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  1. I am not a cop but simple google search came across this info from Vic Roads. Certainly Vic Roads don't think it's legal. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/road-rules/a-to-z-of-road-rules/hoverboards-segways-and-other-motorised-devices
  2. Not the same but I have carried my daughter on my feet. She was 12 and her unicycle went flat. She rode on my feet and my son carried her unicycle. Not the most comfortable ride but we got to the end. I might add that it was a ride around Uluru. Might be the first family of five to complete the trip on EUC's.
  3. Just an update. I put 16 Lishen 4500mah 21700 13a cells in with their own standard off the shelf 16s bms as well as the original 170wh of 10a cells with their bms. So far have done 140kms with alarm set at 27km/h and tilt back at 30km/h. So far has performed flawlessly - really responsive, great hill climbing. Sides are too smooth to jump easily and it is heavy. I haven't done a range test as such but assuming 15wh/km as a guess should get about 28km range and this seems about right.
  4. Just bought this one - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32862150354.html Same as above but bit higher capacity. Will give me 500wh total with a bit of modification and be less work. Take a month to get here though.
  5. Says maximum discharge 5c so that is 25 amps plus 15 amps from original battery gives 40amps peak or 2.4kw - this is more than the motor can deliver.
  6. Yes I know. This is for an electric unicycle. Could still switch off if current is over 18amps however as this is an additional battery added to original battery with its own bms - total current would need to exceed 30 amps which is 1800w so should be a safe bet. Just measured the space and I will need to relocate the bms off the battery however much easier than building the battery from scratch again. Just need to get it here now in a reasonable time frame. 5th October not an option.
  7. Just found this on Ali. 16s2p in the flat configuration for the side space. I am travelling around so if I can plan a place to be long enough in advance I might buy one of these for the other wheel and save 6 hours of labour. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32829177989.html gives 480wh for $150 bucks. Have to check again that it will fit but I think it will.
  8. She hasn't ridden this wheel very much so was pretty conservative. We have beeps at 24km/h so mostly travelled about 20km/h although it was up and down quite a hill. This is also only a 900w motor so might be a bit more efficient.
  9. My daughter on the 170wh had 60% remaining after 7km - she weighs 50kg.
  10. I have only done about 40km total on the wheel. Maybe 10km since upgrade. Only had it three days. I am 90kg. It performed well even with the 170wh battery 30% remaining after 7km ride. Did the same ride today after upgrade and had 80% remaining.
  11. I bought a couple of these with 170wh batteries. I have upgraded the battery myself on one of the wheels so far to 420wh for about $100 however it did take me about 6 hours so not economically justified when you add the cost of my time but it was an interesting project and the wheel is really nice. Has plenty of torque and is fast. The existing battery is a brick shape under the handle and the side space is empty for a flat battery.
  12. Yes but the advert says "no tax to US, EU, CA, etc" . They need to take this off the add as it is false. They have not paid any import duty and won't. USA may be duty free for a personal import but not to Canada. If they were up front about it they wouldn't get as many sales that is why. If the duty is calculated at the full amount, which it could be, the buyer will cop a large bill and probably would have been much better buying locally.
  13. Be careful with Intelligent walking store. Not sure where you are shipping to, however the advert said no import duties however I was stung with import duties to Canada. Not too much as value declared pretty low but not too happy about it. Really happy with the wheels though.
  14. Ok. That may be it. As you say shipping is very cheap. Note - for some reason I can't edit my post but the order date was 24th June not July.
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