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  1. Okay Mk II 1) god damn it i had these laying around for over 10 years, didnt have to buy 2 yoga blocks, ended up using only 1.5 squares. Funny thing is, i never thought to built a seat in layers, and i just bought a 3d printer 2 weeks ago, it should of clicked in. 2) cut them to pieces 3) Test fit 4) glued them together, used 3M Super 77 5) used the power of $5 clamps 6) Sewed a thing again 7) broke the damn needle on the last line, ill never sew again... took a 20km ride, works, but i think ill just buy an MSuperX 100v with the seat option. i cant go with out the trolley handle
  2. What a disaster.... 1) measured the precise angle of the handle on the KS18L its like 23.5° 2) got a yoga block 3) cut yoga block 4) cut the yoga block wrong... FFS 5) bought another yoga block 6) measured some cloth to wrap the block 7) sewed a thing 8) i really suck at sewing.... the machine hasnt been powered in over 7 years 9) it fits so whatever... 10) dont have a continuous piece of velcro so i ghetto'd the 2nd strap 11) just got back from a ride, it.... doesnt work, too wobbly, doesnt stay in place, i cant pick up the wheel anymore, cant trolley, useless invention, DO NOT ATTEMPT
  3. update to this, after riding and troubleshooting, the wheel works 100% if the board temp is above 30°C. if the wheel is cold (<29°C) it will turn on but not off. i've ridden over 200+km on it with the issue and it has never shut off while running, it works normally.
  4. technically they are correct, nothing is waterproof in the same way nothing is bulletproof. water will ingress into anything if the pressure is high enough, similarly if you want to defeat armor, use a bigger faster harder bullet
  5. This unit was working flawless until one day i couldnt turn it off. This is what ive observed, any insight or help is greatly appreciated. when i push the power button, it turns on normally, i dont have to press the button hard at all, even depressing by 2mm is good enough so its not a power button issue and obviously it must have good contact with the main board. when i try and immediately turn it off (not more than 5 mins of being on) it will not turn off, it wont cycle through its lights with a momentary press, it acts as if the power button does not work at all when i ride it for longer than 10-20 mins the power button starts working again, the button does not need to be pushed hard for me to cycle through the lights or to turn it off. i have taken the wheel partially apart and have blasted it with tons of air, if there was moisture in it, there isnt now after dumping 16ga of 100psi air into it. its also been sitting for a week in a dry place any idea what this could be?
  6. started off with a KS16S, good beginner wheel, but if i had to do it all over again, the minimum spec i recommend is >1kWh pack size >45kph/28mph speed >1500W (cont)/3000W (peak) brand doesn't really matter tbh, kingsong, gotway, inmotion are all good. I have both the Tesla and KS18L and are great, Tesla is probably the best for short distances as its far more maneuverable, KS18L for rougher terrain or trails.
  7. im pretty sure the people that honk saw that stupid TV show where in this one scene a person was riding what looks to be an inmotion v3pro (the dual wheel eyc) comes up on the sidewalk, then a car honks and the guy falls off into the bushes, it was so fake it was cringy. EDIT: 800 a month isnt hard, only 26 km a day, if i rode mine to work everyday i would exceed a thousand a month but i got fired and have no job so... aint gonna happen.
  8. technically 3, i have a front attached garage which i guess is considered "inside" the house, a Model S is in there, or sometimes they are all inside each other in the garage. speaking of which, its almost as if Tesla designed the front trunk for an EUC because it fits my Gotway tesla, helmet, gloves and kneepads exactly.
  9. does this answer your question?
  10. Built an EUC Charging Dock/Stand, just finished re-carpeting part of it. Also put wheels on it so i can roll it around if i need too. sometimes i have to vacuum up the salt and road crap that falls off the wheel (i ride both wheels year round even if its -30C out so it picks up road crap) both chargers are actively cooled, went from 55-60°C to 2°C above ambient with 150 cfm of cooling power charging is also timer controlled so it never really charges past 90% to make the battery last longer charges over night so i dont have to hear the fans, ill probably build a nicer looking cooling box later i may also add drawers or something in the hollow area on the left of the stand, not sure, dont have that many accessories and stuff to store yet.
  11. other way around.... i bought a Tesla Model S P85 in 2013, best car ive ever owned, still have it, runs better than brand new then i bought solar for my house, electrical bill has been wiped out completely for 5 years so far After all that i got into personal electric transports rather than a bicycle ive been trying to electrify everything as its just more efficient. an EUC is what i calculate as the most efficient method of transportation see below... Typical car averages 25 MPG / ~9.5 L/100km / ~834 Wh/km Tesla's will average 125 MPG / ~1.8 L/100km / ~170 Wh/km EUC's will average 2317 MPG / ~0.1 L/100km / ~9 Wh/km EUC's are an order of magnitude difference compared to the most efficient of EV's, going to work on one takes 50 mins to go 25 km, going to work in a car takes 40-45 mins where i am. almost no difference.
  12. LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta DATE: 2019-04-16 TIME: 14:19 - 18:12 (~4 Hr Total) WEATHER:10°C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 66.67 km using 65% WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KingSong KS18L Matte Black WHO WAS WITH ME: A Sh¡t load of 18650 batteries TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 712km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Didnt stop or get off even once WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: My knees, legs and feed don't work anymore RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: riding a wheel for 4 hours straight is NOT RECOMMENDED! I was able to beat the magical 10 Wh/km energy usage, basically this works out to 1% of battery equals to 1 km Going 17 kph (while painfully slow) is super efficient power wise but useless if you need to get anywhere or be on time
  13. LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta DATE: 2019-04-13 TIME: 13:50 - 16:50 (3 Hr Total) WEATHER:10°C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 55.21 km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KingSong KS18L WHO WAS WITH ME: The wheel's machine spirit TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 632km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Didnt stop or get off even once WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Nothing RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: if you want max range from your wheel go 18.5 kph consistently without stopping or changing speed and pump your tires to 50psi
  14. Wow so many people from Calgary, should definitely have a group ride somewhere. Im in NW Calgary, but i am downtown all the time on the bow pathway. currently i have a Gotway Tesla (with a Teslamotors Sticker on the front) and a KS18L, Previously i had a Xiaomi M365 and KS16S i sold my KS16S to a guy that lives south of downtown, he would be up for a ride probably.
  15. its -25°C out, it makes riding less fun, doesn't stop me tho.
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