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  1. In Russia so far EUC-ers are safe, so far so good, no special regulations yet at all meaning since they aren't illegal or regulated somehow - they are legal. The only road police clarification so far was that EUC riders = pedestrians, not biker riders. some stormy clouds appeared to start gathering recently in this regard but nothing specific. So you are welcome, mate, come visit St. Petersburg with your electric friend. Was going to spend some time in Oxford with my family soon and pondering if I should take some task of bringing my KS-16S with me there but now not sure if it's worth it. 500 quid of fine is 3/4th of what I paid for a new 16S here. I visited the local police headquarters there in Oxon a month ago and should have probably asked about EUC wheels.
  2. Yep, same story with mine, no rain exposure yet.
  3. Concur with you on that, mate.
  4. Neither do I after also V8 - so far so good but I've done only 80 miles - not much yet.
  5. I haven't yet seen this model here for sale. Hope so too, I saw just today that now they were going to start producing Z10's in 10th -20th of Aug but again 9Bot already shifted those timelines several times.
  6. AFAIK, KS18L as well as V10F aren't in stock here currently - the first batches have been sold out. I bought mine from the first delivery - 60 or 80 wheels were ordered from China, now they are waiting for the second batch. And I read that this summer the Chinese manufacturers made life of the distributor here more complicated - it has to prepay the next order.
  7. I wouldn't consider this from the point of being Russian, or French, or dunno, German. This EcoDrift company - I can tell about them only having heard comments from their other customers at the Russian EUC forum, mostly their feedback is positive. I bought my V10F from the local reseller which it turn got it from this distributor - also so far so good.
  8. Yes, absolutely, let's leave it out here. Tooo many other places for that.
  9. I don't know actually how is the distributor importing them (not my field) but feel that one of the reasons for such a difference is taxes of course.
  10. Just took a pic of the box label.
  11. Sure, not an advertisement on my end of course. I am not connected with them in any way. That's an EcoDrift company based n Moscow, btw, you may have seen some videos from them here (I saw) - they sell a lot of stuff like EUCs, bikes, Segways, etc. Sorry it's in Russian as they work only here AFAIK. https://ecodrift.ru/ Summer will end here in a couple of months and I wasn't going to buy a new wheel this season (winter isn't my cup of tea for EUC riding) but I just phoned them and a girl told me that I can pre-order Z10 now for 1450$ which put me in deep thought...?
  12. Yep, couldn't have been newer.. Boxed, warranty, all that stuff, arrived from Moscow (they are bringing them in directly from InMo in China). I asked for a small discount so it cost me 1000 euro. UPD: Sorry - just recalculated the exchange rate - 1090 -1100 euro but anyway a good price. That's the biggest EUC distributor here located Moscow, not sure about its "official" status. Like i said its head was in China at Ninebot last week, as far as I understood he was looking at how they are doing with Z10 production - it was promised to be here in September. I know that some people from the nearby Eastern EU countries like Estonia came here to buy a wheel. The only obstacle was to have it brought into the EU "tax-wise".
  13. Great video - enjoyed watching it - thanks for sharing! ? Just wanting to ask - those foot pedals - aren't they a bit low in your opinion - they don't prevent you from rding off-road and maneuring on a flat surface? I am now riding a V10F and it can boast off having rather high mounted foot plates. **** Just read that they aim the Z10 production launch for 10-20th of August. Will see.
  14. Around 1200 here for 18L. And 2599 for a new Z10?! That's a lot. Well, WAY too expensive IMO - here the distributor are now taking pre-orders with the targeted delivery in September - the Z10 pre-order price is something about 1400 euros give or take. Their main guy was recently at the Ninebot factory in China to see how the things are going there.
  15. Yep, sort of expensive - here I bought V10F from the local distributor for circa 1000 euros a couple of weeks ago.
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