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  1. The Wizard

    How to sell my kingsong 18A

    Wow. Thank you for the heads up. Er, um, wait... weren't YOU just reading a 6th month old post? Perhaps hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of OTHER people read these forums for their enjoyment and education. I here by declare that YOU are no longer allowed to read any post older than 24hrs.
  2. The Wizard

    Women asking more questions?

    Are you gay? Maybe women just think I'm cuter than you. 99.9 percent women for me. .01 percent snotty nosed kids.
  3. The Wizard

    How to sell my kingsong 18A

    Is this a joke? Please send me all your precious and valuable possessions. I'll pay you 3 times what anyone else will... later. In fact, go get all your relatives stuff, send it to me and I'll pay them later too! Do you have any neighbors??? Don't have an extra wife layin around by any chance?
  4. I know there are special circumstances that riders just can't take it in with them. I've never ran into any, however. Right now I'm at McDonalds and it's right beside me. Walmart, McDonalds, BurgeKing, Wendys, malls, library, community center, outdoor celebrations, parks, lakes, boat ramp. Lately, I've adopted the, "Do it first and ask for forgiveness later." Instead of running around always asking about everything. I find people Like seeing it and think it's cool as hell. Plus, bye the way... It might get stolen.
  5. The Wizard

    Causes of your accidents

    Everyone seems to want to avoid and sweep under the rug the True Factual Reality cause of most all euc accidents. The real White Elephant in the Room. I have even been scolded and critized for bring it up. Told to shut up about it. Some people just plain refuse to believe in mass, momentum, inertia if it has to do with them going fast on an euc. It's Science. I'm just the messenger. Go argue with Nature, not me. You may have violated several rules but the number one rule was: SPEED. And, of course, you did not use the number one, required, not optional, safety device... YOUR BRAIN. 40km, on Black Ice, on a public street, nearing an intersection. OH MY GOD.
  6. The Wizard

    Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    I did not mean my comment directly towards you. More the subject in general. It also sounds a bit harsh. I would encourage riders to give very serious consideration to the fact that exits from our eucs are Not the same as bikes or skateboards. They are unique.
  7. The Wizard

    Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    It amazes me that Anyone who has ever actually ridden a euc would consider attaching their foot to the peddle. Falls from an euc are NOT the same as any other vehicle. You need to have Zero delay, Zero resistance removing, adjusting, sliding or raising your feet instantly. The Cut Out. No warning, no see it coming, no shifting of your feet. No release. The euc Goes LIMP instantaneously. No chance to "release" foot. Add 2 broken mangled legs to your list of falling, rolling, flopping, twisting injuries. DEATH TRAP. I don't even have Sand Paper grip on mine.
  8. The Wizard

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I take your helpful comment very seriously. Often in these posts things get abrivated. I suffered no memory loss. I stayed completely alert, never got dizzy or a headache. Today I do not even have a bruise or a joint eche. I have had many before. It happened very quickly. Not that i cant remember. I do remember flying threw the air, back impact and helmet impact and laying there waiting to see if I might happen to start breathing again. No pain what so ever. (Well, a hell of a smack). The even flatness of the fall on my back is what saved me. A little left or right, bent forward or twisted and I shudder to think of the ribs or bones that would have caved in. The fat and muscles of my back absorbed the impact. I don't know how. The helmet clearly saved my skull. If I had not had it on... there is a very very good chance I might not be typing this. I distinctly remember hearing the Crack of the plastic shell hittting the concrete. Yes, I have reviewed the fall, my physical condition and inspected the helmet. I agree with everything you say. I hope this helps someone. No matter how good you are, no matter how confident you are, You just never know where, when or how you are gonna take a fall. WEAR PROTECTION and WEAR A HELMET !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I very humbly and with all the honesty I can muster, feel like it may have saved me from a very serious injury.
  9. The Wizard

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Today's fall was particularly interesting for me, At This Time. I had gotten to the point of either I Stop Riding or Suit Up RoboCop style. Been shopping for highly armoured chest, side, shoulder protector suits. Determined that a Fall could be reasonably dealt with. Wanted something cheap but cool to wear in summer. Able to put on and off in under 2 or 3 hours and wearable in winter. Today I fell flat azz on my back. No nothing to spot it coming, predict it, prepare for it, face forward, get my arms out... Nothing! Something grabbed a hold of me and threw me into the air Flat on my Back. No cushioning, breaking of the fall or even a hand on the ground. Just... WHAM. So, now what am I to do? Add chest protection to my arsonal of riding preparations? Why? I landed on my back. Ok ok. Add back protection. Jesus. I look like RoboCop now. I wonder if i scare kids with all the crap im wearing. It's a pain in the azz with all the on and off already. After I buy and train myself to wear the added chest and back protection sytems... am I gonna break a shin bone? Gouge a 3" deep cut in an ankle? I'm gonna need a tank AND a trailer full of lawyers to follow myself around. Just gripping and bitching outloud. I love my euc! Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a little used tank???
  10. The Wizard

