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  1. I'd also be happy to stop by, but away the next couple of weekends.
  2. It was great trying out @Xoltri 's wheel, got some pointers on learning how to ride. Can't wait for my own to arrive.
  3. Sounds fun. My schedule is still a bit up in the air, but as we get nearer I'll be able to confirm a date. Don't know yet when I will get my wheel, still waiting for the order to ship, once it ships it should not take very long I think.
  4. Ya I might try to order a spare for my own new wheel. And if it comes in before you can get yours your welcome to try it out. As is @yegwheel
  5. Sounds great. Always happy to meet more people in the area. I am still waiting for my wheel. In the meantime @Voltri has offered to let me try his out once he gets his tire repaired. Will see how that initial try goes to guage what I will need to do to get up and cruising on my own wheel.
  6. Well I have to say I did not expect such a positive response. And yes meeting someone else in my city to ride with would be fun. I may have seen you Xoltri riding the other day. It was what got me checking out electric unicycles online. If your interested in meeting up sometime let me know the best way to exchange info. As I previously mentioned I have not recieved my EUC yet. Waiting for it to come.
  7. Just found and joined this site as I recently ordered an EUC. I tried to message another member I found who lives in the same city as me, but it will not allow me to send any messages. Id there a time that I must be a member before it permits me to send messages?
  8. Just ordered my first electric unicycle. I live in Edmonton, Canada. Wondering if there is anyone else in the city that might be interested in going for a ride and giving me some pointers once I get my unit. Expecting to receive possibly by end of June.
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