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  1. I had my first real ride of the season today. Took the MSP out to Spring Lake and did a nice a climb followed by a very technical decent over rugged terrain. I was drenched in stress sweat by the time I made it to bottom (first time completing it!) Felt nice to be out on the trails. Granted, I have been doing quick loops at the local hiking spot in my town, but that is usually a quick loop (15-20 minutes tops) then I leave before I piss anyone off or attract too much attention. Getting tired of jerk mountain bikers on the trails. I have been run off the trail several times this month. Ma
  2. Deposit is in for the EXN. My MSP needs a big brother LOL. Going to wait for the eWheels model though as they are working with GW to build a higher quality variation for their customers. Obviously we all know about the custom battery packs, but they (eWheels/GW) are addressing some other things that were recently pointed out as well.
  3. Question for other Sherman owners - If the wheel shuts off while on the charger (after several hours of charging) does that indicate that the packs have been balanced? Charger had green light of course.
  4. Most people in my area are pretty positive about my wheels, but every now and then you run into someone with a negative reaction. I have learned to find the humor in the negativity so it does not get under my skin and ruin my rides anymore. Black rim - Stripped down Marty Backe spray paint job. In Marty's instructional a lot of blue tape was used to cover the tire, hangers, shell, etc. I did that the first time around for my MSP, but have adapted to making cardboard cutouts that I tape to tire and shell. I do not recommend this method, be patient and tape everything up. I have reflective
  5. Just saw this on FB. Looks durable. Sorry if this is already posted on the forums.
  6. I like heavy wheels. I have had to turn back on my other wheels and retrieve my Sherman for several long distance trips in windy conditions recently. Has me thinking that the EXN would be a good investment (torque tuned heavy wheel that can give me the ceiling I need in the 40+MPH range). On a side note, has anyone else triggered alarms at low speed (1-3 MPH) while making tight turns? I had to make a quick 180 degree turn to get back on a sidewalk and mid turn the wheel started beeping.
  7. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    The motor kill button on this wheel is not to my liking. It takes a very specific pressure point to totally kill the motor, otherwise (most often) the engine engages if the wheel changes angle (sways) while the button is depressed.
  8. 1200 miles. My favorite wheel in the pack. Balance, power and battery. Plus, I have hit the ground 10+ times on this wheel and no cosmetic damage thanks to the roll cage. Think I may hold out on my next wheel purchase until Veteran announces it's next model. The negatives are: - the roll cage takes me out if I turn into my front lawn north of the big tree too fast - tire seating/balancing - charging errors (resolved) - all of my accessories breaking when it goes flying LOL
  9. gon2fast

    Back pain

    I had lower back and hip pain for the first 3 months. One crash landed me on my left leg/hip and pretty much destroyed me. After recovery I am able to ride the Sherman without discomfort/pain. The lower pedal height and extra weight was a challenge to get used to and I feel my lower body was not strong enough to aggressively maneuver such a heavy wheel when I started on it.
  10. All manufacturers look for the cheapest/quickest route as it yields the highest returns. Sucks for the user, but it is part of running a successful business (IMHO). I still say "throw a roll cage on it" though LOL. and a mini winch*! *coming soon, but on the Sherman
  11. MSP HT is a good wheel for me. No issues with plastics as they seem to be the same quality standard that is applied to the V11 and Sherman (I own them, no misinformation here). I will say that plastics on my V8 and former V10 are much thicker, but as a proficient rider thinner shells do not worry me. I suppose another component is that I have come to grips with sacrificing my wheel over myself if possible when in questionable situations. I have suffered many injuries trying to "preserve" my wheels. Not worth it and not happening anymore LOL.
  12. That is unfortunate that a crash at 5 mph can compromise the shell. My MSP has seen the floor a handful of times and I have been fortunate to not have any significant shell damage. I still think it is a tank because everything I have thrown at it (terrain) has been conquered with ease. Shell integrity without a roll cage and/or other re-enforcement will always be a risk for major external damage (vendors, Veteran excluded, are you listening? I am done with dropping thousands of dollars on a device that self destructs when I have to eject or crash).
  13. gon2fast

    Kingsong S20?

    I would buy this at top dollar if KS or someone else can figure it out... and add a roll cage.
  14. I was navigating down a embankment into a creek bed earlier and pitched myself a good 6 feet away from my MSP. Was very glad that the same invisible mud that stopped my MSP and sent me flying also saved me on impact LOL. The MSP bounced over some rocks and ended up in the mud as well... no damage my black painter pen can't fix, the wheel is a tank. I guess it has around 1600 miles. Really, no complaints other than one of the LED sections on the front of the wheel seems to be failing (very dim as compared to the others, not like that when new). My trolley handle got a bit stiff so I put so
  15. Probably falls into the house category, but shot myself in the foot with one of my rifles as well... while on the phone with work on call! "i merged the study into the wrong patient's account and can't find it now; WHAT.BAM.CHITFUCCHIT. let me call you back in a second "
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