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  1. Japmerican

    Utah group ride Jordan River Trail

    We unfortunately didn't get to do a ride. But I'm up for another time if someone wants to suggest a time. I'm not available this Saturday until late afternoon myself though; around 4pm. But I am available for all day Sunday and all of the following weekend. Let's hear some of your suggestions. Bracy
  2. Japmerican

    Utah group ride Jordan River Trail

    If we did a full roundtrip run to where I was planning, then it'd be about 50 miles. We can obviously make any point the halfway point if needed to accommodate battery conditions for anyone's EUC. Here's the rough course. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/40.6200232,-111.9201988/Jordan+River+Trail+Head,+Jordan+River+Trail,+Saratoga+Springs,+UT,+Saratoga+Springs,+UT+84045/@40.483233,-111.990709,11.61z/data=!4m19!4m18!1m10!3m4!1m2!1d-111.9269443!2d40.4817788!3s0x875281380ae89ee7:0xd858da901710aed6!3m4!1m2!1d-111.9344462!2d40.4609653!3s0x8752819f7bbb4d89:0xca9e9a5d4748b493!1m5!1m1!1s0x874d7f26a5b26a37:0x409686d3a262a1a3!2m2!1d-111.8990993!2d40.3581012!3e1
  3. Japmerican

    Utah group ride Jordan River Trail

    Who would like to do a really long ride on the Jordan River trail this weekend? I've found the ride from the beginning at Utah Lake to around the Sandy, UT areas to be quite nice. There's lots to see; really hilly in certain areas, lots of parks to stop at for breaks, etc. I can do it Saturday or Sunday this weekend, or Sunday of next weekend. I don't have anything specific planned yet, but just putting feelers out to see if anyone is interested in joining me. I'll definitely be doing it sometime this weekend, but wanted to know if someone else wanted to join. Bracy
  4. Japmerican

    Utah group ride Jordan River Trail

    Haven't got the videos ready yet, but I thought I'd let everyone know that I DID catch today's crash on video. It's probably a pretty good video too. I'll post a video of this one first when I get a chance, but it may not be until tomorrow night or Monday. I'm glad Mark was okay and I had lots of fun despite the unwanted/unexpected excitement.
  5. Japmerican

    Utah group ride Jordan River Trail

    If anyone is interested in the proposed details of where and how far we will ride, here's a link showing an approximation of the route. It will be about 10 miles total, but if everyone that shows up wants to do more than this, we certainly can and probably will. We don't want anyone feeling left out so we'll work with anyone. This route will have some variety (non-paved) for those who want it, but it runs parallel with the rest of the trail so no need to feel pressured to do off-road. We're all about having fun! See you there. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Glendale+Golf+Course,+2100+South,+Salt+Lake+City,+UT/Fairpark+Station,+Salt+Lake+City,+UT/@40.749642,-111.9347779,5247m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m24!4m23!1m15!1m1!1s0x8752f4b5c786e1e3:0xa523daed3e3e157!2m2!1d-111.9356609!2d40.7269943!3m4!1m2!1d-111.9196171!2d40.7470614!3s0x8752f4c27df7dba3:0x4eea226ba07ed91d!3m4!1m2!1d-111.920773!2d40.7502221!3s0x8752f4e90f9da961:0x3878d8dcd2d15917!1m5!1m1!1s0x8752f45c1654f0cd:0xa1200c680e45323a!2m2!1d-111.9239305!2d40.7714919!3e1?hl=en-US
  6. Japmerican


    This is a great video! I love the tracking technology in drones nowadays. I'd love seeing that Mavic 2 Zoom Active Track used at the International Peace Garden this Saturday, but I imagine there may be far too many trees to make it practical. See you on Saturday!
  7. Japmerican

    Utah group ride Jordan River Trail

    I ready for tomorrow. And thanks to @Jason McNeil at eWheels, I now have a fully powered 1680Wh battery in my KS18S, so hopefully you guys can stay riding as long as I want to ride! Anyone who hasn't joined us last time is certainly welcome to join us. The more the merrier. EUC's are not the only type of ride needed.
  8. I know this is an old post but, I thought I’d point out what I posted in another thread. There are wrist guards that you can wear with the Apple Watch. The one provided by eWheels has worked out great and saved my palms/wrists twice now.
  9. Japmerican

    Possible KS18S Battery or firmware problem

    Since, I'll be getting my extra battery pack @Jason McNeil, Please don't forget to send me a link to the tutorials on installing it. I appreciate everything you're doing for the industry and myself.
  10. Japmerican

    Group ride Utah Lake trail

    Here's the footage for the one I put together with @Mark Lee and my camera.
  11. Japmerican


    This is part 2 of the Inaugural Utah EUC Ride featuring Bracy, Gustesta, Mark Lee, Dan and Mark. EUCs: Inmotion V10F, Gotway ACM2, KingSong KS-18S, Ninebot One Z10 Scooters: Dualtron II
  12. Japmerican


    You didn't do any harm to it, that's for sure. I was more worried about you in that second one. After trying all the other EUCs from you guys, I'm so glad that I learned on this one. It seems like having to learn to do tight turns and things on this big beast helped me immensely on the others. I was amazed at how easy it was to turn in place with those.
  13. Japmerican


    Thanks @Gustesta for getting the first video out! This was a great meetup. I'm really glad to know you all. I completely agree on @Gustesta's cheese roll. Just wow! I loved riding all the EUC's. Thanks everyone for sharing. Thanks @Mark Leefor giving me a copy to work on. Here's the first batch from just my helmet cam. You're video is much better quality and will be with the next batch. I'm not sure if you'll be able to see it but underneath my long sleeves, I have a set of G-Form elbow pads on. After my first on only crash where I wore elbow pads that didn't help, I've got some better, longer pads that also go on under a long sleeve. I don't like pain! Now for what everyone has been waiting for this is part 1 of who-knows-how-many of the Inaugural Utah EUC Ride featuring Bracy, Gustesta, Mark Lee, Dan and Mark. We've also included special stunts *cough* crashes *cough* performed by Gustesta! You know I'm joking @Gustesta.
  14. Japmerican


    I’ll go through it as soon as I can and post that and some other highlights. But certainly a great day for the ride and great company. I really enjoyed meeting everyone.