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  1. Yup, still available. I also have it listed on the NYC PEV marketplace FB group, might make it easier to get in touch that way: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1835902416708701/permalink/2483038325328437/?sale_post_id=2483038325328437
  2. SOLD - Late 2018 18L (2000W motor) - 1130 miles - Upgraded 18XL pedals and handle - Fairly new Kenda tire - Exterior is in fair condition, has scrapes and minor cracks, nothing that affects the wheel mechanically. - Disclaimer: I had a high speed cutout that blew one of the fuses, likely from too much weight and over leaning. The fuse was replaced, the board was inspected, and the wheel is fine. I've ridden it multiple times since the cutout. - It's been sitting in my basement as a backup for my 18XL, but with extended WFH, I won't be needing it. - Priced to sell based on condition and history, sold as is! - I'm in LI, but happy to drive out to the city to meet you. https://imgur.com/a/tQ9PS7a
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