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  1. Definitely right about the vinyl - such a pain! It looked good until I decided to take my v8 to a quarry yesterday and fell off a few times... Anyway the guitar stand works okay, I'd advise anyone else who might be getting one to look at how high up the bars are. This one is so low the wheel is actually still on the ground...
  2. Awesome stuff, love the DIY designs. Wow, it's like it's made for it! Rubber top bit definitely needed. Annoying that the V8 has such a shiny finish. I see you've also covered the foot pads - I've just ordered some vinyl to cover mine as there are already a few scratches from when it wobbled out on me ? I've found a very similar one on UK amazon so I might give that a try while I check out those 3d printed designs...
  3. Hi Folks, First post here, I've been learning to ride on a friend's Ninebot One over the last couple of months and just got an Inmotion V8 this week commuting to work has never been so fun! So currently it is propped up against a wall on a floor mat and keeps falling over so I'm just wondering how people store their wheels? I saw Rehab1 post up the following picture with what looks like a guitar stand, although the pic is tiny ? seems like it could be a winner. But what other methods or hacky/DIY solutions do people use for holders/docks? Cheers!
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