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  1. The electronic cigarette in 2013, the balance scooter in 2015, the figet spinner in 2016, most of people must be sure to remember these explosive goods that seem to sweep across the globe overnight. In recent years, the explosive goods has appeared to be cyclical. "What's the next?" At midnight, countless manufacturers and foreign traders looked up at the starry sky and asked. The balance scooter of 2015, its movements were large and dynamic. In the short period of time, they rushed into the No.1 of Amazon Sports Outdoor Category sales amount, becoming a travel gift for households of all ages. The rapid increase in market has exceeded 30 billion yuan, which has also led to an explosive growth in the entire industry chain. Domestic manufacturers have turned to balance scooter, and Hangzhou's large and small motor factories have suddenly become overwhelming. Customs data shows that at the peak period, the export volume of balance scooter from Shenzhen Yantian port is as large as 40,000 units! Really hot in the world. One Class Technology (formerly Ismooer) emerged from the trend of e-cigarettes in 2013. With Snowwolf in 2015, it also made certain achievements in the industry. But they missed the balance scooter in 2015 and figet spinner in 2016. In 2018, Ismooer found the hovershoes. Recently, One Class Technology (Oneclass) made a big movement. Together with two balance scooter factory- inmotion and jomo, which have high technology of balance scooter in China , have released the latest Hovershoes, and it is imperative to create a new product that overshadowed the balance scooter. At the beginning of May, the entire Oneclass team went to the conference to prepare the new global promotional video. Hovershoes are lighter and more portable than balance scooters. Their weight and space are less than 1/2 that of a balanced scooter, and the independent operation of the feet makes it more fun, flexible, elegant, seems that you are stepping on the Hot Wheels. With the imagination, you can unlock all kinds of movements. It is believed that there will soon be people from domestic and abroad who will play out various kinds of brain-drilling dramas. At present, Hovershoes is still in trial and test production period. Can this new product cause another wave of global trends? Let us wait and see. What do you think of this product? All comments are welcomed here. Wholesale and Retail of this product, welcome to find me with the contact as below: Name: Kerry Lin Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: +8613714708736 Email: isk.kerry@szismoke.com Website: www.szoneclass.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P7P3wuObEw 手机QQ视频_20180606183619.mp4
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