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  1. Hello, Americans! You will find below the video of our little ride in the streets of Metz (a city in eastern France) on Halloween! The video has been translated into English so that you can understand a little bit about the atmosphere here. See you guys soon! Hoplà Geiss & Roule ma Poule !
  2. RIDE IN THE ALSATIAN RIED Subtitles in English Wheelers are walking around Selestat to discover the joys of riding in the ried! With our gyroroues fully loaded, we set off into the geographical area around Selestat. From the Alsatian ried to the Château du Haut Koenigsbourg, we had the chance to travel about fifty kilometres together. A real alternative to the classic wine route, the ried trails are an exceptional playground for the most experienced wheelers. We warmly thank Stéphane for having found such a diversified career path that once again demonstrates the potential of electric micromobility. ---- Les wheelers se baladent aux alentours de Selestat pour découvrir les joies du ride dans le ried ! Nos gyroroues chargés à bloc, nous nous sommes élancés dans la zone géographique autour de Selestat. Du ried alsacien jusqu'au Château du Haut Koenigsbourg, c'est une cinquantaine de kilomètres que nous avons eu la chance de parcourir tous ensemble. Véritable alternative au trajet classique de la route des vins, les pistes du ried sont un terrain de jeu exceptionnel pour les plus expérimentés des wheelers. On remercie chaleureusement Stéphane d'avoir su trouver un parcours aussi diversifié qui démontre une fois de plus le potentiel de la micromobilité électrique. → FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/groups/weelersdalsace/ → INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/les.wheelers.dalsace.asso/ → MSN: (No, it's a fake ! )
  3. SLOW UP ALSACE ( FRANCE) with english subtitles !
  4. An epic crossing of the Vosges mountains (France) with the Pro wheelers and the Alsatian wheelers. (with english subtitles)
  5. Step - Luxembourg In this last episode, we visit the city of Luxembourg with the wheelers from Belgium
  6. EURO ROAD TRIP 400km ( with english subtitles) Step Metz - Luxembourg This episode returns to the portion between Metz and Luxembourg where, guided by Fabrice from Thionville, we walked along the Moselle rivers.
  7. EURO ROAD TRIP 400km ( with english subtitles) This episode returns to the shortest portion between Nancy and Metz via the monsoon bridge. The opportunity to ride along the Moselle with our wheelers friends from Lorraine and our valiant Swiss who came for the occasion.
  8. EURO ROAD TRIP 400km ( with english subtitles) Les wheelers d'Alsace invites you to relive through this series of 4 episodes, the first European road trip linking the cities of Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. From their respective European parliaments, the Belgiums of the Belgiums wheelers and the Alsatians have set themselves the objective of meeting at the European institutions in Luxembourg. Almost 400 kilometres were covered over 3 days. This episode returns to the longest part of the journey, 177 km between Strasbourg and Nancy, via Saverne, Hesse and Dombasle sur Meurthe. In the evening, a small night with the wheelers of Lorraine to visit Nancy.
  9. Your Alsatian ancestor left Alsace following the annexation of the region by the Germans? If one day we're going to ride there, I'll make you some videos!
  10. Everything is a reason to celebrate and ride in France lol
  11. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in electric unicycle with Monsieur Flex, from Haguenau to Niedersoultzbach (Alsave, France) The Alsatian wheelers offer you a short video where we will make gyrorrhoea disguised as leprechaun, this small imaginary humanoid creature from Irish folklore to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Our monorails will not be the only ones following us in this great delirium, since Mr. Flex made the trip from Paris and Mikyss from Orléans to experience this collective hallucination with us. From the Haguenau forest to the town of Wingen sur Moder, via Bouxwiller and Niedersoultzbach, nearly 50km were covered in the Alsatian countryside with a session of extreme wheelers. Thank you to all the participants for keeping a beautiful energy throughout this journey which was particularly painful with the storm that fell on us. Hopla Geiss and Roll My Chicken! → FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/groups/weelersdalsace/ #Saint Patrick's Day #electricunicycle #haguenau
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