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  1. Nice Work! Did you use a heat gun to replace the diode? Did you consider adding a heat sink to prevent overheating like the newer lights seem to have?
  2. I saw a youtube video a while back that included a 10% discount code for InMotion USA and it appears to work with all their Unicycles. I haven't seen anything here about it so I thought I would mention it. I added several of the unicycles to the cart to see if it would work and it appears to work for all of them, including the Glide 2 that already has a discount. These also all include FREE SHIPPING! The discount code is "SPIN001". The following are the prices after the discount code. Free Shipping: InMotion V10 Electric Unicycle: $1299.00 ==> $1169.10 InMotion V10F Electric Unicycle: $1599.00 ==> $1439.10 Solowheel Glide 3 Electric Unicycle: $899.00 ==> $809.10 Solowheel Glide 2 Electric Unicycle: $699.00 ==> $549.99 ==> $494.10 Solowheel Glide 2 LITE Electric Unicycle: Currently Out of Stock but assume it to be $399.00 ==> $359.10 These are FANTASTIC deals! I am seriously considering the Glide 3 for my son. The YouTube video that has the coupon code in the description is:
  3. I did that already, as noted in my original post: It still has cut out on me twice since then. Maybe I have to do it again.
  4. The self balancing stopped on me again today at an intersection. This time I heard a beep as if I had lifted the handle. I think what is happening is the handle is working it's way up slightly after I go over some bumps. I think it works it's way up just enough, a quarter inch or so, to intermittently trigger the lift sensor.
  5. When I hit the download link for the new 1.52 Android app, it brought me to a blank page, but it was still downloading in the background. I had to go to the downloads menu of my browser (firefox) where I could see the status. It took a while to download. I also had to enable the option to install from unsafe sources in order to install the app.
  6. I installed it yesterday and don't notice a difference either. It still has very high battery utilization on my phone (Samsung Note 4). One time it used up over 60% of my phone battery before I found out that the app was the cause. Now every time I use it to get info about the wheel, I kill the app using the app manager. It still manages to restart the service though. So I have tried disabling many of the phone services that it tries to use, like location and phone calls, but then I can't connect to my wheels through Bluetooth. The app is really bad.
  7. I had the issue 2 days ago with v1.10 and today with v1.11. Both times I was probably stopped between 30 to 45 seconds. Less than a minute. I bought the wheel through Jason. I will probably send him an email, especially if it happens again. It was a pretty warm day today. I don't recall it being too warm on Tuesday when it happened the first time.
  8. I make sure I comply in DC and Maryland. I won't take any chances. I did revisit the requirements for getting a DC conceal carry permit, and you really have to jump through a lot of hoops and hurdles to get it, especially if you are non-resident. I could probably be waived on some things since I am prior military as well as NRA trained, but unlikely. Both Maryland and DC are a pain to get conceal carry permits and they only last for 2 years versus 5 years for other states. For now, I will just carry my screwdriver in those places.
  9. I was running firmware version 1.10 the first time it happened... And this time it happened with 1.11. Yes... I am getting nervous about falling when I start to ride now.
  10. This is my post where I mentioned the first time this happened... on Tuesday:
  11. Okay... This is the second time this has happened in 3 days. While at an intersection with one foot on the pedal and another on the ground, my KS18L's self-balancing stopped working. No warning, and no beeps. I just felt it go limp. This was at the 22.91km point in my ride. While the power was still on, I laid it down flat and picked it back up, and it didn't reset. I moved it around a bit, then laid it down again and picked it up and it still did not reset. About 20 seconds later, then it started self-balancing again. From a prior post, @meepmeepmayer thought it could be the lift sensor activating incorrectly. Because of this, I tried moving the wheel back and forth while at the light to keep it from going limp again. This was again at one of those intersections with the fancier crosswalk buttons. I also noticed right before it happened, my music that I had playing through the bluetooth connection was really messing up... The music was speeding up, slowing down, and breaking up. The music has done that on occasion before, but this time it was really bad. At the point it happened the wheel was 57 Degrees C and the battery at 73% and 77.6V. I had performed the handle lift sensor calibration this morning. The previous time this happened, 2 days ago on Tuesday, I had never done a handle calibration. Not sure what is going on, but besides stores and malls, I don't think the KS18L likes intersections either. I ended up finishing my ride at 28.90km with 65% battery at 75.4V. What is going on? Has anyone else had anything similar happen?
  12. Luckily I have permits to conceal carry and normally ride with something more powerful than a screwdriver... However, there is no reciprocity in DC or Maryland, so I will carry my screwdriver there.
  13. You mean I no longer have to carry my screwdriver with me on my rides???
  14. I took my KS18L out for approximately a 35 Mile Ride today. By the time I got back home I was at 33% Battery. I am 5' 7" at approximately 170 Pound riding weight and average around 18MPH according to the KS Android app. Since unlocking the 50KPH I thought I would test out the max speed I could get against a neighborhood speed limit monitor and got up to 29 MPH with multiple tiltbacks. 50KPH translates to 31MPH, so did not quite reach potential top speed. The last 100+ feet or so is a slight incline so that may of played a role, as well as the tire pressure. FYI... I was wearing a full face helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and yellow reflective safety vest for the ride. I then took off to tear up the City of Fairfax, EUC style... After about 10 miles, though, I encountered a strange situation where the KS18L self balancing just quit while I was waiting at a cross walk. There was no warning whatsoever... It just fell limp. The power was still on and it was still playing my music through the bluetooth. I thought if I tilted it back and forth and side to side a few times it would wake back up but only a power shut off and back on made it perk back up. After about a minute while still waiting at the same spot, the wheel suddenly beeped once and did a short little stutter, then back to normal. I was worried about the wheel lock issue and started thinking... I was at a fairly complex traffic circle with multiple crosswalks, fancy crosswalk signs/buttons, red light cameras, and road magnetometers. There is possibly a lot of radio and magnetic interference going on there and I wonder if that could have been playing havoc on the EUC. It made me think of the wheel lock issue where it normally happens in shopping malls and grocery stores where similar interference could happen. Anyway, I wanted to get away from there as fast as possible... but did it very slowly. Anyway... It wasn't too long after that where I found myself cruising the grounds of George Mason University (GMU). I have only seen one EUC in Northern Virginia about 2 or 3 years ago and felt if only more people knew about them and what they could do, they would become more popular. I thought this is the perfect place to show off the EUC. I rode miles around the campus taking every opportunity to show the fun and speed it can achieve (there are bike lanes all over). I had a full audience and could hear tons of comments and exclamations all over campus. I would not be surprised if Jason starts receiving a higher rate of orders from the Northern Virginia area in the fairly near future. Of course, college students would need to figure out how to budget for such an expense, but I bet you they will be researching it with intensity. Good ride today!
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