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  1. No - the same as on my old Nikola 84 V.... After complete load, it showed today 101 V :-))
  2. Hm - my Nikola Plus shows 100 V on the EUC!!
  3. the percentage reading below 50% is totally unuseble and definitely wrong - luckily. Otherwise I would have had a long trip by foot.... I changed it to 80 V = 0% and 100 V = 100 %. But now I get only voltage readings..... Anyway - I decided so far to trust in voltage readings - meaning 1% per 0.2 V. So 90 V means 50% battery capacity.
  4. Thanks - I'll try this on my next ride. Just put it on 80 V as 0% and 100 V as 100%
  5. Treid to figure out, what's going wrong on Nikola 100 V with the new 21xx cells. Down to roughly 45%, battery voltage relates to the percentage battery. Than within 10 km, percentage of battery goes down to roughly 10%, whereas byttery voltage goes down to 86 V. This should be something about 30% battery level. This seems to be a programming bug - sorry for saying that. Or the new cells are different to the 18650. Can we hope on a solution @Seba
  6. evtl. noch Hammer international in Altingen (bei Herrenberg)
  7. Thanks - I realized this. But on the Nikola 84 V the readings were more or less o.k. I will have to rel on the voltages. Do the voltage readings follow a linear function? I.e. - 21 V (101 V to 80 V) means 50% corresponds to 90.5 V?
  8. Hallo Sebastian, screenshot End of tour. As you can see, 84 V - but it says only 3%!!
  9. Hallo Sebastian, but I did ths tour last yer several times with the Nikola 84 V. There everything was fine. Today again - 3% for the last 5 km - 5 bft front wind. But voltage was at the end 84,2 V. This would mean - if battery voltage is a linear function - I had about 21 % left - not 3 %. I took screenshots nearly every 5 km of the tour today: last part of ride is https://euc.world/tour/598724418805053 First part of ride is https://euc.world/tour/598722759068325 I lost connection - during riding. This didn't happen with the 84 V as well. It looks rather s
  10. Sorry, if this is already discussed. Nikola was fully loaded - 100.8 V reading on start. 1800 Wh version - new in Dec. 2020. Was on tour yesterday. After about 21 km, EUC App said 78 %. After 35 km I checked agin and was in panic: roughly about 30 %. And I started my return ride straight away. It showed up 12%, when more than 15 km where waiting..... I was riding pretty slow and reached my car. But no beeps due to low battery. Reading on end of tour was 83 V. Cn anybody tell me, what 83 V means in terms of percentage? How deep does the Nikola ride - i.e. which vo
  11. Genau so sieht es aus Könnte max. helfen, die Strafe zu reduzieren - aber in keinem Fall Straffreiheit. Nur wenn die Ordnungshüter wegschauen, passiert nichts. Duetschland ist wie immer: Spitze - im Hinterherlaufen. Und die Bürokratie verhindert den Rest der Legalisierung.......
  12. Germany: https://shop.hammer-international.de/
  13. Is it possible to adjust the forward/backward angle with EUC world? Is it possible at all for a Nikola 100 V? On Inmotion EUC's it was possible with the inmotion app. Sorry if this was already mentioned here. But the thread is really looooooooong
  14. In D gibt es den nicht - habe viele Firmen angefragt. Auch besorgen wollte den keiner!
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