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  1. Thanks for trouble shooting! Have not yet printed the bigger version. I'm considering getting an MSuper X and trying to get something similar for that model Really appreciate all the enthusiasm you put into this. Makes for a indispensable addition
  2. brilliant! thanks a bunch. the look very cool
  3. That would be very interesting. I would also suggest making the two protruding stand pieces a little wider. It now rests stable on smooth surfaces, but on i.e. grass, it tends to fall over sometimes. Great work though!! Much appreciated!
  4. It is on the expensive side@eddiemoy, however I was looking for a good combination between visibility and lightweight. Also I didn't find much testing or explanation on the certificate. Guess I'll be the guinea pig in this story
  5. Hi, Perhaps a bit late to react on this thread, however: When I was looking to purchase the ACM trolley handle, I was worried about connecting the bottom part. It seemed weak and not sturdy at all. After some digging on internet I found schematics for a 3D print, which also incorporates a stand for the wheel. So I took this file to someone who could print in 3D and for about €10,- I was done. Note: I don't take any credit or ownership for the 3D print schematics, but I love it very much and wanted to share it with you guys. If you look for it online, it's a free file you can down
  6. Glad to be of help @RockyTop, Mine weighs in at just about 900gr including the visor, which is pretty nice! I've tested it for a relatively short ride, but I can say it is very comfortable and light. Visibility is excellent too. On the top there are two mesh grids, that supposedly get you more airflow through the helmet, however this could've been better. The holes underneath the mesh are really quite small. I guess these can be made bigger, with some dedication and care. Also the visor tends to fog up quite a bit if you close it completely. I've kept it open a bit for most of the ride
  7. Dag beste mensen, Ben me net wat aan't verdiepen in de NL'se community. Rijd nu een jaartje rond op een Gotway ACM V2. Veel ritjes met @Aatos al gemaakt! Goed te lezen dat jullie meet-ups organiseren. Lijkt me leuk om een keer deel te nemen. Kom uit Rotterdam overigens!
  8. Sure, The links are down in my 'signature'. I'm going to test it for the first time in a bit. Will drop some pictures of the fit also.
  9. @Shemp, perhaps it's not a bad idea looking into paragliding helmets, as they usually feature a more wide field of vision. Try Icaro helmets, sme of them also look pretty cool!
  10. Hi guys, First ever post, so nice to meet you! The main reason for registering was actually to discuss protective gear. In particular, helmets. I've been looking everywhere to find a suitable full-face helmet. My biggest issue is claustrophobia, then that the take so much of the view away. A buddy of mine gave me a tip to look into paragliding helmets. They feature a much wider field of vision. Also I've noticed that some downhill long-boarders also use these helmets. After some looking into it I've found -what I hope- will be the perfect compromise! As a matter of fact, it'
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