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  1. Only 75 miles on it. Don’t use it that much. I didnt install the pads but it comes with it. still looks new LOCAL Brooklyn/NYC pickup cash
  2. Gotway MSX 1600Wh 84v for 1600$/ TRADE to Mten3 or v8F plus cash I bought this from ewheels. I still have warranty from ewheels. This wheel already have 300 miles on odometer. Comes with the seat and plastic mudgaurd. Reason for selling is I wanted to switch it to a smaller wheel. NYC area.
  3. The other i was on my usual route. About half way the wheel started to jerk like crazy. I turned it off and on again but still after a couple feet wheeling it it jerks again. I opened up the wheel, checking the mother board, connections and axle. It seems that everything is tight and good. I accidentally reset the wheel my unplgging the battery connectors and pushing the button again to discharge. I put back all the screws and casing of the wheel and tried it last night and it was fine now. Do you guys think it was a software issue? I’m on the latest firmware. I didn’t see any debris stuck on the wheel while opening. Hopefully it stays good that way.
  4. I bent the other motor and replace it with a new one. So I guess i have like 50 miles under it. Maybe 50-100 miles not sure anymore.
  5. Selling my inmotion v10 i just change the motor on this one still in good condition. 700 miles on it. https://imgur.com/gallery/mjJq0N4
  6. I bought a violin a year ago and returned because I got frustrated that I cound’t tune it to the right notes even thiugh I had a tuner. I’m gonna plan buying this year again. Goo luck to you man. I wish i didnt quit.
  7. I had a little accident the other day and didnt expect to have this bent rim. How do I fix this? I have the inmotion v10.
  8. No debris. It really was a short tumble. There was a small pot hole and my wheel got stuck and I just walk it off. The inmotion support said that. I need to dry out the board and let it sit for a day with a fan. Now it is good but i have to observe the wheel if ot turns on by itself again. Tnx. I just notice that one side of the rim is bent.
  9. When I opened the EUC. It wasn't wet at all.
  10. it is ok to just dry it out if i find out it is wet?
  11. Yes. actually but i got to open it up to check.
  12. I rode my EUC today in the rain and I had a small tumble. I went home and turned off my EUC and then the rear lights blinks by itself even though it is off. Bluetooth also connected. I just got this a week ago. Now i'm scared that it might light up.
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