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  1. @Ziiten, 4,7 volttia on litium-kennolle hirveä ylijännite. Älä lataa tuota akkua enää! En edes säilyttäisi sisätiloissa. Tuosta ei voi taata ettei aiheudu tulipalon vaaraa. Luulisin, että pakka on pelastettavissa, jos nuo kaksi kennoa vaihtaa uusiin. Taatusti halvin vaihtoehto ja muut kennot näyttävät olevan hyvin balanssissa. Pidän todennäköisenä, että tiltbackit ja muut akkuongelmat ovat nimenomaan noiden kahden kennon syytä.
  2. No, but in absence of any other license granting right to modification and distribution, it is illegal to do so by default. At this point, @palachzzz can choose to continue development on the original unlicensed source tree and keep publishing new versions without releasing the source. However, if he does that, he is entirely at the mercy of the original developer who could tomorrow, next year or ten years from now decide to sue for copyright infringement for massive damages, and would undoubtedly win, because it's a cut-and-dry case. Another option for @palachzzz is to use the new GPL 3.0 license that the original code was now published under. He can freely and legally distribute any modified code, provided that he makes the source available to anyone who asks for it. That of course means that anyone can make a copy of that code and publish their own version anywhere they like, provided that they in turn provide the source code to their version to anyone who asks. This is called creating a fork and is everyday stuff in the open source world. Usually forks happen when the original project is lacking something that is in great demand, or there is disagreement on the direction that the project is heading. An example here of such a deficiency could be availability in the Google Play store: If WheelLog's current version is not available in the Play store, somebody might want to fork it, give it a new name and put it up on Google's platform. They can even put a price on it. This can be pre-empted by putting the current version of WheelLog on the Play store officially. But there's already a WheelLog on the Play store, you say? Yes there is, and it was, as I understand it, put there by the project's original developer @JumpMaster. The same person presumably owns the Trademark to the name WheelLog. Now, trademark is an entirely different animal altogether, that is not covered under copyright law and/or the Gnu General Public License. In fact, there is still some murkiness in the waters around new WheelLog releases unless @JumpMaster also licenses the name for the use of the WheelLog project. In the same context it would make sense to arrange so that the Google Play store account would be turned over to the WheelLog project so that new versions can be uploaded there as they become available. There are costs associated and putting a small price on the download would probably be a reasonable way to cover those costs, especially if the .apk were still available elsewhere for the cheapskates. But hey, we all paid hundreds if not thousands for our wheels. What's another couple bucks for a great app? Another option for the Play store distribution is for a third party to fork the WheelLog project, call it something else, and then upload it to Play store on their own, noting that it's a GPL3 project and that the sources are available on request. There's nothing wrong with that and it's also a way many open source Android projects are distributed. That's the nature of free (as in free speech) software. My suggestion is to follow this plan: A new GitHub project is created for the GPL 3.0 WheelLog, or @JumpMaster signs over enough access rights to the current one to @palachzzz and other interested developers. @palachzzz will upload the latest source code to the GitHub project A current .apk release is uploaded to Google Play store, possibly with a small price attached ($/€5.99 sounds good) to cover publishing costs. Other developers get interested in the active, clearly licensed project and will contribute code over time. We now have an active project and nobody will care about lame forks because they have nothing to offer, and if they do, those offerings can be included in the main project because GPL says so. I hope I've clarified this well enough. I'm happy to answer more questions. If you're still unclear on how Gnu General Public License works, I suggest reading this Wikipedia article on it. It's quite a clever thing. None of this stuff is new, and it's all been hashed over and over again in thousands of open source and free software projects. This will work out fine as well. AR
  3. KS16S on nyt koestettu ja hyvin rullaa! Melkein hirvittää, vaikken ole juuri 20km/h ylittänyt. Sanovat, että näillä rullaillessa pitäisi osata kaatua oikein, joten ilmoittauduin juuri tämän syksyn Parkour-aloittelijakurssille parkourkeskukseen: https://parkourkeskus.fi/Parkour+Alkeet?_tu=37131 Tulkaa tekin. EDIT: Sain tiedon tänä aamuna, että tämän voi maksaa liikuntaseteleilläkin. Tulkaa mukaan, niin saadaan tarpeeksi osanottajia, ja vertaistukea.
