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  1. MCM4 is 340wh. I ride 3.5mi to work each way, mile or two on lunch, and errands around the neighborhood after work. Always cruise at the beeper 👌
  2. I'm selling my MCM4 that I commute with daily here in NYC. Upgrading to an Msuper 20mph about 10 miles with HARD riding (340wh). You wouldn't think, but pretty much makes you King of the Bike Lane 😎
  3. dieterGRAMS

    EUC as skiing subtitute - Which model???

    If you want snappy, rollerblade like response, look into the MCM5. The ACM2 is cool aswell. I personally would pick the shorter or narrower bodied EUCs for carving under 25mph
  4. dieterGRAMS


    Dude is Full-Tilt from start to finish. Every last one of these fails are the same. Accel to the beep, then re-posture yourself to cruise or push further. Its very simple folks
  5. dieterGRAMS

    Publuc transit

    Haven't had a problem with my MCM tho. One bus driver asked for the speed/price. I usually find its best NOT to ask first. Most people don't know. Milk it while you can
  6. Like the title says, Looking to put some ACM footing on my MCM. Anyone have a set locally?
  7. dieterGRAMS

    Banned inside buildings?

    I had a building here in NYC tell me that I couldn't use the elevator. I used it anyway but you wouldn't wanna do that where you work. I'd suggest a tote bag with zipper enclosure. 14d isnt too heavy but you can't lock it with that handle. Does anyone know if a U-lock will fit thru the Kingsong 18" rim spokes?
  8. dieterGRAMS

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Any info on the Tiltback settings with the 18L? I rode a 14s yesterday which was great, but tiltback near the beeper was nerve wrecking. I ride my MCM4 on the hardest setting with no tiltback. It makes the wheel very predictable at speed. Dunno if the same will be possible with KS wheels/apps
  9. dieterGRAMS

    EUC Evolution Plateau

    I do miss the saddle
  10. dieterGRAMS

    V10F vs KS18L?

    Also tried both at the NYC meetup for the first time. They felt very alike. The v10f was the softer of the two at the time tho I'm sure its software adjustable. Loved the size of the v10f pedals but didn't ride aggressively enough to make a statement on the rubber surface. The 18L showed up later and it felt very much like the v10f, only stiffer (again, software settings maybe). I'd assume with adjusted settings, the v10f would have more torque & agility over the 18L's top speed and stability. Side pads felt about the same and didn't bother me like the updated Tesla pads do.
  11. dieterGRAMS

    EUC Evolution Plateau

    I just need an EUC that can: dominate road bikers on a closed course agile enough to dodge potholes at speed <50lbs 40-50 miles of HARD riding V10f sized pedals with a flat grip-tape surface a handle or rim that I can slide a Kryptonite U-lock thru MSuperX gets me ALMOST there. Expecting the tire to treat my knees better than my MCM4 I would rather have "legal" access to the sidewalk than speeds over 40 mph. Need faster? Buy a Ducati
  12. dieterGRAMS


    Ayy this is NYC. This is how you have to move unless you wanna get plowed by a Cab. Unless you want a Roadie or Mess-lifer up your ass. I had a cyclist slam into the back of me going UP the Manhattan bridge because I thought i'd chill and pace with tourists on Citibikes. You should see the Mexican/Chinese delivery E-bikes... 1st Post. Usually a forum lurker these days but I had to speak up for my City. Thanks to Chris for the chance to ride the z10 this weekend along with the 18s/18l, v10f, MCM5 and others