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  1. Sorry for the dumb question but what is "Automatic Torch"?
  2. I just tested the night theme and... it looks fantastic. I am definetly using this from now on + it perfectly fits the Xiaomi M365 black model. ❤️
  3. I will love to see 1080p and option to choose what elements of the overlay to put on the video - for example video + current speed only.
  4. I think that I have an idea for monetization - pack with different designs for the tiles! 1. Add the option to change the size of the tiles; 2. Release pack with custom tile skins; 3. ... 4. Profit. I don't know about the reset, but I will definitely pay good money for this. PS: Just a simple mock-up with random speedometers from the internets.
  5. Hey guys, I am not a Electric Unicycle user, so forgive me for asking questions that are not directly connected to Unicycles, but I am here because of DarknessBot, and I think that we can all agree that this is one really awesome app! So... I am using DarknessBot with Xiaomi MiJia (M365) and I recently discover that when I connect to the M365, I see only half of the available tiles in the app. In the screenshot bellow you can see all the tiles that I have available when connected to M365 (on the first 2 screens), but on the last screen you can see that when I am using offline mode, I have 4 screens with tiles. I assume that some of the tiles are not available for M365, and that is why they are hidden, but for example "total runtime" and "single runtime" sounds like something that I will love to use when driving. So is this a bug (or a feature) or I am simply retarded, and missing some setting somewhere? Also I saw somewhere earlyer in the topic that @Ilya Shkolnik is working on option to create screen with selected tiles, and probably change tiles size, is this still somewhere on the roadmap for the app, or it was already implemented and I just can't find the option? PS: I will love to test the beta, but because I am a new user I still can't send DMs.
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