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I was riding to day and had just slowed to dismount. I am not sure what happened but I hope it helps someone in regards to falling. Was probably going less than 1mph when suddenly I found myself exiting the peddles in an odd way. All I know is that I was suddenly airborne and almost amusingly landed extremely and evenly Flat on my back. No side or rolling motion. I distinctly remember the center back of my head/helmet smacking the concrete. I laid there a moment realizing I had a minor Wind Knocked Out Of Me. When this happens you always lay there a few seconds hoping that you will start breathing again but not sure. While waiting and laying there, I remembered the smack the back of my head had. I was glad I had a helmet on. I've had many falls. A few serious. In none of these had my head ever contacted Concrete. I now can see a small Dent in my helmet. If that Dent was in my skull, I may not be boring you with this text. The point? Even an experienced rider can have odd, unexpected falls. Regardless of speed. I still don't have the foggyest idea how I ended up on my back. Always wear ur wrist, elbow, knee guards and helmet. PLEASE.
  11. The Wizard

    EUC’s and rhe police . US laws and ordinances.

    I think the Poster is looking more for legal input in the US. Can't help there. But... In my town and state I think Attitude is very important. Regulation is coming. Like it or not. I feel like I am an ambassador for my sport. I go the extra mile in being courteous. I honk twice (little blue walmart honker) long before I overtake pedestrians. I wait for their acknowledgement by moving over. I go extra slow around them. A little wave and I'm off again. I treat everyone very politely and curtiously. I have not had a Single person mad, upset or alarmed. Suprized, you bet. The police. I generally avoid forcing them to look at me. I'll even turn or take a different path. I have had many interactions with them. I am always going extra slow and being very safe. They have always reacted the same way everyone else does. Omg, What IS that? That's cool! Polite and curtious will dictate what laws are lowered apon your head in your state. The choice is ours. We will decide. Good or bad. So far, people will welcome eucs with open arms in Iowa. They will be happy to share the sidewalks and bike trails with us.
  12. The Wizard

    Why do some wheels allow tilt-back to be disabled?

    Obviously, You have never had a Cut Out. In a Cut Out there is no reaction time. The euc instantly just goes Limp. You will fall in any direction luck feels like throwing at you. NO, not just forward. The best anyone hopes for is to get their hands out. Eating concrete isn't fun. You are just thinking it's a "Fall", a failure. Not true. Why do you think all these experianced, fit and intelligent people call it a Face Plant? They are not stupid, uncoordinated or slow. Not bragging: I have had gymnastic classes, built and taught trampoline lessons, taught 5 people to ride a regular unicle, can ride a person on my shoulders WITH a person on THEIR shoulders, i juggle, I kayak, i fly and i hangglide. I am also a magician (Wizard). And I am scared shitless of Cut Outs. Falls too. But they are just a different animal. "Oh today I think I'll be slow and lazy so I can pick my teeth outta the back of my brian." This is why the Cut Out is so feared. Fortunately, eucs are safe. People are idiots. I love to go slow. I love Tilt back. I love my euc. I love life. Speed kills.
  13. The Wizard

    bike protection tape

    Cant pass this up. I tried duct tape, masking type, electrical tape, cloth tape. Several layers. Week, ugly, too wide, residue stuck on. Wal-Mart. White Equate medical 1/4" wide tape. 10yds. Tears crossways easily. Used to tape guase on wounds and cuts. $.98 cents. 2 layers for experienced riders. 3 layers for learners. Tough, narrow, white blends in with shell (cant tell it's even on there), cheap and it comes with no residue to clean. Sticks but is then easy to peel off. The tape scuffs up (turns grey) in such a way to easily indentify where ur falling the most. Just put an extra strip on top there. CHEAP!!! The perfect stuff!
  14. The Wizard

    Why do some wheels allow tilt-back to be disabled?

    Speaking solely about my 9b1 c+... Yes, the speed gets restricted in 2 segments. I believe max speed is lowered to 6mph at 20% battery left. Tilt Back is enisheated then. Then again lowered to 3mph at 10% left. I have experienced (tested) this down to 3% battery before deciding a Face Plant even at 3mph was not worth it. Tilt Back is mild, most of the time barely noticeable unless you force or ignore it. I treat it as a welcomed blessing. No. It does not get more severe than severe. It stays at the same severity. QUIT LEANING FORWARD!!!!!! Is all it can yell/screem at you. A hammer does not reach out and smack you in the face. The Pavement will be doing that shortly. Then people get on the forum and complain about their mysterious accident. Eucs are safe. People are dangerous.
  15. The Wizard

    Why do some wheels allow tilt-back to be disabled?

    Well, I personally worship the Tilt Back Gods. What you are Really experiencing is the Gods coming to your stupid azz aid and saving your life. Every time it pleasantly nudges me back into sanity, i smile and check off anther Face Plant avoided. I love Tilt Back. It cuts down on a lot of that annoying bone cracking noise, the loss of that red stuff we so affectionately call blood and saves 10s of thousands of dollars better spent down at the local strip bar. Of course, there will be many that disagree with me. (Not about the strip bar). But those that need to stand on mile deep cliffs on the last 1" of their heals. Anything for 1mph more speed. Tilt Back is a wonderful thing. I love it. I love life.