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  1. The Wizard

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Thanks for everyones help and encouragement. I am just thinking of dusting it off and going for a spin. Maybe some of the natural twisting and bouncing around would loosen me up. Or put me in permante traction.
  2. The Wizard

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    I was just about ready to stop my activity in this thread. But I feel obligated to make sure riders do NOT get the mistaken idea that euc riding has been or ever will be linked to si injury and especially causal regular riding. Euc falls and accidents are a different story. But any person doing any sport or activity can get a si injury from a fall or accident. DO NOT attribute MY isolated si ligimate injury to General ridership!!! In fact, that was EXACTLY my forum inquiry... has anyone during regular riding have this si injury happen to them? Not one person has came forward to report this to be so. lt is clearly my euc that did this. However, I rode to excess, even during painful days and had a history and contributing factors. Sometimes ya just don't know till ya ask. Result: Euc gets a clean bill of health. Idiot, not so much. I hope I will get better. Walking would be nice. Enjoy ur euc, just be alert, polite and watch where the he'll you're going!
  3. The Wizard

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Circuitmage. Up to 40% of people presenting to doctor with Back pain do not have a Back problem at all. It is their SI Joint instead. Furthermore, it is more likely one of the several si Ligimets and not the si joint itself. There are 5 diagnostic tests that you can do or have done to confirm. Especially if the pain is very low and slightly to eigher side. Cram a thumb into the dimple of ur butt. That should do it most of the time. Or have a friend help on the other tests.
  4. The Wizard

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Yes, thank you for ur comments. Sounds like there has not been a lot of riders that have suffered this injury because of euc riding specifically. That's good. I do realize that I had certainly injured it before the euc riding. In fact, several times. I am not criticizing or complaining about euc riding. If I can get healed up I am hoping to get back to it. That is in serious doubt at the moment. 2 months later it is clearly out of the question. I thought it might be common but apparently it isn't and I'm glad it's not. Not giving up..... "I'll be back" !!!!
  5. The Wizard

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    I can hardly believe the effort and well thought out comments most have contributed to my request. Thank you is hardly enough. I tried to keep this as short and simple as possible. But I feel some clarification is appropiate. Yes, I am extremely well educated on the medical aspects of my injury, condition and options. Yes, I injured my si joint ligimate 20 years ago and several more times since. Yes, I have been to doctors, physical therapists. Done pills, exercises, etc. None of these subjects address my forum Question, however. 1. Has any euc riders injured their si joint directly do to the normal, twisting, bouncing and jarring of everyday riding? Note that I did not include falling, bumps, impacts or accidents. 3. If people have injured their si joint or ligiment doing this.....were you ever able to resume riding again? Perhaps the si joint or ligimates are never able to heal enough to resume riding. Who knows, perhaps this is a common problem but no one knows about it. Probabley not. If others have laid off for a few months and recovered, great. Maybe no one has been able to get back on. I will tiff it out and worry that I will be able to walk and drive again, first. But I was hoping someone might share their si joint or even back injury experiance. I Love my little slow nb1. I Love everything about euc and also this Forum. Hopeful that I have not seen the last of it. I Thank everyone for their comments.
  6. The Wizard

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Thank you for ur reply. I do know exactly what my injury is and also understand the healing process. My gradual decline and injury to my left si joint legiment is directly the result of frequent daily riding. It got worse each time I rode for 2 weeks until I finally had to give up. Now, I am all but bed ridden only able to walk (hobble) and drive on the max of Ibuprofen. I have tried the required Rest but it has Not got any better in 2 months. I am thinking the constant small twists and the more pronounced bumps and jarring is the cause. And YES, I have had the usual happy unshedualled dismounts. Broke a rib on one. My question is: Has riding their euc, perhaps excessively, caused anyone else this si joint problem? If so, then I know I might have to give up on my beautiful euc life and live with all of the do nothing boring people of the world. (Ha). Or if so, maybe their si joint healed eventually and they got back to riding again.????? hopehopehopehope
  7. Ex- daily rider, Nb1, 1500 miles, heartbroken. Hello. I use to ride my beloved euc 2 or 3 times every single day. About 100 miles per week. Absolutely loved it. I was known all over my area of town. A fanatical regular rider and ambassador for our sport here locally. After a couple of weeks of steadily going down hill and evenually in serious back pain, I finally could no longer remain in denial. I had to crawl into bed and just lay there for what turned out to be more than just a day or two. That was about August 1st and have been just about been in bed ever since. I am completely dependant on Ibuprofen to stand or walk during my day. By continuing to ride, I gradually succeeded in tearing (sprain) my posterior sacreliac joint long ligament. It is not responding to the "rest" that is required of Legimate injuries. Question: Has anyone else suffered a Sacreillic Joint injury on their euc riding??? Did it ever heal or get better? Is my euc just a memory? No more utopia, nervana, paradise, flying down the shady wooded bike trail with everyone yelling, "oh my god, thats cool... what is that?" I miss my euc!!!!!!!! Has anyone else injured this and will it ever get better? We're you able to ride again???
  8. The Wizard

