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  1. That's worth a try. If she isn't convinced, you can still sell the 16S to your father for a symbolic $, your wife doesn't need to know the selling price: that way you have room home for the next wheel and you can arrange a loan with your father for your teaching sessions! . Have your cake and eat it too! Happy wheelling!
  2. Why dont you sell the 16S to your father, he is the main user anyway isnt'he? I recently bought an MCM5 (15 miles on it) after 1K miles on a KS18L. Very interesting, thanks for the thread.
  3. @esaj I see that you are very concerned about the cost of a CD replacement. I would like to make 2 statements: I like very much your idea of XT60 + multiple adaptors (i have several devices to charge, all with different connectors) and also several buttons to make a more user friendly device I am very frustrated with the unavailability of CD and the lack of responsse from hobby16 For these reasons, I am very interested with this project and would be willing to pay aroud 100€ for such a device
  4. @erk1024 No , I can't find official specs for this new tesla. What I said were just rumors that I got on the french forum. I hope they're true...
  5. @RichieV Verry interesting table, thank you for putting it together. IMO the 2019 Tesla (tubeless, insanely fast, lift switch, speaker) belongs to 4th gen.
  6. @KingOsmos IMO Nikola IS the Tesla V2. Nikola is too expensive because its new and Gotway has a strategy of ever increasing prices. If I were you I would buy the Tesla now, before they stop production. The ACM2 2000W was a superb wheel: they stopped it! Beware of Gotway.
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