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  1. I've noticed the same behavior from my KS18XL occasionally but was trying to see if I could relate it to how I was riding it at the time. So far no theories, but the fact that you just brought it up makes me think something else may be going on. Hopefully others will chime in. I haven't experienced a full cut-out but the "fluttering" pedal feeling is quite disconcerting at any speed over 12mph.
  2. The actual mileage ridden is inaccurate on my 18XL. I have an 18S as well, and the miles ridden are correct. I noticed when I rode the 18XL the miles ridden seemed a little high so just yesterday I rode both a known distance (1 mile) and the 18S was spot on while the 18XL reported 1.2 miles. I rode them both twice - once while carrying my phone with the app on and the second time leaving the phone at the starting point and checking the mileage when returning. I'm not sure if there is a firmware problem or if KingSong wanted buyers to feel like they were getting more mileage from their wheels t
  3. My bad, I didn't look far enough in, it's under V10, you just need to select the "V10F" option. Still, ewheels isn't stocking them anymore, and I assume it has to do with the multiple problems it had initially.
  4. I own the V10F and love the smoothness of the ride and the range is generally adequate for what I do (no commuting, just goofing off). The app, firmware and water issues are irritating but haven't killed my enjoyment of the riding experience. I did order (from ewheels) the kingsong 18XL because I do almost use the entire range on the V10F - approx. 28-30 miles per charge(I'm 195 lbs and usually ride at 22 mph). At this point I'd be leery of buying the V10f (assuming you can find one). I just noticed that Ewheeels is no longer selling the V10F which does not bode well. I think if they wouldn'
  5. Has Inmotion pulled/discontinued the V10F? I just noticed both ewheels and Inmotion USA are no longer selling it. It's a little disconcerting seeing as I own one and wonder if parts will be available in the future. I've enjoyed the wheel immensely (minus the app, firmware and water problems). I figured if they took care of all the little problems they could end up with a major winner in the EUC market. What gives?
  6. @Mark Lee, @Japmerican, @Gustesta, to bad we forgot to get the names of the nice family in the video so we could put them in the end credits. I think their son is now destined to be a future winner of the EUC Indy 500. Or maybe a future "on the scene" quadcopter reporter.
  7. That was some cool editing of all the different video footage @Gustesta, love that zoom out effect at the end. Thanks everyone for bringing cameras( @Japmerican, @Mark Lee.) Was able to order new shell and telescoping handle for the Tesla through "Green fashion travaling" (Alliexpress). Unfortunately "ewheels" isn't carrying any Tesla spare parts currently and I couldn't find any US distributors that did , so the parts will take 19-30 days to get here from China. Thanks again @Mark Lee, for bringing it, I'll keep you posted on the repair(s) as it happens.
  8. Excellent day for a ride, especially through Provo canyon. Anyone out there waiting for the Z10, its a fabulous ride and I'd love to own one. The only possible drawback for me at this point is that it's so much fun to ride I wish it came with a 1600wh battery for more range. I'm currently riding the V10F (960wh battery) and get 30-32 miles per full charge with my riding style. I do enjoy riding mine but am looking towards longer range for my next ride (ACM, MSX, KS18S). Maybe by the time I can afford one, ninebot will have a larger battery option available. One other observation - in my opini
  9. Just got home from a night ride with @Mark Lee and have to say the headlamp he bought is everything he said. I was very impressed with the light output and found that as I was following him I was scanning the road ahead by his headlamp and not my own. The V10F has a good light on it, but I find that the angle it shines in front of you sometimes causes shadows that make bumps and dips in the road look worse than they are so I find myself riding substantially slower. With a light from above it helps and the light @Mark Lee bought is a substantial improvement to night riding. I'm going to pick on
  10. I agree with @maltocs regarding my experience with the V10. I really enjoy the ride and response on flatland and have learned to just ease off a lot more on hills, fortunately I don't live in a hilly area. Optimistic that firmware issues will be resolved, and overall satisfied with the purchase.
  11. Any electrical engineers out there? New possible theory for overheat/overload tilt back. Hey, just before going out for a ride tonight I was messing with the app (I haven't upgraded firmware yet) and went into "Vehicle Information". I noticed the "Current Voltage" was listed as 82.7 volts. I had charged it 100% and the charge (according to the app) was 98%. I thought this was a little curious since typically (according to my experience) a 12 volt battery will still read close to "12 volts" even when most of it's charge (amperage) is gone. So I decided to ride longer than I had planned just to
  12. Unexpected 45 degree tilt back. Went for a long ride today. Approximately seven miles in on a mild uphill, going approximately 15-17mph heard the warning alarm (the one you hear when you exceed the max speed (I'm set at 25mph) and experienced an immediate 45 degree tilt back. I did not get the "Overload, please step off wheel" warning that I have in the past just the alarm followed by the tilt back. Was able to steer it at the shoulder of the road and leap forward and run it out (glad I was going slow enough). The wheel didn't go far (stopped by weeds and sagebrush) lucky it didn't hit any o
  13. So I was toolin around town, went to the High School drivers ed driving range to practice turns etc..After about an hour, decided to head home,.Came to a stoplight, slowly road up waiting for the light to turn green. Was roughly even with the first car in line when the light turned green, decided to "give it the juice" and beat him off the line (which I did), but in about 20 yards got the "OVERLOAD, PLEASE STEP OFF" which I was then obliged to do, because I started getting the 45 degree tilt back. I quickly stopped in a driveway, remembered I did in fact have the APP on, ( I had checked it ea
  14. Eddiemoy, unfortunately I turned off the wheel to restart it and as I mentioned before, lost all the data on that "trip". I will say I had only been riding it for five minutes but prior to going up the hill I had come down it at about 15mph braking most of the way. It is a fairly steep hill, drops 354ft in elevation in 0.7 mile and at the bottom I immediately turned around to go back up without much level ground before starting up the incline. I don't know how much heat, braking generates, but that may have added to the overload. I did notice the first time I had an overload (when I was accele
  15. Hey, I've been trolling this site (can you say voyeur) for about 3 months, decided to put my 2 cents in. First of all thank you for all of your input/info, this is the best site for quality info on EUC's. I ordered a V10F and got it in the first "slow boat" batch from ewheels (who I discovered, due to your excellent reviews) about two weeks ago. Originally, I tried to call Jason (line was busy) so I went ahead and put in an order for a Kingsong 16S. Jason actually returned my call 15 minutes later and talked me into the new V10F (the V8 was a close 2nd to the Kingsong, but I wanted better ran
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