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  1. This is stupid. I've had this camera for damn near a year and we still can't get remotes. The battery is dead before I get to the nice parts of the backroads I drive
  2. I put 700+ miles on my MCM4 340wh here in NYC. My first wheel. It was plenty enough for a good time and commuting. edited: Don't get the 67v version (didnt realize there was one). stick with the 800wh 84v.
  3. Yea the kingsong motors are loud but I personally find it a good thing. I can hear where the kingsong is in our group so I never cut him off. Riding with an msx in your blind-spot in a guessing game.
  4. I should be crossing 2500 miles on my MSX this week. Its been my daily driver since the release and I haven't had any problems. I just replaced the grip tape two nights ago! The Nike swoosh is almost completely gone from the tire and my shell has looked a lot better. But still provides a flawless ride rain or shine. I also put 800 miles on an MCM4 before this. Looking back, I have no idea how I rode around the city on that thing.
  5. I had a chance to ride this exact wheel a few weeks ago during our Escape From New York ride. I believe he got the tire directly from gotway! Little strange at first. You can feel the knobs flexing on pavement during low speed turns. No clue how it does off-road
  6. Im here for it. Tho with that tire, I'd like more power. The pedals don't seem any lower than the Msuper and Monster next to it in that video. Should be higher else what's the point of the huge tire?
  7. If you can't get the MCM5 then get an MCM4. Everything else is More $$ for less speed. Tho honestly you should just save up for the 5
  8. Yea. The speedo jumps from 40 to 47. Seems like you were at 40 and put too much effort into it to go faster. Thats the thing about powerful wheels limited to lower speeds. When i rode the locked demo 18XL, I was dancing around the limiter and i accelerated hard right before tiltback kicked in. Nearly threw me off. When your wheel starts beeping at 30+ the wind is already kicking your ass. VS 25-28mph where the wind isnt that extreme and you feel you have alot of speed left
  9. Yep the Rollerblade wristguards are pretty good. Saved my ass at 25mph. And the ones Jason give you have Gel in the palm! even better. I grabbed a pair of EVS wrister gloves and i'll be adding the palm splint off the rollerblade guards.
  10. The darkness is getting to me more than the weather... I'm pretty into Techwear so layering up the Climate Armor is no problem here Hardest part of the cold so far is voltage sag. I've had some early beeping on the coldest of days. So when temps dip below freezing I back off the speed a bit. Also, the MSX tire gets rock hard after a few minutes in those temps (the soles of your sneakers will too = less grip) Ice tends to pool around intersection corners in the early mornings Fogging in your goggles/visor at stop lights can be annoying but there are solutions Only a few full finger glove options with splints Wind-blocking underwear may be a good investment. Esp. if you're riding out to a girl's crib... Your aux electronics will also drain faster... Bluetooth speakers, Lights I've been commuting every single day since I've started. Rain or Shine. First day of winter in 2 more. Might have to pair the Balaclava AND my gaiter Protect Ya Neck!
  11. Every "first wheel" thread is filled with kingsong 14"ers. Get a Gotway MCM5. I put 800 miles on my mcm4 as a daily commuter over the summer. It was also fast enough for a few group rides. Even at 340wh The MCM5 trolley and handle are awesome. Just buy it and don't look back. If I had borrowed someone's wheel to learn on, I would have thought this whole segment was stupid and walked away. Thank god I dove right in.
  12. Never gonna happen. Best thing we can do is Shame idiots. I'm sorry bro, "Speed Test" on a OEM wheel with no gear is pretty stupid. It's not even cool. Like what? You rode the beeper till you felt you've had enough then checked your app and saw a magic number? I don't get it. I don't get playing above the warning unless you're outrunning traffic. Its there for emergencies. +1-2 mph for what? Did you open your motor, rework the magnets and windings to get more power? No? Then wtf are you testing? We already know what its limit is.
  13. Kinda sad to hear the 100v rumor is false. It seems like a less responsive Tesla thanks to the Tall/Fat tire. No power bump? Kinda silly But glad people are moaning about it! We don't want a Tacky, Half-spec'd Monster!
  14. Yep. Brakeless principles. Never plan to brake, always look for exits. Speed limit is 25mph and traffic is so dense you can't do much more for long. Also the lights are set to keep traffic at a pace. If you work the lights and can maintain speeds of 30+ then traffic becomes cones. Faster is safer
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