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  1. Does anybody know whether the latest Ninebot/Segway App in the US Android-Play-market works with v1.1.7 firmware, or with the Swallowbot firmware? I have located some old app versions from March 2016, but I cannot get them to initialize, as they fail to log a user into the current ninebot/segway website. Anybody have suggestions I could try? Either old app versions which work with the v1.1.7 or the Swallowbot firmware? Currently I run two 2018 US MiniPro on the latest app version 1.4.5 and firmware version 1.4.1
  2. I have fitted the off-road (chunky) 90/65-6.5 tires to my MiniPro. With 45psi in them they felt like solid rubber. Even at 10psi they ran pretty rough along bitumen or concrete. The sweet spot between on and off-road seems to be at around 6psi, where there is little visible deformation of the tire wall, but the 'chunks' on the tyre do move as the tire rotates on a solid surface, and the grip is good on grass and dirt pathways. I did not try less pressure than this as I was concerned about possible rim separation off-road. I will post if I find any problems, but so far, so good...
  3. I have two new MiniPRO (US version) with firmware 4.1.0. I weigh 200lbs and have been repeatedly thrown when crossing a minor gutter (less than 1cm). The motor seems to momentarily switch off, after the downslope while changing to the upslope with the small l (<1cm) ledge at the bottom. I have seen a YouTube video showing some similar strange behaviour on pavement with >v1.1.7 firmware. I think that the algorithm to step up the power momentarily exceeds a software overflow - which would be a firmware bug, in fact. It happens with me, not my wife, who weighs less. I am assuming the bug probably is part of the speed/current-limiting software which was put in after v1.1.7, but am not certain of this. Do you think your custom 1.3.1 firmware would still have this bug in it? I am an MCU developer, and have ST-Link and J-link programmers (and know how to use them).
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