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    King Song 2018 models

    Thanks, of the two distributors in Poland electricunicycles.eu does not seem to reply to emails and does not have KS stock on the Polish language website (but has on the English version but with ridiculous price - go figure). eunicycles.eu replied to an inquiry but has no stock until 'end of June'. They seem pretty decent though, the guy even offered to meet me in town to look at a demo model. Reasons I decided on 16S mainly quality based on reviews here, all-round ability and the fact that there is eunicycles.eu nearby in case things go wrong. I do have on the back of my mind a small concern that this may be overkill as a first wheel, but I didn't want to get a smaller wheel as the roads are quite bumpy here and I'm 105 kg. Does this make sense?
  2. Hi, I've been lurking on the forum for a few days and considering a first wheel purchase - thanks for all the amazing info here! It looks like a bunch of the European stores are out of KS-16S models and are waiting for new stock (end of June, like the 18L??). Does anyone know whether there are any changes in the 2018 stock like improvements in boards/components etc? Is it worth waiting a few weeks for the new models or go for 2017 model? Thanks a lot and happy trails!
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