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  1. Well... That was fun! Just got back from my inaugural ride, and I'm fully sold on this robot wheel thing. I dragged my wife along to a nice park and fooled around in the grass until I got my head around the necessary movements; I think learning on grass helped me pick it up relatively quickly because you're forced to deal with uneven surfaces right from the get-go, and falling is less intimidating than on pavement. Once I learned to trust the thing it felt pretty natural, although I'm gonna need to strengthen all those foot muscles I wasn't aware existed... I ended up feeling comfortable enough to ride it back home through a few quiet neighborhoods, and I might try commuting to work soon. Good stuff!
  2. I don't know what you're talking about. Utah is a desert wasteland and prospective newcomers should move to Colorado instead so I can afford a house here... In other news, my 14S is set to be delivered today, so I'll be flailing around in Liberty Park like an idiot all afternoon trying to get the hang of one-wheeled transportation. Wish me luck!
  3. Heyyy! I live in Salt Lake and just pulled the trigger on a KS14S; we'll have to meet up and cruise around the city sometime!
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