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  1. dieterGRAMS

    Recommendation for a first wheel?

    Every "first wheel" thread is filled with kingsong 14"ers. Get a Gotway MCM5. I put 800 miles on my mcm4 as a daily commuter over the summer. It was also fast enough for a few group rides. Even at 340wh The MCM5 trolley and handle are awesome. Just buy it and don't look back. If I had borrowed someone's wheel to learn on, I would have thought this whole segment was stupid and walked away. Thank god I dove right in.
  2. Never gonna happen. Best thing we can do is Shame idiots. I'm sorry bro, "Speed Test" on a OEM wheel with no gear is pretty stupid. It's not even cool. Like what? You rode the beeper till you felt you've had enough then checked your app and saw a magic number? I don't get it. I don't get playing above the warning unless you're outrunning traffic. Its there for emergencies. +1-2 mph for what? Did you open your motor, rework the magnets and windings to get more power? No? Then wtf are you testing? We already know what its limit is.
  3. dieterGRAMS

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Kinda sad to hear the 100v rumor is false. It seems like a less responsive Tesla thanks to the Tall/Fat tire. No power bump? Kinda silly But glad people are moaning about it! We don't want a Tacky, Half-spec'd Monster!
  4. dieterGRAMS


    Yep. Brakeless principles. Never plan to brake, always look for exits. Speed limit is 25mph and traffic is so dense you can't do much more for long. Also the lights are set to keep traffic at a pace. If you work the lights and can maintain speeds of 30+ then traffic becomes cones. Faster is safer
  5. dieterGRAMS

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    EXACTLY. But.... what if you released only a modular board? Someone could assemble their own wheel. Source or recycle their own parts and set their own parameters. Something robust that could handle 3k -4k watt motors but demo'd on sub 2k watt units for said reasons.
  6. dieterGRAMS

    Chicago Riders

    I'm in Chicago next week! Anyone still riding? Any loaner wheels?
  7. dieterGRAMS


    Damn bro, how often are you rolling on the ground? lol
  8. dieterGRAMS

    Cold Weather/Battery

    Was in the high 20's today... MSX sidewalls became hard as a rock about 10 minutes in. Thought I had a flat
  9. dieterGRAMS

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    I stated my thoughts in another thread but I'll also state them here: I think you guys should build a high-performance 14" wheel. Using a 14x3" tire would add stability and lifting the pedal height would also add safety. With the EUC market maturing, you will see an increase in sport usages. Such as Polo! The 14" wheels have a HUGE advantage in things like Polo. 14" wheels make better errand wheels. I hate using my MSX to go grab beers from the store. Even the Tesla was a bit annoying to grab for a short run VS my MCM4. But now, the pedal clearance on the mcm4 makes it nearly impossible to ride coming from the MSX daily. Unless you are going to best Gotway at their own game in the 18"+ class of wheel, don't bother. People are having a hard enough time accepting the 18L spec sheet vs the MSX and the 18l is a perfectly fine machine IMO. Most of us in NY are waiting for a Monster update but it doesn't sound like you want to take it to that level. 14" x 3" tire high pedals 45km/h balanced weight +800wh batt. While everyone thinks the 14" wheel is a beginners wheel, I beg to differ. The 14" wheel gives a true "hover" feeling. They are smooth, and snappy. Build one for experienced riders! Be the king of small EUC!
  10. dieterGRAMS

    Try My Best to Help Our INMOTION Fans

    I agree. The 14" wheels offer a feeling you can't get with the larger ones. A serious performing 14" wheel with 3" tire width and decent pedal clearance would be a game changer.
  11. Imagine your leash getting snagged on car while passing...
  12. dieterGRAMS

    To buy a EUC or a different type of E-Vehicle

    Good observation. Drivers have this weird respect for you when you're going fast on an EUC. The worst case is they speed to catch up then pace you till they hit a light...Bikes on the other hand... cabbies would literally chase me thru red lights when I rode fixed.
  13. dieterGRAMS

    Riding style: Bumpy roads

    When I see a unavoidable bump or patches of rough terrain, I kick my wheel out in front of me before impact. Almost like hard braking, but with minimum weight transfer. That way I sorta "bonk" over it and the force pushes the wheel back under me. With time you'll learn how to move around on the wheel without changing your throttle
  14. TOP heavy. That means all the battery packs are at the top of the shell. 18XL has the battery packs mounted lower and spread out
  15. 18XL "supercharged" response balanced weight less tiring bigger, flat pedals MSX "Turbo" top end, sluggish down low top heavy fatigue inducing awesome tire stability steamrolls over everything The KingSong is a better designed machine. But if I'm carving thru traffic at 30mph+ i'd rather be on the MSX. The tire will save you when the road conditions go south and you have the extra top end to build some space from cars. If you aren't racing thru the city like a Bike Courier then XL