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  1. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I asked gotway about this and they responded very quickly which was cool. Me: Hope your in good health and happy new year!!! I see on the picture of the control board large capacitors that are only rated for 100v with the wheel being 100v and the battery producing actually more than 100v that seems to be a problem. This is being talked about on the forum.electricunicycle.org and a lot of us are concerned about it. Gotway: 100v-160v not just 100v We have launched the 100V version for more than three years, so please rest assured
  2. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I have messaged Gotway about this and will report back once I get a response.
  3. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I decided to take my chances rather than buy the current MSX 100V and already have my deposit in for one of the first ones. I will still be monitoring the reviews and youtube as I think the popular youtubers will likely get to ride the wheel before the rest of us.
  4. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    The MSP will be 100V according to the first post on this thread.
  5. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I did message gotway on facebook about this. Looks like they are at least looking a putting a "mesh" cover over them. I think they have got a lot of questions about that and the cut off button with the seat.
  6. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    Any idea when that will happen. If for some reason the motor isn't great or that speaker is a problem (i.e with dirt and water). I may just buy the current model instead. Maybe now that the tariffs seem to be gone for wheels maybe the price will even go down.
  7. looks awesome I just reserved one. Maybe I will be able to make some EUC videos now. Also if it ends up not living up to the hype I can just cancel the reservation and get my money back. No downside to putting in the deposit.
  8. very nice! too bad there are no comments on that site. I would love to read people reactions!
  9. Update: I spoke with Inmotion USA about the issue. They stated that the difference between the actual voltage and the control board reported voltage is common and didn't seem to be a reason for concern. They also confirmed that the new pedals are stronger than the old ones. I ordered the new pedals and a new side panel as I cracked mine getting it off :-/. Anyways I will update once I get the parts with pictures of the old and new so we can compare.
  10. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I would be surprised if there weren't protection diodes on this to prevent this from occurring. I know on my V10F I wasn't able to get a reading from the leads likely because of this. I had to open it up and test the battery directly. There was 0V present on the charge leads without the charger connected.
  11. I go off the curb into the street on occasion but nothing crazy just like 4 inches. The pedal doesn't make flat contact with the pedal hanger is the real problem. There is a 2 mm-ish groove in the pedal.
  12. I did message them (Inmotion USA) but this is one of the first batches and I don't think it is under warranty. I haven't yet gotten a response from them.
  13. Looks like inmotion has new grip tape pedals for the V10 maybe I should try those! https://www.myinmotion.com/pages/parts-and-accessories
  14. Yup, because the plastic piece didn't come out with the steal retention screw on all four instances I thought they were the axle. I even shined a light in there and they looked black not white. They were what I was fighting to get the axle out. I don't know how I would have gotten them out any other way even if I had known.
  15. What I can't figure out is if there is an easy way to test the cell voltages. I think the BMS might be internal to the battery pack. There are several wires that come out of the battery and plug into the motherboard but there are no voltages on them. I don't know that I will be able to check cell voltages but I do feel a little better knowing that the voltage of the pack is right. Also my motherboard has V8 stamped on it and not V10. This was one of the first wheel so they probably reused the V8 design but I am wondering if getting a new motherboard would perform any better than the one I have now.
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