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  1. The Wizard

    Ninebot One C+

    I had great fun last summer but my circumstances have changed. I have to sell my beloved 9b1. Great shape. Nice and clean. Not banged up. Always thoroughly, 100%, taped and padded. Nothing replaced. Never needed to. Iowa. Have the new box, charger, etc. Hard to say a price. The fun and looks I've had are worth a million dollars. $387.00 I guess. I'd sell my mom for less. I'll trade straight across for 1, good, used wife with nice headlights and low miles. Ok, ok. Screw the miles. 3754ib@gmail.com
  2. The Wizard

    How to sell my kingsong 18A

    Wow. Thank you for the heads up. Er, um, wait... weren't YOU just reading a 6th month old post? Perhaps hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of OTHER people read these forums for their enjoyment and education. I here by declare that YOU are no longer allowed to read any post older than 24hrs.
  3. The Wizard

    Women asking more questions?

  4. The Wizard

    How to sell my kingsong 18A

    Is this a joke? Please send me all your precious and valuable possessions. I'll pay you 3 times what anyone else will... later. In fact, go get all your relatives stuff, send it to me and I'll pay them later too! Do you have any neighbors??? Don't have an extra wife layin around by any chance?
  5. I know there are special circumstances that riders just can't take it in with them. I've never ran into any, however. Right now I'm at McDonalds and it's right beside me. Walmart, McDonalds, BurgeKing, Wendys, malls, library, community center, outdoor celebrations, parks, lakes, boat ramp. Lately, I've adopted the, "Do it first and ask for forgiveness later." Instead of running around always asking about everything. I find people Like seeing it and think it's cool as hell. Plus, bye the way... It might get stolen.
  6. The Wizard

    Causes of your accidents

    Everyone seems to want to avoid and sweep under the rug the True Factual Reality cause of most all euc accidents. The real White Elephant in the Room. I have even been scolded and critized for bring it up. Told to shut up about it. Some people just plain refuse to believe in mass, momentum, inertia if it has to do with them going fast on an euc. It's Science. I'm just the messenger. Go argue with Nature, not me. You may have violated several rules but the number one rule was: SPEED. And, of course, you did not use the number one, required, not optional, safety device... YOUR BRAIN. 40km, on Black Ice, on a public street, nearing an intersection. OH MY GOD.
  7. The Wizard

    Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    I did not mean my comment directly towards you. More the subject in general. It also sounds a bit harsh. I would encourage riders to give very serious consideration to the fact that exits from our eucs are Not the same as bikes or skateboards. They are unique.
  8. The Wizard

    Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    It amazes me that Anyone who has ever actually ridden a euc would consider attaching their foot to the peddle. Falls from an euc are NOT the same as any other vehicle. You need to have Zero delay, Zero resistance removing, adjusting, sliding or raising your feet instantly. The Cut Out. No warning, no see it coming, no shifting of your feet. No release. The euc Goes LIMP instantaneously. No chance to "release" foot. Add 2 broken mangled legs to your list of falling, rolling, flopping, twisting injuries. DEATH TRAP. I don't even have Sand Paper grip on mine.