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  1. From our ride yesterday, this shows the ride through the neighborhood from the arena over to the top of Mill Creek Ravine.
  2. We had a great trip this morning. A couple of photos have been posted over in the photos thread, link below. I'll work on getting some video out, but that takes a while to get done. We had a four to start with... it was great to see @Edmsuper out. We traveled out to, and around Rundle Park along the river valley and back. We had a bit of trouble with a low battery at the end, but all in all it was great learning experience; it always amazes me what these wheels can do, there were a few intense little hills along the way and all the wheels ate em up and asked for more. The reaction of the spectators along the way to the four of us in our wheel convoy was an added bonus. Next week we are planning something shorter and more civilized, just a little trip around some of the sights in the downtown area -- legislature and the university area in particular. Hopefully we can get some video up later. We'll be back to the usual schedule; 10am to work on things in the arena, demos for any new users who might want to try it out; 1045 is when we'll head out on the road. Anyone can feel free to come at 10:30-10:45 if they just want to do the road trip part.
  3. From left to right he have AdamS (who is not on here), me (@yegwheel), @Edmkingsong, and @Edmsuper. (In the photo with four of us of course.) Updated the original post to show who's who as well.
  4. From our road trip today. This is at a waypoint overlooking the river and with downtown Edmonton in the background. Welcome to Edmsuper who made it out with his awesome new MSX. From left to right we have AdamS, me ( @yegwheel ), @Edmkingsong and @Edmsuper. Sadly, only three of us made it all the way to Rundle. (We lost Edmsuper to time commitments.)
  5. Here's a little bit of the test group ride we did a couple of weeks ago. We'll be taking this same trail as part of a longer 30-40km ride today.
  6. Slight revision to the suggested plan for this weekend; I'm working on a route that goes 40k but has an option to end around 30k depending on how things are going, everyone feeling good, wheels holding up, time is permitting etc.
  7. This is awesome; I'll see if the crew wants to give a go in our Sept 9th meetup. That said... it might be wise to institute the same rule we are contemplating; any beeps and the run doesn't count. As we found out, it only takes about 10 feet of hard leaning forward to cause a cutout on a weaker wheel. For apples to apples, the wheel type should be recorded as part of he score so it is about the skill of the rider, and not about who has the best wheel.
  8. Riding through the winter is a great way to get used to riding on slippery surfaces. It's actually quite doable.
  9. Storage would be a definite showstopper. I'm already running out of space on a new 2TB drive after only three weeks or so of editing 4k video.
  10. We tried doing a timed track in our meetups...and had our first cutout when one of us tried doing the course on an underpowered wheel. Our proposed new rule is that your time is invalid if a beep occurs anywhere in the course. Hopefully that will make it about the skill of going around corners and over obstacles. The other element we had is that everyone runs the course on every wheel, and every rider-wheel combination is recorded separately. We can do something like a total time across all wheels to come out with a winner.
  11. Meetup #3 this morning we had the usual suspects plus a friend who came down to give electric unicycles a try. A video from the session has been posted over in the video thread, link to it is below. We all got a chance to try out Adam's new wheel (KS16) and it's great, much better for road trips than the old one, which had done a very nice job as a getting-started wheel. We took it out for a little spin around the ravine and Ritchie just to see how it would perform, it worked just fine as a road wheel. We have a proper Youtube channel now, "yegwheel", but unfortunately I clobbered all the videos that were in there in trying to move them. Three have been restored (plus the new one today,) but it'll be a while before we get everything back up there. Sadly, the view counts have all been reset to zero. Next week, now that we have three robust wheels, we're going to take it up a little notch and aim to do a 40k ride around town. @Xoltri and @Edmsuper we'd love to have you out as well if you're around. Planning to depart around 10:30; we'll be meeting up at 10a to do demos for any new users and any prep that might be needed.
  12. We had a visitor to our little Edmonton meetup this morning.
  13. I'm planning on trying to restore the ACM for use in the winter. It has a bit of a bent rim and the shell is coming apart from its last attempt at self-destruction, so it will take a bit of work to get it going. If that doesn't work then the ACM2 it will be.
  14. You could always use the KS as your winter wheel. This is the one I really want, but I thought I'd play around with the cheap one first to see how it goes.
  15. Now you have me thinking about how this winter might be actually be fun... I might pick up one of these on my way home today just because it is cheap and to do a bit of proof of concept on changing the tire out for something a bit more grippy.
  16. Fantastic, looking forward to seeing how that goes.
  17. I can attest that it is possible to ride in pretty much any condition in the winter. I made it a point to ride to work every day through last (very nasty) winter, no matter what the conditions, just to see if it could be done. Last year I just rode the ACM straight from the box which is doable, but turning is a pain when riding on sheer ice, you have to be careful not to lean into turns or you just fall over. This winter I am contemplating doing studs to see if I can corner / handle slopes a little better. Interestingly, studs on your boots may actually be more important than studding up the wheel. When you step into snow to stop and then step back on the wheel to start you can accumulate a snowpack on the footpad; studs help to get a grip on the wheel through that. Another important reason is when you stop on ice (to traverse some stairs, wait for traffic etc) and get off you immediately fall over because your shoes have no grip and well, you are on ice. This was my biggest cause of (harmless) falling over last winter. I would always tell people the safest place to be in extreme ice conditions is on the wheel. There were days when pedestrians were walking in snowbanks because the sidewalks were too icy for them; I would just ride right on by. None of this is to say it is easy, it was a big relief when spring finally came. But I think I am a much better rider now for having done it. ---- Update Jan 30 2019: It has been much easier and (and even quite enjoyable) in this (my second winter). Improved confidence and wearing skidoo goggles makes you want to fly down the road even on slippery days.
  18. The gopro plugins for Premier Pro allow you to do this in post yes; apparently they work for any 360 camera. The Fusion recording time is based on the size of the memory cards you put in it. With 64gb cards (the gopro takes two) it seems like the limit is 1-2 hours. Overheating the camera is also supposed to be an issue if you run it continuously, I haven't run into that yet either.
  19. Here's an early attempt at having some fun with the 360 camera.
  20. The track seems to be there finally. Just took three days to take effect.
  21. tl;dr: Ritchie Arena Sundays: 10a skill development / intro for new riders; 1045am group ride. We had an awesome little ride on Sunday, three of us a starting from Ritchie, cruising down Mill Creek Ravine to the river, East along the river to the Dawson Bridge, then west along the North side to the Walterdale, and back to Ritchie from there, total distance about 26km. I've posted a couple of videos on the video thread or they can be seen on the yegwheel facebook page as well. The updated plan for Sunday mornings is to hang out at the arena from 10 to 1045 or so to give any new folk a chance to do some test drives / get an intro to wheels, or work on some advanced skills; then whoever is there at 1045 can come along for a little road trip. We may plan a larger roadtrip in a few weeks when we have a few more people on board. Congratulations to A.S. who has already moved up to his second wheel.
  22. Dead simple to handle in the moment for sure, you just have to hold the thing up during the ride. A bit of work after the fact though, having to pick out all the shots and transitions and whatnot.
  23. Totally agree. I tried using Youtube to apply a music track to this one, and it seemed to make the attempt, it even says there is a music track there, but when you watch the video it doesn't come through for some reason. It was late, and I really wanted to get this out, so I got lazy and just posted as is. It really should have a title and closing sequence as well. Oh I see upon re-reading that you meant while riding.
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