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  1. LEARN HOW TO RIDE TODAY (NEW ENGLAND RESIDENTS) Learn how to ride an Electric Unicycle (NO WHEEL NEEDED) - Visit https://www.u-stride.com I will take you through my 12 step learning process on how to ride an electric unicycle Best part is you don't need to own your own wheel or gear. We provide it all. Visit https://www.u-stride.com and book a session online https://www.u-stride.com/bookings-checkout/learn-how-to-ride/book LEARN HOW TO RIDE TODAY (NEW ENGLAND RESIDENTS)
  2. Thanks for mentioning my channel and site man. Really appreciate it. https://www.u-stride.com
  3. That's funny actually. lol. What if Sherman ends up being a PSYOP from Gotway, similar to how Apple had different teams in the same company working on competing products, with Gotway taking it one step further. Be separate.
  4. It's funny how my MSP has been to CALI, a place I want to visit but never been...LOL. GREAT PIC
  5. Hello, does anyone have a simple method for mesurrong torque on an EUC?
  6. Wow sorry I'm so late in replying. Thanks for the mention. Very glad the video helped 👍
  7. I had the chance to find out in the mecca of EV's, NYC. CHECK IT OUT https://youtu.be/I96cdbuLLJk
  8. In this "Short Film" concept, an electric unicyclists has a close encounter with renowned double champ X24 fighter after a big win of his latest opponent. I met up with the X24 fighter while riding home after a long day of shooting video on the Gotway Tesla for a soon to be released video called "The case for the electric unicycle". I hope you enjoy the short film concept and please share your own thoughts and ideas for this video and possible future short film concepts. Thank you
  9. You know I was thinking the same thing about the handle, but if you look in the video one of the riders was actually sitting on it. So maybe they intend for it to have a seat cushion. Maybe??
  10. I'm really sorry to hear this. Here in Boston I have no issues with riding where ever. Here is a recent video and you will see COPS EVERYWHERE, even coming up to me and asking questions about it. This is unfortunate:
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