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  1. Red

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    Yeah, I'm a British ex-pat who keeps his house at 68F and dies in anything above 72 ?
  2. Red

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    That's the least I can do. (I mean really, it is the least) ? I've never ridden on one so this will be more a montage of me failing - but if you're up for that, why not ? It's 93F outside though so I'll have to wait for the sun to go down.
  3. Red

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    Thank you everyone for the Global hiatus on all Wheel-based social activities. My wheel has just arrived so fun my now commence. ❤️ Red
  4. Red

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    Just a reminder folks, no more meetups allowed on the Planet Earth until my first wheel arrives in about a week and I learn how to ride it ? In all seriousness, +1 to the population in Charlotte NC, USA and I travel fairly frequently to Charleston SC. As for Vegas... I do defcon there every year and I can't imagine riding anything in Vegas - I can barely breathe when in the big blue room.