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  1. Hey Mathias, I ordered some @ Nov 14:th and I am still waiting for delivery, will do a review asap.
  2. I got one to add; * Never trust pedestrians, especially "iZombies" (or people in general). As always in traffic, think for everybody else too! The only real "accident" I had (luckily nobody hurt) was when somebody ahead of me took a step out in the bike lane because the person in front of us switched side from the bike lane to leave room for me.
  3. Just to confirm, sliming the MSX was the easiest operation so far, did it with the unit resting on its side after swapping the control board. The feeder tube went over the vent with a pretty secure fit.
  4. Yes, not fully but I gave it a few hours initially. It was at some 52% last time I checked it in the app, I charged it up from aprox 18% when it arrived, the tail lights also agree, showing 3 green dots now and previously it was only one. I dont remember the voltage readings tbh, and I dont have the wheel close by right now (at work) but when I initially checked out the app I saw nothing of that kind that would arise suspicion that figures were off. If anything, it would be the wattage spikes when only moving the wheel slightly, but I dont really know enough about these motors to draw any conclusion there. Its probably reasonable with a few hundred W to get it rolling without load. Good advice tho, I will keep it in mind as a possible cause of the error when doing further troubleshooting. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the elaboration. Yes, it is stepping along when powered off. As the seller now has shipped me a new control board I will soon rip the old one out and check thoroughly for any sign of damage before replacing, sliming and massaging it. Im really curious what happened to the board. Also, if it burned out when the speed was 0 mph, is it really clever design to spike it with so much current?
  6. Hmm, alright I will have another go at it and touch stuff as well, this was mainly to photograph the mainboard on seller request. A little bit afraid to short anything, so I stayed away from it. Appreciate your ideas.
  7. Yeah it really is difficult to troubleshoot without hands-on-access. But Im not getting anywhere myself. It looks surprisingly neat in there, cant say its obvious what is wrong. The wheel is movable, but kinda "steps" along. There are 5 beeps when booting it up, and no balance. There is sort of a slight "kick" when it starts, and sometimes I´ve reproduced that and the five beeps when moving the case back and forth (as it doesnt balance) when it is powered on.
  8. Hi, So coming back from vacation I am still trying to sort things out with the seller, I opened it today to snap a picture of the motherboard and send it over. First thing I noticed, is that the screw Im starting with is not responding all that well. When finally getting the lid off, it seems that there is no metal screw fitting on the left lower side of the pedals. Very odd but its the same way in the "fan change"-video posted by EUCGuy. Quite weird and I hope it will screw back on well, its not a good spot for an opening in the case :(... Anyhow, I couldn´t really see anything wrong with the insides other than that. Can anyone tell me what to look for? I found some "red goo" on the wheel rim, resembling a jam spill. It also seems to be in trace amounts in the center of the wheel, anyone knows what this substance is used for? Here are the pictures, if anybody needs a better pic from another angle, I´ll deliver.
  9. Buying the latest and greatest had me thinking there would be some quality for the price. It seems GW´s are kind of a lottery. Anyways, thank you everybody for helping out with understanding the issue. I will now log off here for quite a while probably, and wait for a reply from the seller or even dispute and refund this POS (still got 10 days). Take care out there!
  10. I better get a damn medal! I will still be riding my 2.5 year old 14" tomorrow...
  11. Yup a few days ago I could roll it around with ease, will probably look inside, but not today. Also I dont think a blown mosfet is really that visible, and I have no multimeter anyway. Its already 9:15 pm, I have a really busy week, and also going for vacation 2 weeks this weekend. I sent a message to the seller but either way it goes I kinda feel f***ed here. Another 10 weeks wait probably, and then what - starting with replacing brand new stuff...
  12. Yes there is this "stepped" resistance almost like a gear is in, dont recall feeling this before.
  13. Well thats not nice... I´ve tried to recalibrate it and does not work, rather it accepts it and I go thru the beeeeeeeeeep stage but its still broken afterwards. *BIG SIGH*
  14. Ping @Marty Backe Please have a look at the vid above. I would say it is giving me the tilt warning straight from startup. The wheel is 5 days old and has not even been out for its maiden voyage yet, just resting next to the wall where this is filmed. What happened?!
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