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  1. Alas, I bought it used, from a guy who had it a month and managed to both run into a mailbox and burn a skid mark in his apartment carpet after picking it up and getting the overspeed. He managed that while putting less than 1 km on it and the hatred was evident when I took it off his hands. The only reason I bought used was that Ewheels was back ordered for about a month and I didn't want to wait. I've bought parts and my charge doctor from Jason, so I hope that mitigates the sin. Certainly he's been nothing less than gracious when I've called his shop. I really am an electrical engineer, so it's a pretty safe incursion for me to check a battery pack. Will report back on what I find. Mcsmiley
  2. Crud...time to remember the Electrical Engineering education from so long ago... (I should be fine). If I go into the batteries with a voltmeter on a fully charged pack, should I expect exactly 1.5 v on each of these cells, 3V or "something similar"? I believe the cells are Sanyo in the 840 Wh, or at least that's what the sticker says. Should I dig through previous posts looking for an tutorial on measuring on the BMS? Will try the balancing trick recommended as well, though in the first month and a half of ownership (prior to reading the negatives of doing so), I charged to 100% every time. Then, upon becoming better educated on the subject, bought the Charge Doctor and have tried to keep it about 90% since. Greg
  3. FIrst, want to thank everyone on the board whose advice I leaned on heavily when choosing what wheel to buy. I'm a bit above 50 years old, 6'3", 225 lbs and in decent physical condition, so wanted to ensure I bought a reliable wheel that wouldn't be taxed by my weight and have decent speed capability. I've had it since mid-June, and already have about 600 miles on it, and frankly was getting a bit obsessed about finding opportunities to ride it. I've been riding ~6 miles to/from the train station commuting to work each day, and really found it to be a great way to clear my head. On good (perhaps prophetic) advice from members here, I always wear a helmet and wrist guards, and in fact, even rigged WheelLog to a Pebble Watch velcro'ed to my wrist guard. Maybe I was getting a bit cocky. I have the wheel set to experienced mode, alarms set to 19/20/21 mph with tiltback at 22. I've gotten pretty good at hovering about 18 mph, only occasionally bumping 19/20 mph enough to get a beep. I've hit tiltback a few times (to my sudden surprise), usually while accelerating away from a stop, but never enough to even come close to a crash. Again, was seriously enjoying this thing. Until last Thursday morning... I was cruising along about the 5 mile point of my ride to work, on a clear day about 7:30 am and 70 deg F. While I'm in Denver Colorado, the route is fairly level with about 75 ft of elevation change over the entire route. The battery had started out around 90%, and I usually finish the day around 55%, so I assume I was somewhere in the low 70% range. I had been pushing 1 or 2 beeps most of the ride, perhaps 1 mph faster than my normal pace, but hadn't hit any tiltback, and think I was going about 19 mph when suddenly...I found myself face down on the pavement wondering what the heck had just happened. Oh, and it hurt like hell. The wheel had just stopped. No tiltback, no wobble, no warning except the impending asphalt headed for my face. Fortunately, perhaps as a result of training during my misspent youth, I instinctively tucked into a parachute landing fall and took the impact on my right side rather than in my face. Congratulations - welcome to the "those who have" club. I managed to get myself over to the curb, sit in the grass, remove my helmet and backpack, and beg my girlfriend to come pick me up. Fortunately, no serious head impact (thanks helmet), though marks on the helmet look like it took a pretty good hit. Surveying the scene, the wheel was laying on its side, with the tire stopped (not spinning), with green LED's lit like normal. Assuming I'd hit something massive, I looked but saw nothing but perfectly smooth pavement with no possible culprit. Other than being very sure it hadn't "tilted back" on me, I had no idea what caused the wreck. For those familiar with wakeboarding or snowboarding, it felt every bit like "catching a toe side" as the impact was that sudden. Fortunately, despite my agony, the trip to the Emergency Room showed no broken bones, only a number of sections of scraped skin and a severe sprain to my right shoulder. The now yellowing bruise down the front of my shoulder tells me my backpack took a lot of the fall but tried to wrench my right shoulder from the socket. Regardless, this should have been a lot worse, and I'm damn thankful for safety gear and a heck of a lot of luck. Perhaps it's restored a little humility. At any rate, I'm now eager to "get back on the horse" that threw me. But I don't want to just assume it's safe to ride. I've been reading through all sorts of posts here, and I'm fairly convinced the wheel shutdown on me, either due to prolonged aggressive riding at my weight, or some failure of either a battery cell or a component on the control board. I've tried to recover the log from WheelLog, but in my somewhat muddled state of mind after the wreck, didn't think to specifically save the log. I've looked on the phone's drive and can't find a log file from that date. Yet the very reason I bought the Kingsong was the reputation for electronics where such behavior didn't happen. I turned the unit on, and while the Kingsong app said 72% battery, WheelLog says 60% (don't remember a discrepancy before). The voltage read 61.5V which seems low to me as I think my ChargeDoctor duo set to 66.1v yields about 91%. I have to do some surgery to the unit anyway to replace the rear fender, which detached in the impact, so I'm comfortable with digging into the unit. Looking to you all for recommendations on things to test before riding it again, as I most certainly do not want to repeat my recent flight (actually, it was the landing that hurt, the flight itself was uneventful though woefully short). Would have at least appreciated an "Ok 3-wire". Thoughts? Thanks in advance. And wear your safety gear. McSmiley
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