred for maybe about 0.5~0.75 seconds before I landed on the floor on my limbs. Looking back, it did feel like a rather long event, and I feel like I shouldn't even have been able to react or think about it mid-wheeling if it was a case of traditional cut-off (like those we've seen plenty of GWs doing, e.g. Tesla). My KS16B bounced high and loud a few times before finally reaching a state of rest, concluding its crash. I was lucky to only have sustained very minor skin tear (extremely thin and at every outer layer), and not many people were nearby. After switching the wheel off and on, the wheel seemed to return to normal operation condition, almost as if the accident never happened. So, what gives? Is this a KS16B + 50% battery problem?
  2. Okay I'm foreign to this idea of 'balancing cells'. How does it work? Plug in the charger to both the wall socket and my wheel? Do I switch on electricity, or leave the wheel connected to the wall with no power? btw, I'm cognisant of the BMS in electric rideables; I've ridden on e-scooters for a long time before hopping onto EUCs. However, anecdotal experience still tells me that my laptop, phone, and other electronic devices' batteries still suffer in longevity if I leave them charging overnight. Moreover, I have actually tried charging my V5+ with no timer. Just the charger, and I inadvertently left it charging for very long and saw the drop from 89% cap to now 85% limit in highest possible charge. Who knows, if I continue overcharging it may just drop below 80%? So what do I do to 'balance' cells?
  3. I'm getting so worried. It used to charge to 100%. Then 95%. Then 92%. Then 89%. And after forgetting to unplug it after it finished charging (charger light turned green), it now charges to 86% only. I bought this wheel from the original owner who seemed to have taken good care of it when he owned it. When I bought it, it was 2 years old with 1600km clocked. But it could charge to 100%. I guess I have a bad habit of charging overnight with a fraud timer charger who friggin doesn't cut the power for me. It seems like overcharging is the culprit of battery degradation? Not the charger?
  4. Don't really understand your final paragraph.
  5. Thanks guys for your input. But I'm a rider with only a lay appreciation of technical electronics :") Also, this is my first wheel (a second-hand) that I learnt on, so idk about purchasing expensive equipment to measure the health of this old wheel Demargon: what kind of data would be erased if I hit that reset button? WARped: if I were to ask plainly, if my charger is indeed culpable, would it mean much (can I just keep riding and charging since it goes to 95%?) or is it just that I cannot charge that few % to 100%? Also, I ought to add that I've been using this timer socket thing that is supposed to cut the power off based on the setting I put it at. So, if my wheel is low on battery and needs to be used the next morning, but I can't stay up to watch it be charged full to uplug, I'll leave it charging overnight attached to the timer socket thingy. I wonder if the socket is actually useless and has caused me to actually overcharge it for hours at times Lastly, to everyone, I also wish to ask: is the app supposed to show 'charging' or anything similar to show that it is indeed charging? Like a phone would with a lightning symbol in the battery icon.
  6. Dear all, My Inmotion V5+ does not seem to charge full to 100% as indicated on the app anymore. While the light from the adapter (that rectagular block thing) switches from red to green, when I connect to the app the percentage is always only 90 something, never 100%. Moreover, when I connect to the app while charging the V5+, there seems to be no indication on the app to say that it is indeed charging. Any help? TIA
  7. Proflee

    V5, V5+ or V5F?

    Hello all, Sorry for reviving an old thread. I'm a complete beginner looking to buy my first EUC. Can I please get your expert opinions on whether to get Inmotion V5+ (280Wh version) or Ninebot One E+ (320Wh)? Both are preloved units and sellers are selling them at roughly the same price point. The E+ is going for SGD $280 while the V5+ SGD $300. Both have trolley handles.
  8. Hello all, Sorry for reviving an old thread. I'm a complete beginner looking to buy my first EUC. Can I please get your expert opinions on whether to get Inmotion V5+ (280Wh version) or Ninebot One E+ (320Wh)? Both are preloved units and sellers are selling them at roughly the same price point.
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