  4. Thanks guys, those seem like good options. These Jiajun ones are on the top of my shopping list now, since they seem really easy to put on. Still considering the Powerslide ones too though. I just tried to stress test the Rollerblade knee guards I have and even when I tighten them to the extent of the velcro and they feel unpleasantly tight, they can still slip down my shins, just like @litewave warned. I suppose the straps are too elastic.
  5. Wow, that's awesome RayRay! That's good info on wrist guards, and having browsed the injury thread, I fully agree that helmet and wrist guards are the minimum, and that's what I always wear. I'll take a peek at those glove style wrist guards too! The Atom Elite palm guards in your picture look a lot like what I have now. When it comes to knee guards, the kinds of straps that go around sound more practical than the kind where the strap goes through a loop and doubles back on itself. Which kind do you have?
  6. All right. I'm familiar with that kind of "underjacket". I'm glad to hear that that kind of a jacket works for you and can be worn without an outer layer. I've thought of those and for me, it doesn't fulfill the "inconspicuous" criterion. I'd still like to find a jacket that looks like any other fleece, hoodie or soft-shell, but has hidden protective pads.
  7. Cool Stan! Thanks for the feedback! I've seen a lot of protective jackets meant for mountain bikers that you're supposed to wear an outer jacket over. Is this what you mean with the BMX jacket, or have you actually seen a jacket that looks like a jacket, but has hidden protectors? Would you be able to provide a link? I'm also curious if you'd have a link for the easy elbow pads you mentioned.
  8. So hey, I'm waiting for my KS16S to arrive and I'm mostly going to be using it for city riding at reasonable speeds, quick runs to the store and as a general subsitute for walking. For those trips I want to be able to quickly put on simple and convenient basic protection, because if it's not quick and convenient, I'm just going to get lazy and not wear it. Long rides are different and out of the scope of this thread. I want to focus on the best protection that takes nearly zero effor to use. The criteria I have thought up are: Minimal. Only the most basic protection against low-speed accidents. What this means, I'll discussed below. Quick to put on. I can slap a helmet on with no effort, but putting on certain types of knee/elbow guards can already get a bit time-consuming. Inconspicuous. If I'm moving in the city or going shopping, I don't want to look like a motorcyclist or RoboCop. I want to look as casual and approachable as possible. Non-burdensome. I don't want heavy gear that restricts movement or feels too warm on a hot summer's day. All of these criteria are such that if they are not fulfilled, I'm just going to think "Eh, what's the worst that can happen. It's just a quick ride" and not bother to wear that gear. So let's go through different articles of protection, which I've listed in an approximate order of importance (in my opinion): For helmet, I can just use a basic bicycle helmet. While I'd like to protect my face, a full-face helmet doesn't fulfill points 3 and 4 above. A Hövding airbag-helmet might be an interesting solution, but they cost a lot, and I'm not sure if they work well with EUC faceplants anyway. For wristguards, I have a set of basic rollerblade guards with a shaped plastic palm protector. They need a single velcro strap around the wrist to put on. Since they don't need to go over any other clothes, the single strap doesn't matter. If someone knows of even simpler guards that work more like fingerless gloves, with elastic or a zipper, that might be even more practical. Also, if there's doubt about the effectiveness of these kinds of guards, I would like to know. That's all the protection I'm wearing currently with my AirWheel X3. I have a set of knee and elbow protectors, but either I need to put my arms and legs through them, catching on and wrinkling my sleeves, or I need to unthread the velcro straps from the plastic loops, place the guards on the joints and then thread the velcro straps through the loops again. This is too annoying to bother with. Do you know of knee guards that I can slap on my knees and do a simple one-handed velcro attachment? I found these Powerslide Pro Air knee guards that seem to have a simple velcro attachment, but it seems to be an outgoing model and I didn't find a men's model with the same attachment method. Not that I'd mind wearing these personally. Still, would be nice to have options. Pretty much the same question on elbow guards, and I haven't been able to confirm if the Powerslide elbow guards have the same velcro system as the knee guards. However, I've seen mentions of armoured motorcycle hoodies with integrated elbow, shoulder and back guards. These actually sound like a great idea! Unless it's a super hot day, I might want to wear a jacket or hoodie anyway, and if it has built in protection, I can hardly think of more convenient way to protect the upper body. However, I tried one armoured hoodie at a local shop and it was super heavy and thick. Several kilograms! While for riding a big motorcycle, that might not matter, for everyday EUC use, that's unacceptable. Browsing online seems to show other options that might be much lighter, but there are almost never specs for how much a hoodie actually weighs. I wouldn't need a full kevlar jacket masquerading as a hoodie. Just a softshell or cotton jacket with some hard pads in elbows and shoulders. If any of you have come across a lightweight hoodie with protectors sufficient for covering low-speed tumbles, I'd be very interested in hearing about them. Perhaps something made for skateboarding or rollerskating? So that covers most of the important joints. Let me know if I missed something, or if you think my philosophy is wrong. List your favourite finds for lightweight, convenient and inconspicuous protectors. Let's try to keep this thread focused on just such. After all, just as the best camera is the one you have with you, the best protection is the gear you actually wear all the time.
