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  1. squirt

    One Z without Mudguard

    Need side view, please...
  2. squirt

    King Song Social Media Representative

    Is there a way to get the King Song android app to display speed in mph, mileage in miles, and temperature in Fahrenheit? I don't see any place in the settings to do that.
  3. Should probably keep political stuff out of these posts as not everyone will agree with your point of view. That said, I still don't understand how so many people support "Illegal Immigration". So the fallout is from Trump's stance on "Illegal Immigration". He fully supports legal immigration. The analogy would be disregarding a bunch of uninvited people you don't know who just come into your house and stay, versus inviting people that you know personally to come into your house. 90% of the media will try to make you think he is against "immigration" itself, when in fact it is illegal immigration that he is against.
  4. With all these issues, this is just another reason that euc manufacturers should really consider a keyed battery cut off switch on theses eucs. First the shipping issue where they were accidentally being turned on, then the trolley walk lockup issue. My KS18L should arrive next month and I am worried that I will have the lock up issue while out and about. I don't want to have to carry a screw driver around and dissecting my KS18L frantically in front of an audience of people wondering wth I am doing.
  5. squirt

    Any EUC with graphene battery?

    Never heard of graphene lithium ion batteries until now. With Samsung working on it, it may be something that we will see in the near future but I suspect they will do extra due diligence on the technology so they don't have anymore issues like the exploding Samsung Note 7s. 5X faster charging speed and potential for up to 45% more capacity than standard lithium ion batteries would be awesome! Once those batteries become mainstream, it might even be possible to retrofit them in older EUCs.
  6. squirt

    Noob on a KS18AY+

    This thing has great mileage! When I got it last week, it was at 89% and I never charged it. Since then I have gone 46.5 miles and it still says I have 32% battery left. I did 24 miles total across 3 sessions yesterday alone.
  7. squirt

    Noob on a KS18AY+

    I bought a used KS18AY+ last week as my first wheel while waiting for my KS18L to come in and have made steady progress with it. I started out using the strap that came with it, but thought it was too short and kept one of my arms restricted. So I purchased a longer strap from Walmart and set the length just to my longest arm reach while standing on the pedals. This helped out tremendously with allowing me to flail my arms while trying to balance and still be able to catch the wheel if it got away from me (most the time)... 2 times it did get away from me enough to put some pretty good scratches in it, and take off one of the speaker covers. I also got a really good goose egg on the side of my leg just above my ankle when I lost control and it spun around on the strap and slammed against my leg. 2 days ago I finally got brave enough to venture out of my short driveway and went to the end of my road and back a few times... A little over half a mile each way. I got a lot of wobbles, came close to running into a few parked cars and motorcycles, and almost went into some bushes, but I survived.. Yesterday I was practicing some more and had a couple folks ask me about it. One guy told me he had seen a lot of these in California, but this is the first time he had seen one in Northern Virginia. They all thought it was cool. I ended up going to the local middle school parking lot and practiced doing long figure eights between the parking lot divides. I did approximately 14 miles yesterday across 2 sessions. This morning, I went out again and did another 12 miles in 1 hour. I practiced more in the school parking lot and as summer school kids were coming in, I could hear a lot of comments about it, including how fast they thought it was. I guess they are used to seeing the hoverboards. This time I practiced smaller figure eights within 10 to 15 foot diameters. Definitely helps to look where you want to go, just like with a motorcycle. On the way back home, I was much more comfortable and was not as nervous as cars past me on the road. I still have a lot of work to do, but this is way better than my Segway Minipro. I also want to learn as much as I can before the 18L comes in as I don't want to scratch it up to bad. 😀 Edit.... Oops.. .meant to put this in the general section... Can it be moved?
  8. squirt

    bike protection tape

    Has anyone tried the 3M Scotchgard Clear Paint Protection Film products?
  9. squirt


    @eddiemoy What are your speed settings set to on your KS18L? I thought the 18L was able to go up to 31MPH, but it seems that yours is limiting you to around 24.5MPH..
  10. squirt

    Selling my KingSong

    😀 Luckily, where I will be learning to ride, there should not be to many little ones jumping in front of me. I should be able to keep a good distance between me and them, and would go slow around them anyway. I am not too afraid of the weight, even for my size. I have had large motorcycles in the past (Honda ST1100 ~760 pounds and BMW K1200LT ~840 pounds) with high center of gravity and managed well. Those I road when I only weighed about 140 pounds. I have sold my last motorcycle after not riding it for a long time after my son was born, and since gained weight to (~160) ☚ī¸. Nope! But I am all in now! 😀 I was anxious waiting for the KS18L and this was such a great deal, I couldn't pass it up. I am hoping to get my son interested so we can ride together. My wife may try the Segway Minipro, but I know she will never try an euc.
  11. squirt

    Selling my KingSong

    Great meeting you today and thanks for the sale, Drewbs! Now if the KS18L is delivered by the end of the month, I will have gone from 0 EUCs to 2 in one month! I think my MiniPro will soon be jealous.
  12. squirt

    Selling my KingSong

    I sent you an email this morning. I can pick it up today...
  13. I have had a Segway MiniPro for the past couple of years and only recently been drawn into the EUCs. I have seen online ads for them in the past and just thought they were a gimick or something that would catch fire like the hoverboards. About 2 years ago, I saw someone riding an EUC, which was the only time I had seen someone riding one in my area (Northern Virginia, near Washington DC). I was always disappointed with the slower speed and tilt back of the Minipro and fairly recently started looking for faster alternatives. After some researching, it did seem like the EUCs were a valid alternative and I was quickly brought to these forums. I changed to the larger off-road tires on my MiniPro, but it still felt like the speed was really limited.. I was hoping it would feel faster so I would not feel the urge to get an EUC (they are expensive), but unfortunately that did not work out. So.. I pre-ordered the KS18L through ewheels early last month and if all goes well, I will have it by the end of this month! I am just 5 years younger than you, but probably had the same feelings and concerns. Finally I quit fighting the urge and just did it. Now I am looking for protective gear. Will see how it all works out.
  14. squirt

    Really Ghetto Mod but Highly Effective!

    BOOM! There goes Calgary!
  15. squirt

    The Anti-Theft Thread

    I wonder if that Sherlock device will still work while it is charging... If you can place that in the shell of a King Song with USB ports, you may be able to splice it into or somehow plug it into the USB ports internally. Then you never have to worry about charging it.