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  1. dieterGRAMS

    Gotway Unreliability is a Myth

    Iono man. My gotway cut out on me.... but I was doing 24.5mph on an MCM4
  2. dieterGRAMS

    If you could only have one, what’s the best EUC?

    One wheel eh? My 3 picks would be TESLA > 18L > MCM5 The Tesla is just a great wheel that gives you the best of everything and isn't too heavy. The 18L feels like a more robust Tesla with better clearance but slower acceleration (better than MSX tho). And 14" wheels are just in an area of their own. Where my MSX feels like riding a motorcycle, my MCM4 feel like gliding on a nimble ball thats quick off the line. I would like to see an upgraded Mten3 style tire on the MCM5
  3. dieterGRAMS

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    No pedal dip. Not like older gotway wheels anyway. You still have some at low speed but its light and smooth.
  4. dieterGRAMS

    Kingsong 16S Stolen .. Looking to Buy Again

    Correction, anyone who chooses not to follow unconstitutional laws can carry there and anywhere. Thanks for playing
  5. dieterGRAMS

    MSX Motor Vibration?

    Received my MSX from GreenFashion about a week ago. Put 100 miles on it so far. It seems flawless but has a slight vibration at low speed and braking. Almost as if the tire was knobby style. Seems to go away at speeds over 15mph. No audible noises that I can hear. Wheel is still silent. Rode another msx which felt smoother. Not by much tho. Just wondering how everyone else's wheels are feeling in this regard.
  6. Get ACM pedals. My commute is about 4 miles and after 800 miles on the MCM4 i'd say 5-6mi is the max on the stockers before you need a break
  7. dieterGRAMS

    Does a 3" wide tyre fit in a KS18L ???

    It doesnt need it. The 18l is a great wheel as is. We did some high-speed and trail riding with MSX and 18l yesterday. 18l held its ground on everything.
  8. dieterGRAMS

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    Great, its not just me. Yea I think its part of the programming. I recalibrated earlier and that made a significant diff. My pedals were tipped forward. I thought it was just the dihedral slope 😅
  9. dieterGRAMS

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    You're completely right, but it feels... extra. Iono if any of you are/were car guys, but it feels like big turbo lag. As if the boost doesn't come on till 12mph. I just caught every red light on the way home from the office and I have to do a major skateboard kick at the start else I nearly fall over the front. Switched from Hard to Medium mode, will try soft again in a few but here is what I noticed with that: Yesterday I crossed the Williamsburg bridge on soft. On the flat part of the bridge the bike path has a rhythmic bump and the pedals wanted to dump me forward. Later in the day I came across another rhythmic bumpy stretch and it did the same on medium. Haven't felt that same sensation on hard. Now on my MCM4, I took a trail thru the woods to take a piss one night and the pedals did the same. To the point where I had to bail. Any insight/tips?
  10. dieterGRAMS

    Who else is waiting for the new 16 inch models?

    I thought about this a lot yesterday while riding my MSX. What would I want as a second wheel.... A 3x16" tire with msx pedal rake and more power in the acm style shell. 1000wh is fine This would give you small wheel torque with 16" stability in a small form factor that you can grab and go for Bodega Runs. +bonus points if they make the tire protrude like the 18l MSX is too big, Tesla is almost too big for short neighborhood runs(tho the trolley is clutch). MCM4 is too slow now... mten3?
  11. dieterGRAMS

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    Spent the first day on my MSX yesterday. Merlwood is spot on. I love the pedal angle. You have so much leverage carving thru traffic. It also lets you feel much more planted in turns. I don't think they did it for clearance. The acceleration from a standstill is horrible. Feels like its programmed that way tho. I'd also flash/buy a new board if this was improved down the road
  12. dieterGRAMS

    King Song Social Media Representative

    No, I totally need this
  13. dieterGRAMS

    Gotway MCM5 84V 420Wh advice

    I'm currently Commuting on a Tesla (10xxWh) and MCM4 (340Wh). If your inner city trip has a lot of stop-n-go lights &/or you have to snake thru multiple short blocks, i'd pick the MCM5 over the Tesla. The acceleration from a standstill with 14" wheels is awesome. For the last part you'll want the Tesla, tho the MCM5 has a pretty high top speed and if the roads aren't bad, 25mph on a 14" isn't that crazy. Also the Tesla is a little heavy for a 5th floor walk-up, tho the single sided handle on the MCM5 kinda sucks for that too.
  14. dieterGRAMS

    A lucky night for me

    ah man the 18l sounds amazing! Been riding in a Tesla/MSX/18l pack and the gotways have become too silent. I can hear the position of the 18l at all times. Keeps us from Colliding
  15. dieterGRAMS

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    The MCM5 is probably the perfect <10 mile wheel. Currently riding a Tesla(loaner) and MCM4 with an MSX arriving this week. I have to say the 14" wheels are something special. I got to ride a MCM5 at the z10 demo but i'd really like to spend a bit more time to compare the raw torque to the Tesla. Still looking to jump on an Mten3 too Which has better torque? MCM5 or Mten3?