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  1. Welcome. I taught my friends to ride, my tips were; -stand near a wall or small fence, get on your wheel starting with 1 leg, do a minor "jump" without losing contact between your foot and the EUC when you bring your other foot on the EUC. This way the biggest impact, your both feet and your full weight on the EUC, will be balanced because you sort of land with 2 feet together. -get on, get off, get on, get off. Repeat this a couple of times. -Now practice getting some forward movement, imagine it's a bike, when you take off with your bike from standing still you also pus
  2. oh so i can ignore it then, because i honestly just found out. There was a sticker of my own on that spot and i noticed when i wanted to remove it
  3. Guys, I noticed my NB1E has a crack in its plastic cover, just between the motherboard and the pedal. It probably happened that one time i fell really hard with the shutdown after bad firmware. I wonder how bad it is to "ignore" this. It won't be easy to glue it, i think it's being held together a bit by the rubber decal between pedal and plastic. my current idea is to put some duct-tape there so ideas are welcome :-P Bwuce
  4. Nice, can u do the same with normal spraycan? also, what can we do about the cushions/battery cover, they are ugly imo
  5. is it a problem though? if you "ignore" the sound?
  6. @Gil oooh ok, so the handlebar is fine, it's just that the stand with is kind of short so it's easier to tip it over? the stand being the bottom bar with the 2 black rubbers? Thanks, i guess the handlebar is a good purchase. Another thing, did anyone buy a backpack for his ninebot perhaps? Bwuce
  7. riding backwards is just unnatural, just going backwards is ok but if you start leaning towards a place it just gets scary
  8. I get rubbing noise when i try to ride with one foot, is this normal?
  9. I haven't tried any other EUC's but, isn't the ninebot one E a rather heavy wheel? Perhaps she should get something lighter.
  10. I was wondering if that handlebar wasn't too short to be comfortable. do you have a picture of that selfmade extension ? how does it look now?
  11. Guys, So far, i love my Ninebot One E, note that i have never tried another wheel yet. It completely replaced my bicycle, though i have some practical issues with it; - I can't just park it because it won't stand, so i guess i'll have to buy one of those accessories? Anyone experienced with this? the handle+stand perhaps? -Can't park it: you just can't leave it behind, locked, like u would a bicycle. Meaning you'll have to carry it around with you most probably, again making the handle+ stand a must. Maybe a backpack or shoulderbag ?? Anyway, what are your solutions for minor practi
  12. The hardest part is getting on and starting with it, so practice that the most, what helps me a lot is pushing it and leaning forward a bit when getting on, just like with a bicycle when u start at a green light. If you got some speed, balancing is easy. I just taught my daughter to ride a bicycle, balancing is easy once u have speed I live near a playground an just yesterday i let my friends and my kids' friends try it, the kids were able to ride for up to 10 metres after 2 tries, so yes, kids learn easier, this is mainly due to the fact that they are fearless. When i got my Wheel, i s
  13. Must the the valve. I got another sound issue, when trying to ride with one foot, the wheel grinds against the plastic, does it mean the wheel is too loose or is that normal? I'm rather heavy at 93kg Bwuce Wee
  14. I have more questions: -about the notification beeps and the "rocking" motion when riding a little faster; what do they mean exactly?
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