    How to sell my kingsong 18A

    Wow. Thank you for the heads up. Er, um, wait... weren't YOU just reading a 6th month old post? Perhaps hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of OTHER people read these forums for their enjoyment and education. I here by declare that YOU are no longer allowed to read any post older than 24hrs.
  9. The Wizard

    Women asking more questions?

    Are you gay? Maybe women just think I'm cuter than you. 99.9 percent women for me. .01 percent snotty nosed kids.
  10. The Wizard

    How to sell my kingsong 18A

    Is this a joke? Please send me all your precious and valuable possessions. I'll pay you 3 times what anyone else will... later. In fact, go get all your relatives stuff, send it to me and I'll pay them later too! Do you have any neighbors??? Don't have an extra wife layin around by any chance?
  11. I know there are special circumstances that riders just can't take it in with them. I've never ran into any, however. Right now I'm at McDonalds and it's right beside me. Walmart, McDonalds, BurgeKing, Wendys, malls, library, community center, outdoor celebrations, parks, lakes, boat ramp. Lately, I've adopted the, "Do it first and ask for forgiveness later." Instead of running around always asking about everything. I find people Like seeing it and think it's cool as hell. Plus, bye the way... It might get stolen.
  12. The Wizard

    Causes of your accidents

    Everyone seems to want to avoid and sweep under the rug the True Factual Reality cause of most all euc accidents. The real White Elephant in the Room. I have even been scolded and critized for bring it up. Told to shut up about it. Some people just plain refuse to believe in mass, momentum, inertia if it has to do with them going fast on an euc. It's Science. I'm just the messenger. Go argue with Nature, not me. You may have violated several rules but the number one rule was: SPEED. And, of course, you did not use the number one, required, not optional, safety device... YOUR BRAIN. 40km, on Black Ice, on a public street, nearing an intersection. OH MY GOD.
  13. The Wizard

    Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    I did not mean my comment directly towards you. More the subject in general. It also sounds a bit harsh. I would encourage riders to give very serious consideration to the fact that exits from our eucs are Not the same as bikes or skateboards. They are unique.
  14. The Wizard

    Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    It amazes me that Anyone who has ever actually ridden a euc would consider attaching their foot to the peddle. Falls from an euc are NOT the same as any other vehicle. You need to have Zero delay, Zero resistance removing, adjusting, sliding or raising your feet instantly. The Cut Out. No warning, no see it coming, no shifting of your feet. No release. The euc Goes LIMP instantaneously. No chance to "release" foot. Add 2 broken mangled legs to your list of falling, rolling, flopping, twisting injuries. DEATH TRAP. I don't even have Sand Paper grip on mine.
  15. The Wizard

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I take your helpful comment very seriously. Often in these posts things get abrivated. I suffered no memory loss. I stayed completely alert, never got dizzy or a headache. Today I do not even have a bruise or a joint eche. I have had many before. It happened very quickly. Not that i cant remember. I do remember flying threw the air, back impact and helmet impact and laying there waiting to see if I might happen to start breathing again. No pain what so ever. (Well, a hell of a smack). The even flatness of the fall on my back is what saved me. A little left or right, bent forward or twisted and I shudder to think of the ribs or bones that would have caved in. The fat and muscles of my back absorbed the impact. I don't know how. The helmet clearly saved my skull. If I had not had it on... there is a very very good chance I might not be typing this. I distinctly remember hearing the Crack of the plastic shell hittting the concrete. Yes, I have reviewed the fall, my physical condition and inspected the helmet. I agree with everything you say. I hope this helps someone. No matter how good you are, no matter how confident you are, You just never know where, when or how you are gonna take a fall. WEAR PROTECTION and WEAR A HELMET !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I very humbly and with all the honesty I can muster, feel like it may have saved me from a very serious injury.