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  1. ChandlerAZ

    Ninebot Z10 *updated price*

    no worries BlackOutEx, Just let me know when your in the area.
  2. ChandlerAZ

    Ninebot Z10 *updated price*

    Sorry, but I’m located in the Phoenix area
  3. ChandlerAZ

    Ninebot Z10 *updated price*

    Yes, but not sitting in a box. I ride it at least twice a week until sold.
  4. ChandlerAZ

    *updated* Kingsong KS14S 840wh

    price lowered to $800 cash local pick up
  5. ChandlerAZ

    King Song KS18XL

    I’m so excited!
  6. For sale is my wifes Ninebot Z10 It has some of the usual nicks and scrapes but is in excellent condition. It comes with the original box and accessories. Purchased from ewheels late August and I'm asking $1450 cash local pick up.
  7. ChandlerAZ

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    That is kind of the elephant in the room....I paid $1570, so adding $800 would make my total to $2370 for the 18L to 18XL mod. At that price and with all the work to modify, I'm more inclined to purchase it new.
  8. ChandlerAZ

    My Wife Wants To Learn!

    My Wife learned to ride on the Kingsong KS14s on soccer field and since she was on grass, it gave her more confidence to really go for it and that proved to be the key to her success. Learning to ride on the 14 inch wheel also gave her the skill to ride most other wheels with ease and now she rides the Mten3, Z10, and the KS18L.
  9. ChandlerAZ

    *Sold* Looking to sell my 2 Speedway Mini 4 Pros*Sold*

    Zero issues, like new condition(there is a little paint rub on one scooter from folding) , and properly stored. I'm asking $1200 for the pair, buyer pays for shipping. We have graduated to EUCs and haven't used the scooters in a couple of months now.
  10. I have a couple of Mini 4 pros for sale if anybody is interested. Comes with original box, accessories and 1 speed charger. Purchased March of this year from Ewheels.
  11. lol....it looks like you copy and pasted my ad