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  1. I'm using these glasses (https://trieye.com/), and are very happy with them while riding my wheel.
  2. On the big pedals, there is only from one side. So correct observation from you.
  3. Where can I see that I have unlocked full speed on my 18XL? just to make sure before (if) I upgrade firmware.
  4. Think I've read somewhere that there was a zone/area/country reduction on speed to comply with certain countries laws (in the firmware or in the app;iOS). i.e. Norway where I live has 20 kph speed limit. I'm worried if I update firmware on my 18XL that this limit will be forced on it. Yes, usually I drive max 20, but can sometimes drive a little faster. Anyone know if this is true?
  5. You can adjust speed with DarknessBot without problems even though you can’t in KS app (until you unlock it)
  6. I’ve put in an order for this band. Thx for the idea. I’ve also ordered many different cases for the watch from eBay (1$ each) - will see how it goes
  7. Rino

    18XL Tire pressure

    I changed to 40 psi now. Feels the same as 35
  8. I have an Kingsong 18XL, and on firmware 1.11 the speedsetting inside DarknessBot was easy to set, but on firmware 1.12 it's very different and seems wrong. Note! 1.11 was with DarknessBot version earlier this week, and 1.12 was with latest DarknessBot.
  9. Hi all Was wondering what people use as air pressure on 18XL. Mine: I'm 176cm, 85kg full geared, and 35 psi in the tire.
  10. thx :) other one now deleted. Strange they don't mark the discontinued as "Discontinued"... Should be something inside that app that says it's discontinued, and please download new one (and a 'click' button to go to app store for download).
  11. I updated my 18XL to 1.12 yesterday
  12. As I understand it, DarknessBot is iOS only. Any Android version of this is probably fake/virus/etc...
  13. Hi all Upgraded from V5F to 18XL this weekend. Smooth & nimble and almost not notice it's weight while driving, but damn heavy lifting down/up stairs... Anyway, Kingsong iOS app.... Which one? There are two in the app store: 1) "kingsong_NEW", 2) "kingsong-NEW" (notice the - and _ difference). Not sure which one the manual mentions (think it was No. 2 here), but I downloaded that one and had problems signing up (found other threads about that too). I eventually downloaded the other one and managed to unlock the wheel with that one. That one doesn't say there are a new firmware,
  14. @Ilya Shkolnik About these screens: You allready have created many good screens for the apple watch, and have the information allready. I just would like to have some of these informations present on the applpe watch at the same time. "temp and battery" is one, but could be others too (like speed and voltage). If possible, maybe best solution would be configurable like on the phone: screen configurations: 1 tile, 2 tiles, 4 tiles. And on each tile a user can choose which one to be displayed: example of a 4 tile screen solution: speed km/h. battery %, temperature, Horn
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