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  1. Thanks for your usefull feedback C0ntra. I think I'll go for a stock tyre
  2. Hi everyone Well, I just put everything back in place and the wheel is acting perfectly. I'm not sure to understand why ?. My rim have a little bump on it but never product vibration I was able to feel. The vibration was depending on speed yes and get higher when going faster. Thanks for the link of the forum, I'll try to ask if some people experience my issue. And thanks to everyone
  3. Hello Keith and meepmeepmayer and thanks for your anwser. I'm not sure my english is really good to explain my issue but I'll try to do my best. I have an issue and I should had told it before like on the top of the topic. I apologize. First of all, since I bought my EUC, there's a position of the wheel that when I turn it on, the wheel vibrate abnormally when I ride it. In this situation, I notice that turning off my wheel, rotate the wheel of a few cm and turn it back on fix the issue until I turn it on again on this position. Not a big deal. But few months ago, I started to realize that my EUC had a strange behavior : When I leaned forward a little too much, the tilt back wasn't smooth as it was back in the time : It was giving little hits. Beside of that, I do a kind of bump jump with 5 cm high objects : you lead over it and you jump as soon as you feel that the wheel is going to hit it. It makes you bounce high and I love the feeling. Recently after making a big bump jump, the wheel made a strange electronic noise for a few seconds then became silent again. I went back on it and the driving was again fluid as in the first days: no more strange reaction when I lean forward too much. On the other hand, since, it start vibrate abnormally around 20 km/h and trying the fix by turning the wheel of few cm and turning on again doesn't do anything. Something telling me that my issue isn't coming from the bearings but is more something liked with stator/rotor. The vibration feeling is exactly the same as the issue I had when I start my wheel in a wrong position.
  4. Hello everyone, After 2500 km with my S2 and a flat tire, I decided to do some work on my S2 like deep cleaning, new paint, try to remove all the damm anti poncture traces and grease the bearings. I would like to know if there's specials things to know before opening the motor. The wheel is IP54 so I'm wondering if there's spi joints to change or anythings special to know before opening it ☺️ Thanks
  5. Hello everyone. After doing a little more than 2500 km with my S2, it's time for me to change my tire. My tire became flat on the middle who totally changed the behavour of the wheel. I'm wondering if anyone put offroad tire like this one on his S2 or another type of uniwheel who was designed with road tire and changed for offroad and could give me a feedback. On a topic, i've readed someone saying it totally changed the behavour but in a terrible way ?. Anyone could confirm that ? And by the way if anyone know how to remove anti puncture bomb projection ? I have all over my rim ?. I didn't saw any solution except abrasive stuff like sandpaper Thanks :D
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