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  1. Tuck and roll is always good advice, but quick reactions are sometimes just what happens. I wasn't going very fast, I just got a foot board caught on a curb at a low speed, and my upper arm broke right near the shoulder socket when I put my hands out to catch myself, as noted in the video you linked. I don't have a lot of people around me as far as family and friends go, and with that being said, I think it's a good idea to consider how fragile we really are, and the infrastructure and riding conditions of where I live and work and reevaluate my decision to purchase this thing.
  2. Pictures as promised. There is an image upload limit size, so I uploaded 6 images to google drive. Linked below... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NTylArFVDb5x018-FRze7KkcoubPa1js?usp=sharing
  3. I read something about that, something about using their account to get better shipping rates. I guess I'd have to make private arrangements with the buyer to accommodate them, see what shipping would be to their zip code and such. That being said, with regard to coming down on the price, excluding shipping, I don't think this is worth less than $600, and a quick charger is included, and I'll also throw in the pads that I Have. I think that two chargers, pads, piping, and new spare leg pads for the wheel add value, and it's in its original shipping box with matching serial numbe
  4. I have no problem selling the wheel for that much, or coming down a bit, but I still have to ship it, and it's stupid expensive to do that with a box this heavy. Will post pictures shortly, if you all are still interested. Will do that today. It's still for sale, and no, I haven't forgotten about all of you, just time constrained lately is all.
  5. I believe they did for me. Any item purchased online and shipped to South Carolina from any vendor is subject to a use tax equal to the local sales tax in the area. And even if they don't charge it on their website, I still have to claim it and pay it. For me, that's 9%. But I digress... Asking $750, and I will take care of the shipping wherever it goes, regardless. Wheel is still for sale.
  6. Good day all, I am selling my 2018 KS-14S 840Wh/800W black wheel. My story follows... In 2018 I moved to Charleston, SC, and as a hair-brained idea to beat traffic here in the city, I purchased a King Song 14S to ride to work from EWheels, along with a fast charger. Good thing too, as the stock chargers for King Song wheels tend to get hotter than you might expect. I have also done some recreational riding in my off time and have enjoyed this wheel as an intriguing, head-turning way to get around. However, recently, I rode to work, and took a low-speed tumble as I caught one
  7. Like I said, I found out the hard way, after I boarded. I was counting on the latter, that he wouldn't know, or care, although I'm sure he very easily saw me ride up to the bus stop. The bus was there before I was. It usually is for a few minutes.
  8. So, I got my King Song 14S with a purpose in mind. I wanted to learn to ride it, and once I got confident enough, use it to get home from work. My ride is about 11 miles. I usually drive to a park 'n' ride, catch an express bus downtown, and do the reverse to get home. My morning commute begins at 5:45, and ends at 6:30, my afternoon commute starts with a 40 minute wait from 3:30PM, catch the bus, then drive home, to arrive right before 5:00PM. I found out the hard way that the bus company doesn't like personal electric transport devices due to the batteries. They cited fuel as the
  9. I contributed a couple of posts to hot chargers, and created a topic here that involved me taking a little spill off my wheel hurting my foot. I thought I'd update you all, as I'm excited about my progress. Never let it be said that I don't respect those that are better than I at this hobby. So, about 10 days ago, I was riding my wheel around my parking lot on a Sunday afternoon while the laundry was going, and it would have been the third day of riding, and for the first time, I had a major "click" moment, allowing me to ride for much longer distances (relatively speaking) around
  10. Thought you all might like to know, I had the 5A quick charger with the fan included on my order from EWheels, but Jason and Nick are saying they are out of stock, I'm still waiting for mine to ship. The fact these chargers get so hot is concerning, to say the least. No one's house has burned down because of these, have they?
  11. Got mine set to cycling for now, it's plenty soft in response.
  12. Hi all, been reading for a while, but first time poster. I'm a new rider, and I just bought a KS-14S 840Wh cycle. I have been playing around with it since Tuesday when it arrived from EWheels.com. The first day, I spent about an hour or so falling off of the thing. The second day, I put some air in the tire, and tried again, and discovered the art of foot placement. For me, placing my feet farther forward, with my ankles nearer to the wheel center, and then placing my feet more outward on the pads seems to give me much more stability. That, and looking straight ahead, or through tur
  13. Hello, all, New rider, just got a King Song 14S from Jason at EWheels. Charged it once already with 80% as my target. I was concerned to say the least at how hot the charger got. I could smell the plastic, although nothing had burned. I'd say about 130-140F. Hot potato, but not impossible to hold. Anyone use the 5A quick charger/ Does that get hot?
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