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  1. What do you plan to do with yours @Ziiten? I'm happy that my KS16X but still bitter about what to do with the z10
  2. After a short 10km ride today the wheel seems to not be charging anymore. I think something in the battery just died.
  3. I currently own the z10, after 3400km the battery has a problem with unbalancing (possibly a faulty cell) and I can't rely on it anymore. Just bought the 16x. Hope I can find a fix for the ninebot.
  4. I got a different error when only battery 1 was connected, when the battery got low. I turned off the wheel and it didn't turn back on, so I connected battery 2 to be able to get to work. I like the z10, is so sad that it has this problem. I'm gonna keep it around for a bit. Let me know if you find what's happening to yours.
  5. It acts even more crazy with just one battery, I could ride just 10km, had to reconnect. Now the battery is unbalanced on the opposite direction. I bought the 16X, cause I rely on a wheel for commuting 13km everyday
  6. I disconnected battery 2 that was causing the issue. Will do a range test with just one battery at 35kmh
  7. Is it safe to buy this wheel now? Should I wait for more updates?
  8. @mrelwood I'm buying a new wheel. Do you think I should keep mine for a possible fix or sell it for scrap?
  9. @mrelwood If the battery is not failing, where could be a culprit that a connection is bad? Inside the battery? On the BMS? On the motherboard? I thought if the problem was on the battery it would show up consistently, but it always changes when it gets unbalanced. I would like to rely on the wheel for commuting, right now I don't know the next time is gonna tilt me back or throw me off
  10. I haven't opened the battery as it's a bit more dangerous. But the problem is likely there
  11. I did have some falls here and there. And I also notice that after some kinds of bumps/curbs/potholes it can trigger this unbalanced state. Riding today it was triggered three times. But turning off and on again a few times makes it balanced again somehow. Really strange I opened up my wheel to check the connections, but don't see anything out of place.
  12. Have you checked the connections on yours @Ziiten ? Are you still having the issue?
  13. I have been experiencing the same problem. But for mine is cell 1 of battery 2. I can ride the wheel until it gets to around 70% of battery, when it starts getting unbalanced. Sometimes it can unbalance during the ride, I turn it off and on again and it reverts. Should I check any cables?.
  14. So after balancing the batteries again I can understand the symptom: I can ride it as much as I like now and it will remain balanced. But if I leave the wheel with 3 dots (45%) unplugged for 8+ hours, cell 1 on battery 2 gets drained and I have the problem all over again. Somehow the cell is not being able to hold the charge below a certain percentage. I'm undecided on getting a new battery, cause the price for it would be already a good sum for another more reliable wheel. Any suggestions?
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