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  1. kuechi

    Kingsong 16s or Inmotion V10(1800w)

    Tnx for the video. I guess I will go for kingsong or gotway tesla. Man, inmotion in in big trouble.
  2. kuechi

    Kingsong 16s or Inmotion V10(1800w)

    Probably get it next year summer or before here in NYC.
  3. I know other new wheels are coming out but they are too heavy and a little bit pricey. I was wondering if I should just get the v10 or the 16s. My wheel right now is Gotway mcm4. I want a bit for speed and comfort. Any suggestions guys? thanks!
  4. I don’t know, about 100 i think or more. I’m very comfortable with my EUC. I already went that stage when most of my leg miscles were sore because I was still too tense to ride it but now. It is like second nature for me. It is only like longer distance my feet tend to hurt.
  5. I have a Gotway MCM 4 and i'm happy with it except that my feet hurts a lot after 4-5 miles with continuous ride. So, should I just buy a bigger pedal? or is it just the pedal? any suggestions? thanx guys!!
  6. kuechi

    WheelLog Android App

    That's why I will always come back to pebble.
  7. kuechi

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    thanks man! glad to know. It is a really nice app but i guess i have to wait.
  8. kuechi

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Can you Turn off the 2nd alarm on my Gotway mcm4 using the Darkness bot?
  9. From Boosted Board(which is overrated) to a Gotway MCM4 680wh. My main purpose to having an electric longboard was to use it for work but it has only the range of 10 miles with the extended battery. So , I was looking for another alternative then I saw one guy riding that mgical thing on one of the groups rides here in NYC then i immediately have that urge to want it. After 2 months later. Here it is. I wish I knew about electric unicycles before the rise of electric longboards. I rather ride my regular longboard than ride the boosted board which has a mediocre range. EUC is much more versatile when it comes to everything. Range, Agility, Rides any surface and it's faster. When I had the boosted board, I have to jump off and kick the board to the direction that i'm turning. The feeling of gliding on the streets so quietly is like flying! Eventually I'll buy more EUC that is faster and with bigger wheels. Thans EUCs! you changed my life and my commute.
  10. I sometimes stop before passing any dog. So the owner will prepare to hold them and that's when I do long boarding. I don't run when a dog approaches me. I just stay there and let the owner get the dog. Dogs can really sense fear.
  11. I was just thinking about buying a speaker and just strap it on my bag and play some music. That would be enough.
  12. I actually have a pebble watch. How do I do that? Is there an app for the pebble watch?
  13. kuechi

    Gotway App

    When I keep on re-opening the app. It keeps on going to back to soft tilt and default alarms. I'm On Ios(iPhone) by the way. I don't know why it can't keep on the settings i picked. I can always set it up but only when I use it but when I exit it or turn off the unit it resets. Thanx
  14. What do you use to let the pedestrians know that you are passing by. Do you use a horn? or a bell? THanx
  15. kuechi

    Gotway App

    Hello guys! I'm new to the EUC world. I just got my Gotway mcm4 680wh 5 days ago and i'm getting the hang of it. Just one question though, I wanna turn off the second alarm and set it to default so I wouldn't go to the app all the time to shut it off. How do I do that? Thanx!!