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  1. Guys, I fallen hard yesterday, My problame is something like this: I will fall over left or right, this is my biggest problame now.
  2. 1 more thing, I noticed tire is soft, is this normal?
  3. I watched Some TUT ON YOUTUBE How to ride, But not helped.
  4. Hi guys. Today I bought my first 1200$ Electric Unicycle. Kingsong 16A I tried more than 1000 Time, But every time I tried to ride I fallen. WTF Guys? Problame is this Unicycle is very slow thats why I fallen because I lost my balance. Unicycle 100% charged. Im 114 KG, Im not fat But Im so tall. Any help? What should I do? This is my first experience and the result was not good, fuck, I think I burned my money, Please help guys. Some girls on street started to laughing at me. WTF???
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