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  1. recommended pressure for Gotway monster 22 - I weigh 85kg?? Thancks!!
  2. Thancks!! I will try all the choices until you find the one with which to find better
  3. I solved the problem!!!! It was precisely the calibration !!! Thanks so much!!
  4. thanks tomorrow I try, I must also be able to find and install the specific app
  5. Hello everyone, I just bought a Monster 22 and in this days I'm learning to ride it. There is only one problem that I hope can be adjusted with the App (which I installed but does not open) Practically when I turn right, the pedals sink down and I can no longer push the weight forward otherwise I risk falling, while if I turn around on the left the pedals get up making it difficult to push .. What can I do???? Thanks for help !!
  6. Hello everyone today I was thinking about our beloved electric unicycle that is beautiful but I think it has too many weaknesses in security, I do not know how it is built, but the fact remains that it would be enough nonsense like an electrical wire that comes off accidentally, or a problem to the motherboard, a sudden drilling .. etc .. So I came up with an idea that could solve only 1 of the problems listed, that is the motherboard, the idea would be to place 2 motherboards working in parallel so that if one should stop working it is automatically replaced by the other, with a signal that w
  7. Secondo le vostre esperienze il dolore alla pianta del piede dopo quanto scompare? Adesso sono un mesetto che lo uso quasi tutti i giorni (Ninebot One C +) e ogni 1 o 2 km devo fermarmi per far riposare i piedi
  8. Ciao a tutti ho un problema con il mio Ninebot one C +, sono circa un mesetto che l`ho preso e piano pianino dopo mille cadute sto imparando a usarlo, ma cé un problema che non riesco a risolvere, praticamente quando raggiungo una certa velocitá oscilla tra le gambe sopratutto quando il terreno é meno liscio, ho provato di tutto, come tenerlo piú stretto possibile tra le game, ho anche provato a cambiare la pressione della ruota con pressione piú bassa e pressione piú alta ma nulla il problema persiste, inizialmente pensavo fosse che non ero capace a portarlo, ma anche dopo un mese che lo sto
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