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  1. Hallo, anybody there who knows status in Denmark? Forbidden? Tolerated? Allowed?
  2. Ja, ja - die Volldeppen sind eben in der Überzahl. Sorry für die Wortwahl - aber es ätzt mich sowas von an........
  3. No problems on climbing 'normal' hills. But the V10 F also weighs about 23 kg. Much better is the Nikola 84 V - with less bugs in the firmware! And much more mileage per load of the battery.
  4. No problem at all. If price is much lower than a new one, I would buy a used one!
  5. Especially on hard turns on incline planes, you feel it really hard. Riding the same with a Nikola - no problems!!
  6. @DjPanJan: This has nothing to do with calibration. This is a fw bug and confirmed by inmotion.
  7. This just a common 'beginner problem'. Just continue riding - pain will disappear - for sure
  8. Moin, bin auch dabei - hoffen wir auf einen Erfolg. Der erste Schritt ist immer der Schwierigste
  9. AT home just lean it to the wall. A Protector if you are riding would be worth buying, if you are buying a brand new wheel. But try to get a used one for $ 400 or less - dependant on mileage.
  10. In the meantime, I feel naked without a mirror mounted on the frame of my sunglasses
  11. I enjoyed my V5F as a beginner wheel. But as soon as you want to ride more, the battery is too small. You have a max of 25 km range. It is very nimble and its weight is topp - about 11 kg. But if you enjoy riding, you complain about the small battery - for sure. If inmotion - buy the V8. The recommended Nikola is - my oppinion - not a beginner wheel, because it is too heavy - about 24 kg. The rest of the Nikola - a dream.
  12. I love it more the more riding I'm doing. First month with my Nikola 800 km - although the wheather isn't good for EUC riding: too wet - no riding; too cold - some riding. But 2 things I have to say: Mileage is a bit poor -> max 70 km at 27 km/h average speed. Braking power is a bit poor.
  13. Again: Battery quastion. My Nikola 84 V only charges to 84 V - not to 84,1 V as it should be. I can leave the charger for 10 h after full load - no difference. My V10 F charges to 84,1 V - all the time if charger shows full. I'm using the same charger for both wheels - 84 V 3 A.
  14. PN is not possible with so few posts. Which city in Germany?
  15. Bei mir genau 1 Telefonat - Wochen später kam das Schreiben der Muttergesellschaft. Versichert bin ich bei Südwestring - wegen vieler Einschlüsse - u.a. Surfen, EUC etc.
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