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  1. Unfortunately these hills are constant up and down there is no flat or long downhill. I did a test last night just holding on to something and going back and forth. The inmotion app displays the motherboard temp while euc world uses the mosfet temp. Also I found that the wheel has thermal protection at 95C on the mosfets so I was really close when I rode. I am wondering if there are any easy mods I could do to improve the cooling. It seems like the way the wheel is built there is very little if any fresh air getting into the motherboard area. The motherboard area has a gasket and is water tight. We are relying on the heatsink which only really cools the mosfet. After an hour of riding the trails the motherboard temp is so high that the heatsink isn't enough to cool anything and it take a long time (30 minutes) in my case to cool down.
  2. You can see the temperature at the end of this tour: https://euc.world/tour/584480623189297
  3. I love trail riding on mountain bike trails. Near my home there are lots of steep ups and down and since using EUC world and having it blurt out info about the trip I now realize just how hot my wheels are getting. I have two wheels a V10F and a MSX 100V. I was riding the V10F and heard EUC World say 93C and I was like that can't be right so I pulled over and sure enough it was that hot. I had to stop for 30 minutes just to get the wheel to come back down to 50C. I though the temp might not be reported right so I used the inmotion app and it really was that hot. Guess I got lucky and didn't burn the board up cause I don't think it it suppose to get that hot. What REALLY surprised me is that there didn't appear to be a thermal alarm on the V10F. The MSX does better on the trail and I have a 65C alarm set up but about halfway through the trail near my home it goes off and I have to stop or walk for 5 minutes before continuing on. This happens multiple times after that and i would be nice if EUC world had a alarm silence feature that would silence an on going alarm until it went back below the threshold. Sometimes I finish riding to the top of the incline I am on before getting off and it takes a bit for the alarm to go down 1 or 2 C to shut it off. I ride both my wheels with the pedals in the firmest setting (don't know if that matters) and I am a heavier rider 100Kg. I guess I don't need overheat hill. I have overheat trail. How hot do you guys let your wheels get to?
  4. I was wearing the giro disciple helmet. The peak on the helmet is barely noticeable to the point that when I ride into a setting sun I am pulling my helmet down angled lower than it should be to help. It definitely hides a little bit more vision than my normal bike helmet but I can see things coming up that aren't coming from above without issue.
  5. While I don't doubt that the peripheral vision is less, here is central Texas our trails have a lot of "chunk", i.e. rocks. I was going up a hill and focused on the "chunk" i.e. the ground. Even without the helmet I would have likely been looking down and not seen it. I rode it backward on the way out and because it was at the top of the hill it I saw it and did duck. I don't think you can say with certainty that I would have seen it without the helmet and ducked. Plus this was 25 miles in and I was getting kind of tired and wasn't on my A-game. I don't think I will ever ride on trails without my full face helmet but I do value the freedom for you to make you own decision. I don't feel like my helmet really impedes my vision too much and it doesn't bother me while riding on extended rides. While I definitely mean to encourage the use of safety gear I respect peoples freedom to choose what gear is right for them and their situation.
  6. So today was my birthday. Naturally I took off work and rode trails all day. Along the way I didn't see a low hanging branch and hit it quite hard with my head. I would have easily gotten a concussion or worse had i not had a helmet. I was also riding alone. Please be safe and wear gear you never know when it will save your butt.
  7. I too find these today while browsing Instagram looking at pictures of peoples MSX. I just recently got a MSX 100V and the shell really digs into my leg. Rode 30 miles the first day I got it but haven't been able to ride in the couple of days since then as my leg is in too much pain at the pressure point. I am looking to add some padding that still looks decent and makes the wheel more comfortable for me. Coming from a V10F I didn't have this problem as it contacts my leg higher up and is more narrow.
  8. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I asked gotway about this and they responded very quickly which was cool. Me: Hope your in good health and happy new year!!! I see on the picture of the control board large capacitors that are only rated for 100v with the wheel being 100v and the battery producing actually more than 100v that seems to be a problem. This is being talked about on the forum.electricunicycle.org and a lot of us are concerned about it. Gotway: 100v-160v not just 100v We have launched the 100V version for more than three years, so please rest assured
  9. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I have messaged Gotway about this and will report back once I get a response.
  10. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I decided to take my chances rather than buy the current MSX 100V and already have my deposit in for one of the first ones. I will still be monitoring the reviews and youtube as I think the popular youtubers will likely get to ride the wheel before the rest of us.
  11. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    The MSP will be 100V according to the first post on this thread.
  12. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I did message gotway on facebook about this. Looks like they are at least looking a putting a "mesh" cover over them. I think they have got a lot of questions about that and the cut off button with the seat.
  13. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    Any idea when that will happen. If for some reason the motor isn't great or that speaker is a problem (i.e with dirt and water). I may just buy the current model instead. Maybe now that the tariffs seem to be gone for wheels maybe the price will even go down.
  14. looks awesome I just reserved one. Maybe I will be able to make some EUC videos now. Also if it ends up not living up to the hype I can just cancel the reservation and get my money back. No downside to putting in the deposit.
  15. very nice! too bad there are no comments on that site. I would love to read people reactions!
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