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  1. kuechi

    I bought a violin!

    I bought a violin a year ago and returned because I got frustrated that I cound’t tune it to the right notes even thiugh I had a tuner. I’m gonna plan buying this year again. Goo luck to you man. I wish i didnt quit.
  2. I had a little accident the other day and didnt expect to have this bent rim. How do I fix this? I have the inmotion v10.
  3. kuechi

    My Inmotion v10 turns on by itself

    No debris. It really was a short tumble. There was a small pot hole and my wheel got stuck and I just walk it off. The inmotion support said that. I need to dry out the board and let it sit for a day with a fan. Now it is good but i have to observe the wheel if ot turns on by itself again. Tnx. I just notice that one side of the rim is bent.
  4. kuechi

    My Inmotion v10 turns on by itself

    When I opened the EUC. It wasn't wet at all.
  5. kuechi

    My Inmotion v10 turns on by itself

    it is ok to just dry it out if i find out it is wet?
  6. kuechi

    My Inmotion v10 turns on by itself

    Yes. actually but i got to open it up to check.
  7. I rode my EUC today in the rain and I had a small tumble. I went home and turned off my EUC and then the rear lights blinks by itself even though it is off. Bluetooth also connected. I just got this a week ago. Now i'm scared that it might light up.
  8. kuechi

    Taking aboard your EUC in a bus(NYC

    I always turn off my wheel when i get in the bus. I don’t have any problems with the subway. I use the bus sometimes because i already have a transfer ticket from the train, might as well use it and it is also the same ETA from the train to my job as using the bus+EUC from train to my work place. Maybe I just got unlucky and encountered a grumpy bus driver. My wheel is also small a 14” gotway mcm and it is a bit uncomfortable. I’m upgrade my wheel to atleast a 16 maybe next year then I could cut off the transit. Tnx man.
  9. I just experience today a bus driver telling me that my EUC is not allowed. I really don’t get it. Why don’t they encourage alternative transportation but instead they are making the street much more crowded. So, I get off the bus and ride away to my work. have you guys experience this? I’m still not clear of the res taking my EUC in the bus/train here in NYC. Please help. Thank you
  10. kuechi

    Kingsong 16s or Inmotion V10(1800w)

    Tnx for the video. I guess I will go for kingsong or gotway tesla. Man, inmotion in in big trouble.
  11. kuechi

    Kingsong 16s or Inmotion V10(1800w)

    Probably get it next year summer or before here in NYC.
  12. I know other new wheels are coming out but they are too heavy and a little bit pricey. I was wondering if I should just get the v10 or the 16s. My wheel right now is Gotway mcm4. I want a bit for speed and comfort. Any suggestions guys? thanks!
  13. I don’t know, about 100 i think or more. I’m very comfortable with my EUC. I already went that stage when most of my leg miscles were sore because I was still too tense to ride it but now. It is like second nature for me. It is only like longer distance my feet tend to hurt.
  14. I have a Gotway MCM 4 and i'm happy with it except that my feet hurts a lot after 4-5 miles with continuous ride. So, should I just buy a bigger pedal? or is it just the pedal? any suggestions? thanx guys!!
  15. kuechi

    WheelLog Android App

    That's why I will always come back to pebble.