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  1. Hi guys, at 1800km I also find myself with this problem of the wheel that goes crazy as soon as you jump a sidewalk or you take a series of important holes. I do not like it and it's dangerous ... already I'm cracked a rib falling to 30kmh so I would not find myself face down on the ground because of this flicker. What's the fault of what is imputed? to the broken motherboard or washer that goes its rotor? Thank you
  2. 437/5000 dear chirull, thank you for the answers, but I see that it is a bit complicated, especially for me that I do not have electronic bases so I would have to rely on someone else who understands something, but unfortunately I do not know anyone. I'll keep the current light on and I'll go around with the 2,000 lumen hand torch. I wonder why you're asking me that thing about the link I put ... I wrote and I'm interested in answers ...
  3. I bought these two lights a bit powerful compared to the one supplied to the wheel. how could I mount them? I unfortunately do not understand much about electronics. I took them because a guy with a similar wheel will ride them so I thought I'd buy them ... can you help me figure out where to get my hands? thank you https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00VHKJVVQ/ref=pe_3044161_189395811_TE_SCE_dp_1
  4. 307/5000 at first glance it would look beautiful, a tank to face a battle, but then ...... ??? the wheel must be light, usable in the city to face all the possible obstacles that exist. How do you take it to go down and up the stairs? and to push it by hand? ... no please, no please, noooooo ....
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