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  1. If you missed the 1st ever EUC drag race, here it is below. Be sure to Like and Sub:
  2. BANNED! Someone ban this guy hahaha. ya'll love the word ban. I'm sooo NOT a role model for anyone. You are correct about that. You're free to hate on America but we have fun here. ok, now back ot banning people. hahaha.
  3. How you're a moderator in this forum with that evil mindset is actually astonishing. This forum has more freedom than the streets of NYC lol. I wish noting but the best for you.
  4. You said: "I am not saying that it is impossible to ride at high speed, but there are time and places for that. Not between 2 car lanes." I disagree. That might be how it works in Sweden but we live in NYC! Scandinavia has a lot more laws & restrictions than we do here in the USA. Your culture is completely different than us here in NYC and your mindset is also different when it comes to proper etiquette. You're just repeating your opion which is totally valid. But know that it's just your opinon. That doesn't make it true for another city across the world. Constantly Europeans and Scandinavians are having issue with what we do in NYC and it's kinda funny. We can't help that your countries are swift at making stuff illegal. We have had serious accidents here, but that doesn't stop people from riding freely. This sport is all about freedom, and I'm surprised you haven't experienced that while riding. I hope you come to NYC and ride in traffic with us to see just how fast you need to ride. Please come visit soon! -M
  5. So maybe it's not a batch issue... I believe I have the 5th one ever made. Not sure if that's relevant.
  6. @WenInPhilly @uventor So i'm not in the forums all that much so forgive me for my late reply. I'm writing the coments below in the most positive way. Here goes: 1) You don't live in NYC so you don't know what works and what doesn't work here in traffic. 2) You saw me riding in traffic right? So there can't be only one way to make that work... Every city and rider is different. 3) Back in my 20s I drove 20ft trucks in Manhattan for a living. Out of anyone I proabbly have the MOST experience knowing how drivers think and how they act and how little they see when driving. I also don't lane split all that often if you watch my videos you'll see me behind/ in front of cars most of the time. I often dip intot he bike lane when needed as well. 4) I didn't claim max speed is the most important factor in traffic. I said that I think the 16x beats the Nikola on every front except for speed, but I think the high speed outweighs all that in regards to the overall appeal of the EUC. So I am talking about as far as would I buy this wheel and enjoy it. I would buy the Nikola+ for times when I want more speed than KS offers. I started the video by saying here is a list of things I use to evaluate if I would buy a wheel. How you maneuaver in traffic is totally up to you and your style. Some guys think speed helps them get ahead of cars, some think more torque lets them maneuver around them better. it's TOTALLY subjective. 5) Here in NYC ther skill of the rider matters way more than the wheel for the most part. So I am very good at stopping quickly for pedestrians, maneuvering around cars, avoiding pot holes etc. It's a lot like pod-racing and less like riding a bike. You gotta have the mind of a pilot. Not everyone has that, in which case I wouldn't advise going over 30mph. 6) We live in the USA and stuff works different over here and especially in NYC. I can't help it if the lawmakers in Scandanvia decide to make this illegal in your country. Here we don't have that problem. 7) Am I bad ambassador for EUC community? COMPELTELY! I'm just a guy that loves riding and happened to start making videos since I have the skillset. If you're not a fan, you don't have to watch. But I'm here to uplift the community and continue to show new-comers just how awesome this sport really is!! Hope the laws in your country don't make it hard to ride, as that would be sad. REPLY soon, as I won't be back here for another week or two. -Mickey
  7. The heartbeat behind my channel is to give back to the EUC community that I love. I'm not doing this for fame my guy. Take a look in the mirror.
  8. Looking back, I do think I could have added more info. I felt I covered tons of info on the ride feel of the 16x, so in my brain it felt redundant to trhash that. But not everyone may have seen my videos ont hat wheel. If it helps anyone here: The 18XL rides like a typical 2.5" tire, but it makes you work to hit 50kph. It feels extremely stable at that speed, like a tank. You do have to ride the tiltback a bit, but you get used to it. The 18XL has that amazing range, but the turning takes a lot more effrot than the 16" wheel, which is to be expedited if you have been aorund EUCs for a while. The torque just isn't there, but again you feel really stable. Stopping takes just as much effort so be aware of that when riding aorund people and objects. For the 16x, the tire makes it ride completely different. It has a lot of that z10 feel where it tries to push you back up when you're ina turn. However turning feels amazing and makes you want to carve like crazy. It's also extremely easy to get up to speed, you dont have to work for anything. The draw back to this is you won't hit 50 kph if you gun it off the line. It's doing the physics and knows that you'd blow through 50kph at full tilt so it stops you at 45kph with tiltback. Stopping is super easy if you follow my steps for stopping in my other video about being a better rider. You just have to conquer the wobble situation. LINK: Let me know if you have any other questions. -M
  9. Figured I'd share this video as it comes up a lot now witht he 18Xl and 16x being so similar in specs:
  10. I've found these techniques to work for me. Not anything that hasnt been said before on these forums, but now its in video form, which is a bonus.
  11. For those of you trying the yoga block thing, you gotta make sure it's fit to the size of the wheel. Those images I saw earlier looked painful. Here's the proper way:
  12. Mine came with a plethora of issues, mainly a bad control board, and now the trolley handle doesn't lock. This wheel has been a nightmare.
  13. Just opened the 18L today and none of the lights work and the music function is busted. It makes a loud knocking sound through the speakers if you don't disable it. Anyone else had these issues?
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