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  1. squirt

    The Anti-Theft Thread

    I wonder if that Sherlock device will still work while it is charging... If you can place that in the shell of a King Song with USB ports, you may be able to splice it into or somehow plug it into the USB ports internally. Then you never have to worry about charging it.
  2. Accckk! 😮 Mine was in the spam folder also. Thanks for mentioning that!
  3. squirt


    I saw the end... and liked it... but I don't think there is enough cleaning you can do to take away what we just saw that thing go through.. 🤢 Good video.. 👍
  4. squirt

    KS18L and MSuper X

    When zooming in on those photos... it looks like a 1cm difference to me
  5. Hah! NEVERMIND! I just found it. It is that black dot to the left of the thread link. What a relief!
  6. Other forums that I am a member of will go to the first unread post in the thread that I click on. This one does not seem to be able to do that and it is a pain to find where I last left off. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting for this? It seems I am spending a quarter of my time re-reading and trying to find where I left off when navigating all the posts on the forum.
  7. They need a battery quick disconnect on these things for shipping. Maybe a secondary switch or key.
  8. According to the current timelines on ewheels.com, the Gotway MSuper X is supposed to be available to customers by late June or beginning of July, and the King Song 18L by early July, but there do not seem to be any reviews yet from any pre-production models. There are short videos here and there showing people riding these but I can't find any reviews of these with detailed analysis, pros, and cons. It seems that with them scheduled to be in peoples' hands in a month or less, that there should be something by now. Has anyone seen or done a review of these yet?