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  1. dieterGRAMS

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    Like a few people said already, If you're carving aggressively you wont notice cross winds as much. Stay low and pump side to side. Now head winds... I just slow till they ease up You can't hear anything and I have no idea what strain is being put on the wheel. Seated in any wind is a nightmare
  2. dieterGRAMS

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    Are these really taking 10 days to ship out like it says on the website?
  3. dieterGRAMS

    Monster V2?

    Soooo... the Monster X will be 2500w 100v 2400wh?
  4. dieterGRAMS


    eh, I bashed one of our insta360s into a stone wall and scratched a lens. I also had the tripod mount rip out of a Qoocam a few weeks ago. If the new one has replaceable lens covers, that would be huge for action sports.
  5. dieterGRAMS

    Gotway Tesla Key Ignition Mod Anti Theft

    I like this idea. Most bikes thieves here ride off with the bike after they pop the lock. I don't see them running far with a 50lb wheel in their hands.
  6. dieterGRAMS

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Yoga. Pretty much anyone over the age of 35 and riding these things should make Yoga part of their daily lives. I don't currently do yoga as I'm totally out of a healthy routine, but it saved my older brother's life and I plan on working it into mine.
  7. dieterGRAMS

    Is the Inward Bank Angle on the MSX Uncomfortable?

    I love the angle and hope it's baked into future performance wheels. It gives me confidence when hanging off the side during high speed flat turns. I also feel it helps with bringing wobbles under control. After 2 weeks of daily riding I did have some pain in my right knee but that went away a few days later and could've been due to numerous things, including the increase in wheel weight.
  8. dieterGRAMS

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    Ah man, Wrist guards are always a must. Bare minimum imo. Glad you're good tho. I think this is a common theme where people are getting spooked by not hearing a beeper from the MSX. Its there tho! I've heard it on rare occasions
  9. dieterGRAMS

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    Wow man. The quality IS all over the place. I think I have the only seat that fits securely. Everyone else's has fallen off
  10. dieterGRAMS

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    I think the plastic on Kingsong wheels is a little softer than Gotway's. Mick had some gnarly gashes on his 18l shell. Where the gotway will have scratches. Each have their pro's and con's. I will say the heads on these shell screws are super small.
  11. dieterGRAMS

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    A little background on my MSX... has about 900mi. Crashed it once or twice at low speed, dropped it down 2 or 3 stairs another time. About 2 weeks before that photo I smashed head-on into a Beach Cruiser bike and completely bow-tied his front wheel. I mash thru potholes seated. It's been fairly robust IMO. That photo was the result of sliding out while doing figure 8's in a "dry" park sprinkler. Wheel bounced off the ground violently and pulled the front screw thru the mounting hole. It's not so bad that a washer couldn't fix it. I just got caught in rain at work and decided a few stickers would do the job. (BTW Message me for EVwhere stickers) Went for a seated ride in thru the city last night with another banged up MSX and I can't say I notice any creaking or noises. Now Mick's 18L on the other hand... lmao good luck with those 18xl trolley handles As for the wiring, I won't speak on it. I've built numerous race cars in my earlier days and any wiring done by me, usually looks like Gotway's. No fires yet (tho my FJ40 did stall under a bee infested tree once, but I didn't wire that). If I can make it to the next-gen wheels with say, 2 shell swaps, 1 trolley and a few tires changes from aggressive daily use, I will be more than happy. Hell, I'm more than happy now. This wheel is the biz
  12. dieterGRAMS


    Yooo you take the i5 down Houston?! lol
  13. dieterGRAMS

    EUC as a Stool

    Oh right the app! I'll keep an eye on it and report my findings. Thanks dudes
  14. dieterGRAMS

    EUC as a Stool

    N00b question: I find myself sitting on my MSX as a stool and it made me wonder.... How long can I sit stationary before this thing overheats or blows something? Should I rock back n forth or move around from time to time?
  15. dieterGRAMS

    The Photo Thread

    Good to know the "fahgettaboudit" fits!!