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  1. On the Inmotion app. But on Solowheel app the option seems to be missing entirely.
  2. Bump. I would like to know as well. (Sorry to necro)
  3. The more this gains popularity the more likely there will be regulation or enforcement of regulation. In Canada they are rare to see and also illegal on anything but private property (with exception to Quebec that currently allows them on side walks but not roadways). I’ve never been bothered and hope it stays that way, even if it means I don’t get to share my enthousiasm with people.
  4. Would you recommend the INMOTION app over the Solowheel app for the Glide 3s?
  5. Your legs will also just get used to it over time. Just make sure you take breaks every 10-15minutes. Eventually you won’t even notice the discomfort. PS. If you find it abnormally painful or uncomfortable, you may want to make an appointment with an orthopedist and have them check your feet out.
  6. Depends on the terrain/route/foot exhaustion: If it’s mostly flat and straight I like to center my heels on the unit and point my feet straight ahead so a I can stand straight up, that positions is very comfortable on your legs and feet but! makes it harder to stop and stay on if there are a lot of bumps. If I’m expecting a lot of turns with on good quality road I will align the center of the unit with the arches of my feet and points in a V shape, squeezing the unit between my heels . I find it easier to dig in my heels to make right and comfortable turns. It also feels a bit more natural. For a route with lots of bumps, cracks and gaps I will point my feet straight ahead and align the center of the unit with my arches, squeezing the unit between my calves. The higher hold provides the most reliable stability and reaction time for any situation. It is harder on the legs and feet though. keep in mind I am a novice and am still figuring out the most efficient way to ride good question OP.
  7. Old promo. This thread should probably be locked or archived :X
  8. Good question. Thank you for posting. Thank you to everyone else for your helpful answers!
  9. What would you suggest for IOS? I have downloaded INMOTION, Solowheel and DarknessBot. Thank you ?
  10. I would like to do those cool tricks some day :X I’ve subbed to as many EUC channels as I can I’m hooked. Cheers to being novices ?
  11. I am new to the EUC community and riding (about a month), after borrowing a friend’s Airwheel I have purchased the INMOTION V8 as my first wheel. I like the app, the aesthetic and the branding as well as the fact that the company interacts with its customers all led to my purchase of their product. Today, I found out I received the branded Solowheel Glide 3 and to be honest I am disappointed. I found myself attached to the INMOTION brand and I purchased a wheel with the intent of representing that brand in my community. It sounds silly but I feel like I got the knockoff with that brand on my wheel. I hope you put that fractured product identity behind you as you move forward. I’m sure I’ll get over it when I get home from work and take it out for the first time. PS. Which APP should I use; Inmotion, Solowheel or DarknessBot?
  12. She's mildly bothered that I don't want to buy a car instead of a wheel
  13. I agree, a lot of the info I'm waiting for before dropping money on a wheel seems to be unavailable. I'm terrified to spend 2K CAD and end up not totally loving the feel of my wheel by virtue that the distinctions between manufacturers and models may be subtle with characteristics that are hard to quantify or describe. Comparative charts would go a long way. I really like the idea of the chart on ewheels but you're right, they are too basic.
  14. Congratulations on your wheel! I know I'm late to comment, but I hope its still helpful. I learned on the Airwheel X3 that I borrowed from a friend around mid April 2018. I've recently switched over to his Airwheel X8, I like the 16 inch wheel over his 14 inch wheel for city use. What surprised me the most was how quickly you will outgrow a 18kmh wheel. Less than two months of experience and I feel like I'm ready to move up to a more powerful 16 inch wheel. I think when you're buying you have to be mindful of your needs beyond learning to ride, or else you'll be set back hundreds of dollars. I'm now researching to find which wheel is right for me so I can stop bumming my friend's wheels and keep up to his Gotway Tesla.
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