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  1. Great advice, thank you. I'll have to keep that in mind. This project doesn't seem worthwhile unless I had an old MSX that I didn't mind chopping up and modifying too.
  2. Okay that makes sense. Thanks for confirming.
  3. I have intermediate level knowledge of electronics and batteries. I do know that I could technically drop these batteries in an MSX and it would work as expected. What I don’t know is how I would connect the additional battery packs to the controller board. I don’t have an MSX to look at and inspect.
  4. I have two unused 800Wh battery packs from my old ACMv2. Would it be simple/possible to connect those additional battery packs to an MSX 84v/1600Wh, making it a 84v/3200Wh beast?
  5. Hi Andy, I am in STL city and ride all of the time. I haven't met or seen anyone else with an EUC yet.
  6. Why can't you just bring it into the coffee shop? The size and convenience of being able to roll it around anywhere is one of its best attributes.
  7. Nah, I won't totally write them off. Despite getting a malfunctioning machine, they are just unique and not for everyone. I personally couldn't stop riding it when I first got it. I have thought about other wheels, but as of right now, if I were to buy another battery powered vehicle, it would likely be a Sur-Ron or something similar. A totally different machine and about twice as expensive as a top of the line EUC, but the safety and ability on city streets (or anywhere really) just doesn't even compare. lol @ IT smock and wristpads. That all being said, I hope I can get this thi
  8. It has been awhile, so I am going to provide an update. After replacing the control board twice, I lost interest in riding for a couple of months. Finally, I decided to hop back on again over this past weekend and ride with my friend who was on his Sur Ron electric dirt bike. Needless to say, after riding for about 30 minutes the control board fried once again, leaving the machine inoperable. I emailed eWheels.com and this time they are going to do a complete overhaul and replace the motor along with the control board. Man, what an absolute pain this thing has been. Despit
  9. Thanks for the descriptive feedback. I definitely agree that it is from lack of cable management. If the control board cable wasn't snugly pressed up against the Bluetooth card this might not have happened. But who knows really, it is all just my speculation. I am no EUC expert or electrical engineer. The damage on the control board cables doesn't matter anymore, since I just replaced the whole board. Currently, the machine turns on now but it is impossible to calibrate. I prefer to do it myself so I can learn for future scenarios, but I have no problem when the time comes to send i
  10. I can confirm, all colors are properly matching for the motor cables. Maybe there is a chance I just got another bad control board?
  11. Does anyone know how to calibrate the ACMv2? I just installed a new control board and the machine is running again but it is acting wild. By wild I mean it is jerking back and forth all over the place and there is no way I would hop on and try to ride it. I tried to use the app to calibrate, following the vague app "directions", but it is just throwing all sorts of beeps at me. I have no idea what it is trying to tell me. At one point, when I turn the machine back on after calibrating, it throws a few small beeps at me and then throws a never ending beep. I let this thing beep
  12. Look at the photo closer. You can see the hole in the red hose of the cable, but there is no wire in there. That's because an 80% chunk of the wire inside of the hose is missing. You can also see the burn mark where the red cable was pushed up against the bluetooth card. I had to lift the cable off of the card to notice the hole. It was very snug against it. I don't claim to be an expert, but my initial thought was that the bluetooth card burned a hole nearly straight through the red cable. That, or maybe the current in the red wire being pressed up against a bluetooth card spiked so
  13. Ah good call I didn't even think about that. That is definitely it. Maybe the capacitors are what heated it up to the point to where it singed the red wire. I just don't see any reason why a bluetooth card would get that hot.
  14. Hard to argue with data. Oh well. Hopefully the maintenance and downtime for this machine will be minimal.
  15. The key phrase here is definitely "early adopters". I'm a 30 year old IT professional from St. Louis. I think I understood what I was getting into when I randomly purchased a $1500 'wheel'. I don't know a single person who has an EUC, nor have I ever seen one in person until I bought this ACMv2. We are essentially pioneers of this transportation technology. I'm just happy I can get replacement parts free of charge under warranty. I am also happy that I can now post more than a couple posts a day on this forum, because it was pretty discouraging trying to troubleshoot this foreign machine
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