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  1. LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta DATE: 2019-04-16 TIME: 14:19 - 18:12 (~4 Hr Total) WEATHER:10°C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 66.67 km using 65% WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KingSong KS18L Matte Black WHO WAS WITH ME: A Sh¡t load of 18650 batteries TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 712km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Didnt stop or get off even once WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: My knees, legs and feed don't work anymore RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: riding a wheel for 4 hours straight is NOT RECOMMENDED! I was able to beat the magical 10 Wh/km energy usage, basically this works out to 1% of battery equals to 1 km Going 17 kph (while painfully slow) is super efficient power wise but useless if you need to get anywhere or be on time
  2. LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta DATE: 2019-04-13 TIME: 13:50 - 16:50 (3 Hr Total) WEATHER:10°C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 55.21 km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KingSong KS18L WHO WAS WITH ME: The wheel's machine spirit TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 632km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Didnt stop or get off even once WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Nothing RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: if you want max range from your wheel go 18.5 kph consistently without stopping or changing speed and pump your tires to 50psi
  3. PotatoInside

    Canadian riders, where....

    Wow so many people from Calgary, should definitely have a group ride somewhere. Im in NW Calgary, but i am downtown all the time on the bow pathway. currently i have a Gotway Tesla (with a Teslamotors Sticker on the front) and a KS18L, Previously i had a Xiaomi M365 and KS16S i sold my KS16S to a guy that lives south of downtown, he would be up for a ride probably.
  4. PotatoInside

    Anything irritated you today??

    its -25°C out, it makes riding less fun, doesn't stop me tho.
  5. LOCATION: Calgary, AB DATE: 2018-05-27 TIME: 09:34 WEATHER: Sunny DISTANCE TRAVELED: 96.9 km (split into 2 long rides with a full recharge in the afternoon) WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KingSong KS16S WHO WAS WITH ME: Just me TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: ~1118 km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Gained lots of exp, went on difficult trails, unintentionally drew a dick on the map WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: alpha cyclists that think they are superior RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Wheel needs to have at least 2000w of power, need to show those cyclists Who's who in the zoo. ==============================================
  6. LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta DATE: 2018-08-05 TIME: ~14:00 WEATHER:Sunny DISTANCE TRAVELED: 61.84 km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Gotway Tesla WHO WAS WITH ME: my S9+ for gps recording and my iPhone 6 for speedo TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: ~1400km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Longest Ride on the Tesla without stopping, had 28% battery left WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: didn't run the battery to <5% for a true range test RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Better to use robotic legs so they don't get sore, organic legs just sucks.
  7. LOCATION: Calgary Alberta DATE: 2018-09-03 TIME: 13:30 WEATHER: Sunny DISTANCE TRAVELED: 58.9 km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KingSong KS18L WHO WAS WITH ME: Just me TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 350 km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: longest ride without stopping on the KS18L (had lots of energy left), also did the 200+km speed unlock so now i can go to 50kph WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: inattentive pedestrians RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Just run the pedestrians over, dont bother swerving
  8. PotatoInside

    Charger Timer

    yeah, before i didnt care either, but i started caring after i bought an electric vehicle, after 5 years of driving it and 76,000km i have not lost a single km of range on the EV because ive kept the battery floating at 40-60%. i started doing that with my laptops as well, just look at this graph, when plugged in all the time sitting at 100% you can see the battery rapidly degrade but after limiting to 50% charge it more or less stopped degrading. when i got my new smartphone i started doing the same thing, after 6 months i still have the exact same battery life as if it was brand new i guess this battery thing is just OCD.
  9. PotatoInside

    Charger Timer

    also the charge doctor does not have the ability to start and stop at certain times of the day (like charge overnight and end just before you leave)
  10. PotatoInside

    Charger Timer

    Mine was $15 lol (im cheap) but yeah the charge doctor works very well too from what ive read (also its far more accurate as its based on voltage and amperage to the second decimal place)
  11. PotatoInside

    Charger Timer

    I made this charger timer calculator to help with ending the charge cycle at specific battery percentages (Copy the spreadsheet to your own drive) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Zk1l2ra2pSFBd0h9q5P8Oz5m4ygCQ5X2-2IpR6JC7FY Paired with a digital charge timer with minute accuracy, you can have your wheel charge to any percentage you want and finish at any period over night. I usually charge to 88% and have it finish charging about 5 minutes before i leave for work, the purpose is to increase the usable battery life span. (leaving the battery at 100% will rapidly degrade your battery, this goes for smartphones and laptops too). If you want your battery to last forever and you don't have to travel more than 20 km for a daily commute you can try floating between 40-60%. The timer pictured is a GE myTouch smart timer, it will allow you to charge with a count down or a specified start and end time but i guess any timer will work. This specific model has 2 plugs so it powered the ghetto cooler i made (see other thread in mod section) and the wheel charger.
  12. LoL thats not your wife, you just paid some girl to stand on your EUC so you could take a picture to pretend.
  13. PotatoInside

    WheelLog Android App

    im an idiot, for some reason i thought the one on the play store was up to date, i downloaded the latest version (2018 05/12) and everything is working normally
  14. PotatoInside

    Survey on Personal Electric Vehicles

    I feel this survey is biased, where is the 4 wheel personal EV category?
  15. PotatoInside

    Really Ghetto Mod but Highly Effective!

    Yeah i wanted to use a better box but hey, beggars cant be choosers, the garbage gives what the garbage gives. Im pretty sure you know where Calgary is, if you look out your window you should be able to see it! its because Calgary is the center of North America, and North America being the greatest, is the center of the Earth, Earth is the center of our solar system and everyone wishes they could be here. i'm not sure how much more effective i can make it, its only 1°C, maybe 2°C hotter than ambient!