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  1. Hi, I had the same experience with my L 3 weeks ago. I bring back the wheel to the shop and unfortunately it has been totally impossible to connect using the « engineer app » these guys are using. Like for you the app was showing V0.00, which basically means there is no more firmware The wheel has been finally repaired by KS Europe, the French KS représentative who, if I understood well, has used a cable connection to the motherboard. I am not totally sure of this « cable » connection as I heard it from the shop tenant as a description of what the workshop will do, not a report of what they have done actually to fix the problem. I got my 18L back in good shape 10 days after. We suspected the cause could be unstability of the Bluetooth connection this wheel had before, now under the v1.13 this BT problem seems resolved. Sorry but you probably need to contact your seller. Paul
  2. Hello, I am on 14D for 5 months, updated to 1.07 3 weeks ago. Rode 100km with 1.07, and nothing special to report except maybe one thing : it seems that 1.07 is supposed to bring a « newly battery voltage calibration display » according to the update screen, and I have to say that I see now a significant difference between the Kingsong app and Darnessbot app regarding not the voltage but the % of remaining battery. Right now for exemple The KS app says 92% / 64.8V while Darknessbot app says 87% and 64.77% I don’t remember having observed such % difference under 1.04 (did I ever check this ? I don’t know). I have been prompted to update to 1.08 yesterday also (you see it is 1.08 when you access the update menu following : device\more\firmware update path on the KS App but you cannot find anything about the changes / improvements you will get) I haven’t try to update so far, waiting for the 14S owners to do it first ? A tout seigneur tout honneur as we say in French... Any idea regarding the battery % difference ?
  3. Olpop

    firmware 1.07

    Hi @greenhorse, I ride a 14D under 1.07 having updated recently from 1.04 to 1.06 then 1.07, what the app (IOS 3.1) prompted me several times to do and I finally I did it successfully 3 or 4 weeks ago. I noticed some improvement in the speed reduction feature under a certain level of battery when going from 1.04 to 1.06 (feature originally implemented by the 1.05 I never been offered to install) - improvement already discussed in other topics. I didn't experienced any changes from 1.06 to 1.07, I'm not sure 1.07 changes anything on 14D but more probably on 18S. So any change and, so far, no problem either (80km with 1.07).
  4. Very happy to join the forum today, of which I am an intensive reader since the beginning of this year. I have already learned a lot there and I hope to be able to contribute in an interesting and recreational way to this balancing community. I ride a 14D and I'm still in the discovery phase with barely 250 kilometers on the odometer. Cheers.
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