  9. Taidan tunnistaa tuon Lepovirran. Minäkin tulen IlmaPyörälläni kompuroimaan taas jos ei emäntä keksi jotain muuta päänmenoa. @mrelwood, onnittelut Msuperin käyttöönotosta!
  10. Kiitos varoituksesta. Eiköhän sitä ensilumilla pääse kokeilemaan sitten viimeistään. Oli ihan hilkulla etten olisi kallistunut tuohon esaj:n B-malliin, mutta aattelin sitten priorisoida turvallisuutta (teho) ja mukavuutta(polkimet). Odotellessa voisi tilata vaikka olkakyynärsuojahupparin.
  11. Kilahtipa isoakkuinen KS16S tilaukseen "Vihreältä Muodilta" kun pistivät myyntiosastolle tänä aamuna erikoistarjouksen. $1050 oli hintaa kaikkineen ja muuntokurssien jälkeen siitä pitäisi tulla noin 915 euron lommo luottokorttiin. Oli tosin hopeinen malli, mutta mustaa ei heiltä saanut ja FEIERiltä olis maksanu satkun lisää. Investoin sen satasen mielummin vaikka vinyyliwrappiin, jos pitää ulkonäköä ehostaa. Kiitos kaikille jeesanneille ja etenkin @mrelwoodille koeajosta ja hyvästä tsemppauksesta! Nyt alkaa sitten se postilaatikon tuijottelu.
  12. Kiitoksia mrelwoodille mainioista pyörätreffeistä Kaivopuistossa. Pääsin tyypittämään KingSongia ja juttua riitti kovasti pyöristä, tekniikasta ja vaihtoehdoista ja vaikka mistä. Tulkaa ens kerralla muutkin paikalle!
  13. Jopas tuulee. @mrelwoodTaidanpa tulla siitä huolimatta kaivariin piipahtamaan. Koitan ehtiä yhdeksi, mutta älkää lähtekö karkuun, jos en just minuutilleen kerkiä.
  14. Terve Hessu! Olen itsekin uusi tulokas foorumilla ja vasta aloittelemassa harrastusta. Tervetuloa mukaan! Olen lukenut tätä foorumia ja huomannut, että tapaamiset ovat järjestyneet lyhyellä varoitusajalla (short notice) ja jonkun aktiivisen aloitteesta (initiative). Kun tulette Helsinkiin, voit järjestää tapaamisen itse! Kirjoita tänne päivämäärä ja kellonaika, joka sopii sinulle, ja paikka jossa haluat tavata, esimerkiksi tuo Kompassitori Kaivopuistossa. Aktiiviset rullailijat voivat sitten tulla tapaamaan sinua sinne. Kannattaa myös laittaa jotain yhteystietoja ilmoitukseen. Sana "ratsastaa" tarkoittaa kyllä samaa kuin "ride", mutta yleensä vain hevosten kontekstissa (ride a horse). Yksipyöräisistä kannattaa sanoa "ajaa" tai vaikka "rullailla" (ajaa pyörällä - ride a bike,) niin me suomalaiset ymmärrämme paremmin. AR
  15. Houkuttaa. Luin jostain, että appi ei tykkää kiinasta tilatuista KingSongeista. Pitääkö paikkaansa? Antaako nuo takuutakaan? No, kuten sanoin, Jussin jälkeen.
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